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Steel Beasts is seen by many as the premier modern armored warfare simulation. One very good reason for this is the mission editor. This feature allows a player, any player, to construct scenarios from nothing more than a set of maps and some standardized unit types.

Given only those ingredients, anyone can create any modern engagement involving the vehicles modeled in the game. A player can also recreate realistic training scenarios. Gunnery exercises, small- and medium-size unit drills, map-reading exercises, etc, can all be accurately modeled. Customized and customizable maps can be generated using the Map Editor to recreate diverse environments, everything from a patch of plain desert to the middle of city.

Building a scenario is not insurmountably difficult, but it can be challenging. Steel Beasts has existed for the better part of 10 years and routinely there are questions posted in the Scenario Design forum asking relatively simple questions about scenario design. Some of the difficulties in scenario design stem from the fact that the game continues to attract new players who do not yet know the system, or from the ‘old hands’ who have done it all and have the desire to make something new and increasingly complex.

It is for this reason that we bring you the Steel Beasts Scenario Designer’s Guide. It is our hope that within these pages anyone wanting to build a scenario, or wanting to sharpen their skills at making a scenario, will find the answers they are looking for here.


Steel Beasts Scenario Design Checklist
Briefing Checklist

Links of Interest

Scenario Design Links


What is a Scenario?
Scenario Design Basics
Placing the Pieces:Using the Mission Editor
Understanding Control Logic
Moving Units On Routes and Waypoint Tactics
Using Random Numbers in Control Logic
Events, Triggers, Conditions, and how to use them
Scenario Design: advanced concepts
Obstacles and Fortifications
Changing the Sky Texture
Line objects (fences, walls)
Bridges (types and tips)
Overview of available camouflage schemes
Unit Call Sign Modification

Map Design and the Map/Theme Editor

Map Editor Hotkeys


Using the Map Editor
How to extract and update SB1 terrain maps
Using the Theme Editor

Tying it all together

Integrating the parts into a whole
Gameplay balance issues
Choosing the right AFVs for balanced head to head multiplayer scenarios
Gameplay and AI, expecting the unexpected
Cold War Tactical Doctrine
A Simple Scenario, from Concept to Completion


If you have something you would like to playtest, then post about it in the Scenario Design forum.

Scenario Phases
Scenario Design Planning Phase Action Phase After Action Review Phase