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TGIF, or Thank (Tank) God It's Friday, is a weekly event hosted by a Steel Beasts community member, and utilizing the Steel Beasts Teamspeak server. The event uses user-submitted scenarios and lasts for a few hours every Friday. It starts at 9PM CST/CDT and anyone can join. TGIF currently requires version 3.025, which is the most recently released Open Beta version of SB Pro PE.

For a scenario list, discussion, and house rules, please refer to this thread on the forums.

If you are new to multiplayer and you want to join, you should log in to the Teamspeak server at least half an hour before the match starts in order to deal with any issues or to ask any questions. Don't be shy, we're a friendly bunch!

If you are interested in designing multiplayer scenarios, you should submit them through There are no rules for submission besides the scenario having to be original. The general format is for the scenario to be a head-to-head mission, possibly followed by a cooperative mission, although the playing of a co-op mission afterward has become less common. It is designed for team-based play.


TGIF was created by Nikatori on September 12 2003, as a way to bring the community together. After Nikatori stopped hosting, ShermansWar hosted the event. It is currently hosted by Sean. Although it utilizes the Steel Beasts website forums and public Teamspeak server, TGIF is not operated, governed, or affiliated with eSim games - although it is officially sanctioned and ran by Steel as an "official community event".


Many user created campaigns have been organized for TGIF or other specific times during the week over the years. Campaigns usually deal with some form of linked scenario from week to week that the designer creates on the fly or are premade in the form of a linked tree. Recently, more advanced forms of campaigns have been created where the commander from each side "purchases" reinforcements from week to week from points gained by capturing on map objectives and / or inflicting losses on the enemy.

Whatever the specific design approach is for each campaign, the same remains true: online campaigns are one of the most exciting ways to play Steel Beasts Pro PE.

Current and/or past campaigns played in the community:

Operation Variable

Red Leopard

Top Tank Platoon


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