UAZ 2206 Ambulance

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The UAZ-2206 ambulance is a modification of the ubiquitous UAZ-2206 series of 4x4 utility trucks. Although modeled with civilian markings, in Russian military service it is known as the UAZ-452, and is the principal ambulance at the Regimental level and below. Typically one each is assigned to motor-rifle and tank battalions, one in the Regiment's artillery battalion, and four others retained at the Regimental Medical Point. This contrasts sharply with equivalent sized western units, as a typical U.S. heavy brigade maintains not only nine wheeled ambulances, but an additional eighteen tracked ambulances.

Unarmed and completely unprotected, the UAZ-2206 Ambulance otherwise has the same capabilities and strictures as the M113A3 Medic vehicle.

Thermal Signature

UAZ 2206 TIS image, front-right UAZ 2206 TIS image, rear-left