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The URO VAMTAC ST5 in Steel Beasts Professional with optional cupola and gun shields.

URO VAMTAC: Light Reconnaissance/Multipurpose Vehicle


HMG: M2HB (Optional)
Ammunition Stowage: 100 ready/800 stowed
Default Ammunition: 100/800 .50 cal M2 AP-T

Armor Protection:
Frontal Turret Armor: Thin, Steel. Protected vs small-arms and shell fragments (Optional)
Frontal Hull Armor: Thin, Composite. Protected vs 7.62mm AP. Blast resistant design features.

Combat Mass: 9.5 tonnes
Length: 4.63m
Width: 2.63m
Height: 2.05m (Rooftop)
Engine Power: 272hp 3.2L Styer M16 “Monoblock” 6-cylinder Diesel
Top Speed: 110kph


Manufactured by UROVESA (URO, Vehículos Especiales, S.A) the VAMTAC (Spa: Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctico [High Mobility Tactical Vehicle]) series of vehicles are four-wheel drive light tactical trucks similar in appearance and function to the U.S. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) family. Introduced in 1998, the VAMTAC series went through multiple evolution's over its life span culminating in 2013's “ST5”. The up-armored VAMTAC ST5 BN3 (STANAG armor level 3) was introduced in 2015, and it is this version simulated in Steel Beasts Professional.

Steel Beasts models five variants of this vehicle:

  • The basic ST5 BN3 patrol/anti-tank vehicle carrying a two-man scout section.
  • A four-door Command and Communications vehicle, with antennas fitted on the rear shelter corners.
  • A two-door pick-up style version equipped with a communications shelter.
  • A four-door armed “Fast Attack” reconnaissance version armed with the Mini-Samson RWS and carrying a two-man scout section identical to that of the ST5.
  • A two-door Ambulance version.

With the exception of the reconnaissance version all variants may be manned at the Driver's (F9) and Commander's (F7) positions, while the basic ST5 version adds the Gunner's (F6) position as well (see below).

Spain is the primary user of the VAMTAC family (~2900 Vehicles), but the system is in use by the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, and Saudi Arabia.

Beginning with revision 4.156 all members of the VAMTAC family may be equipped with the Diehl Active Vehicle Protection System (AVePS) to enhance protection against RPG and ATGM threats.

Thermal Signature

VAMTAC ST5, front-right VAMTAC ST5, rear-left
VAMTAC Recce, front-right VAMTAC Recce, rear-left
VAMTAC Command, front-right VAMTAC Command, rear-left
VAMTAC Shelter, front-right VAMTAC Shelter, rear-left


The ST5 version of the VAMTAC features a crewable Gunner's (F6) position and can be armed with one of the following weapons:

Type Default Ammunition Ready/Stowed Range[m]
12.7mm DShK HMG B-32 12.7mm AP 60/800 1600
.50cal M2HB HMG .50cal M2 AP-T 100/800 1800
Mk.19 AGL M384 HE 48/96 2200
AT-14 ATGM 9M133-1 Kornet 1/4 5500
TOW ATGM BGM-71D TOW-2 1/4 3750
7.62mm M240/FN MAG 7.62mm NATO 200/1000 1200
7.62mm MG3 7.62mm DE 200/1000 1200

As with other armed vehicles F2 brings up the mounted weapon's sights while in the gunner's position. Thermal sights are available for mounted ATGM systems (Num +), but all other weapons feature "iron" sights only. NVG views are available at all crew positions under appropriate lighting conditions if the vehicle is so equipped (rev. 2.640). Note that NVGs may be used with weapon sights (rev. 4.016).