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  1. Version 3.0.0


    Force Composition 2x Patria AMV 2x T-72 3x BMP-2 SITUATION a. Enemy. Insurgents control Muzcal and the area to the northeast of the Huwerfa Wadi. They have been increasing attacks against the regional capital, Baghlan, and have been infiltrating additional fighters and equipment into the area. They are heavily equipped with remnants of the once-existing National Army and have several T-55 tanks, M113s, and BRDM vehicles. They are also equipped with several short-range MANPADs, ZU-23 AAA, as well as several ATGM systems. They have an extensive IED network and have emplaced minefields as a vast network of protective obstacles in the area. A Human Intelligence source has indicated the presence of a forward command post as well as a logistics node in Muzcal that are coordinating and supporting enemy activity into Baghlan. We have also received information stating that a massive attack on Baghlan would be imminent, however, that information has been reported repeatedly for several weeks and is most likely false reporting. b. Friendly. Friendly forces in the AO are part of a Finnish task force. They consist of a AFV Platoon supplemented with an IFV section and a tank section, as well as an attached scout platoon. They currently have most of their combat power positioned on the Forward Operating Base, south of Baghlan but also have a scout platoon currently stationed at the combat outpost north of Baghlan. Headquarters has allocated one engineer squad to assist with obstacle reduction for this operation. The task force also has 3x 81mm organic mortars, as well as 2x 60mm mortars organic to the scout platoon at the Combat Outpost. MISSION: Attack to clear enemy forces from Mazcal to help improve the security posture of the region EXECUTION. Tasks 1. Clear enemy from Muzcal / Destroy enemy Command and Logistics nodes 2. Preserve friendly combat power for follow on Operations 3. Retain tactical infrastructure (FOB and COP) 4. Avoid civilian casualties Fires 3x 81mm Mortars (FOB) 2x 60mm Mortars (COP) SERVICE & SUPPORT: Organic Resupply and Medical Assets SIGNALS Friendly ID: On Map Contacts: Enabled
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