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  1. This topic is to announce open (for everyone) Team Saber games as those come Currendly often on Adhoc basis with little warning or briefing. But expect these games usually on (every other) Saturdays at roughly time 16:00 GMT Intended missions are small size (around platoon) and no larger than a company at best. Planned duration for missions is around 1 hour (2 hours being max limit) For now we will be using Kanium Teamspeack and in turn when possible reinforce their games with our presense. So for now -> Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Next event: - Probably on next saturday. There may be changes coming. About team Saber: ____________________________ Team Saber ”Europe evening / America morning” Group of wannabe AFV crews Usually active in European evenings and weekends (Fri-Sat). Regular gaming day Saturday evening. Were usually most active UTC (GMT) time: Monday-friday 14:00 - 17:00 (19:00) Saturday and Sunday 3:00 - 7:00 and 11:00 - 17:00 (On Fri / Sat occasionally even up to 19:00) Team Saber is focused on Multicrew and Small missions where the largest AI unit on your control would be a platoon. In missions we play, our aim is that commanders would be able to guide their units without leaving the commander's seat. Having NO need to jump from unit to unit constantly to get things done. That commander can use commands to his platoon by a verbal order or at very least pressing a key Multicrew is our focus and what Team Saber is about. AI on games is limited on what it can do, while crew members can support each other in so many ways. When the crew / platoon binds together, they become a unit. A multi brain / sensor entity. On top of all this crewmembers are such a high morale boost to each other that problems and difficulties matter less. And when the shit is done, it is good to go and have time together and chill and joke about. “Do you remember when” That is what Team Saber is about we are a team. It is what we thrive to do to become. What we are recruiting for. Steelbeast is our main though not only platform for doing that. We are a group of friends. What else could we be? To sit on a tin can taking hit’s and doing our worst to respond in kind. Team Saber is about Freedom. You don't need to join to play with us. In a sense, Team saber is just as name says a Team. At our best we reinforce other groups as Team of members who want to play in same vehicle, same platoon or perhaps one day... same company And when you play with us as result, there is good change that we will contact you and ask if you would want to join us for more. To join: you don't need to sign anything. Merely that you contact @Lumituisku ( on discord Lumi#1215 ) So that we get to chat casually to get a feeling of you and ask from our group if someone has concerns about you joining, before we invite you to our Discord server. We prioritize the health of our group over numbers of members. We do not have an exact age restriction but we are unlikely to accept or tolerate people who behave immaturely. We don't require participation or activity and we don’t limit what our members do or where. Whether they prioritize playing other games or Steel Beast with other groups instead. We do not accept strife or bullying inside a group. Whoever is first observed to do so in our group, Will Be dealt with. We do not have laws written to stone but we use common sense and fairness in our leadership.
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