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SB Wiki Help Page


This will fill out more over time. MediaWiki is not easy to use, but it is powerful.

Editing Help

Editing is easy in someways as a good editing window with some basic text processing tools exists, but creating a structured page that is well-linked throughout the Wiki requires that some time is spent learning some of MediaWiki's editing syntax. Generally, you'll need to use the MediaWiki help in order to become the most useful.

This guy also has decenting editing help.

The mediawiki metawiki is also a VERY useful resource for editing help.

New Topics

For now a very important piece of information is the means by which a new article can be established. The best way to create a new topic is to specify that topic within the URL for this site (strange, yes, but that's how it works):

Please use the underscores "_" between words in your topics.

Sections and Table of Contents

You can create sections and tables of contents. This works thusly:

==Major Sections==
===Minor Sections===
====Sub Sections====

You can also force a table of contents to be created in the article using the _TOC_ tag.


The Special Pages link in the toolbox on the left is a good way to pursue varied topical search strategies.


Putting an item in a category

A page in any namespace can be put in a category by adding a category tag, e.g.:

[[Category:Category name]]

This provides a link to the appropriate category page, which is in the namespace "Category". A category typically has an editable part, containing at least a category tag of a supercategory, see below; if it does not, the link to the category page is treated as a link to a non-existing page, hence it is a link to the edit page.

Pages can be included in more than one category by adding multiple category tags. These links do not show up in-page, but at the page margin in a fixed place, depending on the skin (the bottom for Monobook, the upper right corner for Standard). Category tags may be placed anywhere in the article, although they are typically added to the end of the article to avoid undesirable text display side effects. Category links are displayed in the order they occur in the article, unlike the automatic ordering of lists in the category pages themselves (see below).

Putting an image in a category is equivalent to putting the image page in it.


Adding a category tag to a category page makes the edited category a subcategory of the tag's category.

For example, you could edit [[Category:Soccer]] and add the link [[Category:Sports]]. The Soccer category would then be a subcategory of the Sports category.