Version 3.017 Release Notes

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SB Pro PE 3.017 (Open Beta) Release Notes

Version 3.017 is made available exclusively as a patch (approximately 26 MByte download) in a self-extracting archive:

The Open Beta version is intended to be installed over an existing installation of version 3.011. In other words: Do not uninstall the previous version 3.011 of Steel Beasts Pro PE, or the CodeMeter runtime software 5.10a!

Note: This version will not run without a license for the Open Beta version!

The Open Beta license is free of charge. It requires an existing license for SB Pro PE 3.0.

Licenses are available in limited quantity only, and will cease to function on May 15, 2014. They may be ordered from the eSim Games website:


The DirectPlay programming interface has officially been dep-recated by Microsoft. (This is the reason why many users of Windows 8.1 have trouble connecting to multiplayer games (not only with Steel Beasts, but other games as well.) A new "network stack" has been developed to ensure continued support of multiplayer sessions in the future.

The purpose of the Open Beta program is to verify that our new network stack provides the same functionality as the previous one (and to check if a few new functions make your life easier and that they work as intended).

If you notice strange behavior during network sessions, please report them either in the Tech Support section of the user forum, or use the contact form sheet of

Compatibility Warning

The beta version is neither network compatible with the regular Steel Beasts version nor with previous beta versions! All test participants are advised to coordinate in advance with which version they intend to play.


This Open Beta does not come with an actual installer.

Instead, the archive contains two executable files, a renamed copy of the regular version of SB Pro PE 3.011, and the actu-al beta version executable SBProPECM.exe, version 3.017.

Extract the archive.

Copy both executable files, and paste them into the “..\Release” folder of your SB Pro PE installation. Typically this folder will be found in C:\Program Files(X86)\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\Release This will overwrite the existing executable with a new one; this requires Administrator privileges.


The Open Beta relies exclusively on time-based licenses that may only be installed into the virtual CM container that is part of every SB Pro PE installation since version 3.0. You will recognize these CM containers by their serial code 128- or 32767- (followed by a ten digit numeral code). After registering for the Open Beta version (see above) a license ticket will be mailed to your email address. Use the link to connect to the WebDepot to activate the license ticket. Remember that your browser security settings for these https connections are set to a “medium” level.

User Interface Changes

  • Improved the timeout handling for lost packets. Clients should drop out of sessions only in severe cases of packet loss (“Network overload”)
  • Changed the implementation of the dialog showing the available command line options (brought up if the '--help' command line option is specified) to be sized independently of the user's display screen dimension.
  • Differentiated gunnery skills for computer-controlled opponents depending on the chosen Difficulty level:
    • Easy difficulty: OpFor gunnery rating is set to 35%
    • Medium difficulty: OpFor gunnery rating is 65%
    • Hard difficulty: OpFor gunnery rating is 95%
  • The default log level is now set to 'TRACE' (the one providing the most detail)

SB Pro PE Server

The server version requires a new executable as well, but will work with the regular license. If you want to host beta game sessions, please contact eSim for details.

Bug fixes without database entry

  • Fixed a crash bug in "In Progress Session Join Wizard" caused by a combination of mouse wheel & key input
  • Fixed a bug that could crash a session host if a client disconnect-ed at just the wrong time
  • Corrected the “Russian mil” width in the Russian binocular view

Resolved Bugzilla entries

Bug description is listed only if the bug status changed since version 3.011:

  • Fixed bug #3432 regarding the behavior of Leopard 1A5 fire control system for laser ranges exceeding 3990m

Known Issues

Changes in the night time scene rendering have accidentally eliminated the view restrictions for computer-controlled units that were implemented prior to version 3.011. This issue prevails.

The Leopard 1A5-GE (cast turret) has the 3D interior of the Leopard 1A5-DK (welded turret). The Leopard 2A5A2 has the turret roof of the Leopard 2A5-DK. Squint harder!

The Autosave function is not recommended to be used when working with scenarios based on the Terrastan map.