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Squads may now drop an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which can be remotely controlled and provides thermal and optical camera views from locations up to 300m away.

If your squad has one (the UGV has to have been "given" to the infantry in the mission editor.), hit Z while dismounted (of couse, the scenario must support this). Switch to F2 for "remote control view" that will follow your UGV, so your WASDX commands don't steer the squad but the UGV. F3 gives you the camera view of the UGV. Use Q and Z to elevate and retract the sensor mast. N and Shift+N will control the zoom. Num+ switches from day channel to thermal sight, and back.

If the vehicle is steered beyond the range of the remote control (300m), the UGV will automatically turn around and try to return to the squad. To pick it up, you must be close (20m or so).