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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! I am a totally new player with SB Pro PE. Although I've used the Pro version for quite some time now, I have no experience whatsoever as far as connecting with another PC is concerned, over the internet, in multiplayer mode and I don't seem to be able to figure it out! :c: Is there any step-by-step guide? It would be really helpful if it referred to Windows 7/8.1 based configurations. Thank you!!
  2. D.O.W. Sunday Mission 14/12/14 20:00 GMT LZ Bastogne custom made by Cougar11 for D.O.W. Mission summary: Ukrainian separatists have taken control of the small city of Bastogne. The separatists have heavy reinforcements on the way. You the 101st Airborne 1st Brigade 502 Air Assault Battalion must take the LZ within 8 mins with all 10 helos. Take and clear the town. You must hold the town till re-enforcements can arrive by air, approximately one hour. There is a marine detachment in the area for support, and if the separatist’s reinforcements arrive you can have an armor company that can be ca
  3. T.A.N.K.S. Saturday Mission 13/12/14 20:00GMT Death Valley Plateau custom made by Cougar11 for D.O.W. Mission summary: Asid Defense Corp. a mercenary company based in Scotland has taken control of the area of Rivers Edge and the bridge area of the Little Fork River in Pennsylvania near their US HQ. Enemy consists of mostly infantry with missile teams of a battalion size, but has a reserve force of stolen CV-90/30FI, AMX13/75, Centurion Mk5/2, and some Challenger 2s of about 3 companies. They have limited artillery support.You must as TF Orion attack, secure, and penetrate the enemy infantry
  4. D.O.W. Sunday Mission 07/12/14 20:00 GMT Battle of the Beast Mission summary: Training mission for the D.O.W. Emphasis on movements + formations A version of this mission has been carried out in the past however this has been modified for training. Map Objectives: • Rescue CIA agent (1/1/D) and escort him to the CIA safe House • Take out the enemy fuel supply located in Fallujah • Take control of all four objectives • Destroy all encountered enemy. Mission start: Dawn.. Low vis D.O.W. Air: • AH-64A Apache • CH-146 Griffon (Extract) Armor: • M1A2(SEP) • Leopard 2A5A1-DK • M2A2(ODS) Support:
  5. T.A.N.K.S. mission 29/11/14 20:00 GMT TF Cougar Defend Against TF Red COOP DOW Mission summary: Match between Danish and American Forces. Americans consist of M1A2(SEP), M3A2 CFV, M2A2 IFV, HMMWV TOW Scouts, Apache, Tiger (less Missiles)(Scouts), M109 Artillery, Mortars, Engineers, Air-defense, and support units. Danish forces consist of Leo2A5A2, Leo2A5A1, CV90/35DK, EagleIV(recon), Apache, Tiger (less Missiles)(Scouts), M109 Artillery, Mortars, Engineers, Air-defense, and support units. Each side must try to hold three key avenue objectives, and breakthrough enemy lines, while staying com
  6. T.A.N.K.S. Mission 22/11/14 20:00 GMT TF Cougar vs TF Saber Head to Head ************************** Mission summary: TF Cougar (Blue) American combat units(CAV, Armor, and Mech Infantry) attacking West to secure three objectives(road intersections) to deny enemy avenues of attack. TF Saber (Red) European combat units (CAV, Armor, and Mech Infantry) attacking East to secure three objectives (road intersections) to deny enemy avenues of attack. This is a Head to Head meeting engagement. Commanders should try to limit amount of friendly casualties, and maximize enemy casualties as the scores w
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