Unimog 1300L Medic

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The Unimog 1300L Ambulance in Steel Beasts Professional

Unimog 1300L Medic: Light Medic Vehicle


Armour Protection:
Frontal Turret Armour: N/A
Cab Armour: N/A

Combat Mass: 4.5 tonnes
Length: 5.54m
Width: 2.30m
Height: 2.83m
Engine Power: 130hp 5.7L OM35.X diesel
Top Speed: 90kph


The Unimog 1300L Medic is a fully-enclosed four-stretcher ambulance modification to a tactical truck of the same family, and in Steel Beasts Professional provides medical "repair" to "damaged" AFV crews.

Unarmed, the Unimog 1300L Medic has the same capabilities and strictures as the M113 Medic vehicle.

As of revision 4.156 ambulance vehicles carry dismountable Medic Teams capable of reviving any “save-able” dismounted infantry casualties (i.e. dead troops) located within a small radius (25m) of their location. Medic teams only effect dismounted elements, and not vehicle crews.

The medic team for the Unimog 1300L Medic is 4 combat medics armed with 5.56mm rifles for self-defense.

Thermal Signature

Unimog 1300L Medic TIS image, front-right Unimog 1300L Medic TIS image, rear-left