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MiniSamson with 12.7mm HMG, mounted on an RG-31

MiniSamson RCWS (remote-controlled weapon station) is a remote weapon station of Israli origin, also known as Katlanit, is employed by the Spanish Army. In Steel Beasts, it can be mounted on top of the RG-31 MRAP.

If mounted on to RG-31, it can be controlled from gunner`s station(while vehicle commander`s station is equipped with display allowing to overwatch gunner`s actions), and it can, in a pinch, also be controlled manually (of course the gunner will have to expose himself to enemy fire).

Dual-axis stabilization of the gun is standard; armament options are a 7.62mm MG3 or 12.7 M2HB HMG .

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Equipping MiniSamson

As mentioned above, armament options for MiniSamson are

  • a 7.62mm MG, the MG3
  • a 12.7mm HMG, the M2HB

Gunner's station


The gunner's station is comprised of the RCWS multi-functional display, the fixed control handles with control panel between them and WSCU box.

The MFD and control handles are located in front of the gunner, WSCU can be found at gunner`s left on the crew compartment floor.

MiniSamson MFD

Multi-functional display. Around its bezel are a number of buttons, which are utilized to access various menus and enable or disable different functions. Please note Power button on its upper left corner- it used to turn on display(in order to enable power, button should be pushed and held for some time- MFD is powered up, when bezel buttons are illuminated). Obviously, RCWS master power switch above right handle should be toggled on first.

Gunner`s control handles and control panel
  • Above right handle already mentioned master power switch is located;
  • MOV switch enables AZ and EL servos
  • ARMA switch enables firing circuit
  • LASER switch toggles LRF on and off
  • Rotary switch TIRO-RAF-CONT sets length of the burst
  • SERVO button selects powered unstabilized mode of operation and can be used to dump lead. Note, that in SERVO mode lead is not calculated
  • ESTAB button selects powered stabilized mode of operation. In this mode lead is calculated and automatic target tracking is available
  • CCD-C.TER switch toggles Day CCD camera and thermal views
  • TEST switch illuminates all panel`s lights to check their functionality.
View on WSCU switch

Powered operation of MiniSamson is not possible, if this switch is set to off. If WSCU is enabled, red and yellow lights should be illuminated.

Commander's station

Commander`s station

Commander`s station features display, which can be used to observe gunner`s actions and box with to safety swiches:

  • MOV toggles on and off servos.
  • FUEGO toggles on and off firing circuit.

Powered operation of RCWS or firing of gun is not possible if respective switch is disabled.

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