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  1. Version 1.0.0


    V.1 WHO: US ACR vs Warsaw BTN in attack. Size: ACR SQN against RED BTN Size force (OPFOR NEEDED) Gamestyle: H2H / Blue vs OPFOR Units: M1A1, Bradley, Apache, T80u, BMP2, BRDM NOTE: 1) Kanium 22/04/16 Game 2) If you want to have OPFOR PM me on SB.COM 3) NOTE this is M1A1 ACR late 80'es. M60 version comming
  2. Version 1.0.0


    About This File V.1 WHO: Danish COY(+) BG vs Russian PLT(+) in defence. Size: 2x mech, 2x tnk (1+1 in reserve) vs 1x Mech PLT (+) in defense Gamestyle: COOP Medium vs AI Units: Leopard 2A5, CV9035DK, T72, BMP2, Mineploughs, off map arty NOTE: 1) Kanium 19/06/16 Game
  3. Version 1.2.0


    About This File V.1.2 WHO: Danish Arm SQN with Mech support vs AI RED Enemy in defence. Size: 2x tnk, 1x mech (+1 tnk in reserve) vs COY size mix (+) in defense Gamestyle: COOP medium vs AI RED Units: Leopard 1A5, M113A1, HMMVW TOW, T64, BMP2, NOTE: 1) Kanium 17/07/16 Game
  4. Hopefully 4.0 will be out during this week. We, Kanium, will host a test Multiplayer game sunday 14th 1800 UTC. I have invited other VU and if I have missed any plz join. The offer is standing. To test some of the new stuff I will setup a mission with BLUE vs RED side. I will be runnning logs on server and will hand them over to ESIM if they want them. Mission is still being put together but will be a smaller mission than normal for us in the first run: Blue will be 3-4 PLTs mixed PzG/tnks with support (attack) RED will be 2-3 PLTs mech inf/tnks w
  5. When: Thursday 4th 1800 utc Where: Kanium TS and servers. What are we doing: Part 3 in mini series. Escort mission: Enemy has made heliborne landing and you need to escort small convoy with AA ammo to air defence units in our sector. More info to follow before Thursday. (No opfor needed until mission 4)
  6. When: Thursday 21st 1800 utc Where: Kanium TS and server What are we doing: Small scenario with danish heavy recon plts and later on mech/Arm squadrons. First of a small series of small/multicrew (later) scenarios. I need first of all: 1x Co (abaddon) (if any one else wants to give it a go let us know but normally this spot is hard to fill) 1x XO 1 or 2 opfor Mission time is about 1h-1h30m. This is meant as work days mission that don't last long compared to our Sunday games. Free for all.
  7. When: Tuesday 26th. 1800 utc Where: Kanium TS and server What are we doing: Part 2 of my mini series - Armored BTN - Mission 2 - 60-70mins No manning list - show up and we see what we get. More info: mission info Mission one can be found here: Mission One
  8. MOTANFALLET (The Counterattack) has been postponed until at least September we will announce a new date We will run the premier of Dark/Kingtigers new map of Gotland. This scenario is called MOTANFALLET (The Counterattack) When: World Clock PREFACE: Russia has invaded the Swedish Island of Gotland to gain control of the area of the Baltic sea that affects the NATO members in the Baltics. Initial attack was successful and both SLITE and VISBY was captured 1 weeks ago by naval infantry forces which has now pulled out and been replace
  9. So turns out I could still make it today 8) We will be hosting a small game for whoever want to play. Units for the night will be 1a5dk, humwee tow, m113 etc. Show up on Kanium TS if you are bored. Scenario is an old kingtiger mission changed a bit.
  10. We will, on Sunday 10th of July 1800 UTC, host a joint ops game with DOW and Kanium and anyone else who wants to join in. Kanium will host the first session, DOW the second and so on. If this turns out like we both hope, this could happen on a monthly basis. First mission will be a BTN size mission with 2 tank COYs and 1 MECH COYs. Game is open to everyone. The two VUs will run a tank COY each with free room for everyone that wants to give it a shot also. Included in mission is both recon, engineer and support units. It will be hosted in 4.0 unless issues should arise. If it does t
  11. When: Sunday 3rd of July 1800 UTC Event Timer Where: Kanium TS and Server What are we doing: 1 of 3 missions about 4.MEKTSTOS "Karhu" (4th Mechanized Battlegroup: Bear) Flank Attack on enemy attacking Kouvola in Finland. More info to follow.
  12. Just wanna give a heads up to our regulars: There will not be a game this sunday due to most of us attending "Åben Hede" in Oksbol (Danish military live fire showoff) If anyone happen to be participation send me a PM and come have a beer with us. The sunday after this we are back in business....
  13. When: Sunday 19th June 1800 UTC world clock Where: Kanium TS and server What are we doing: Putting together a breach mission. Zaphod has requested to CO this and if he is still up for it then we do that. This will not be a BTN size mission but a casual 2xTtnk PLT, 2x Mech PLT with engineer support. OPORD will follow
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Small breach mission made for new players to try and CO. Leopard 2a5, CV9030, Wisent
  15. Campaign: Landing in Ystad World Clock Where: Kanium teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Area of operation Manning List: (Not available yet as co's haven't picked their units yet)
  16. World clock Wednessday 15 June 1730 UTC - Need a couple OPFORs for a test As stated. I need a couple opfor players for beta testing a multiplayer mission for upcomming events. If you want to give it a go let me know. If you want to run as blue that is fine also, but keep in mind this is a test of Teamspeak, Mission, Planning etc. Still stuff to shoot at...
  17. Experimental mission with focus on after 4.0 Time: Sunday 29th 1800 UTC World clock fixed Where: Kanium TS What are we doing: Since next Ystad Landings next mission is gonna be the last in series I am already preparing for stuff after 4.0. We will be playing as a Panzer Grenadier Battalion (mixed) in a series of engagements around Beedenbostel map with more action and less space than the Ystad one. Sunday games can be scaled after attendence but will be COY size Mech/Arm supported by attached recon and engineer vehicles. Manninglist w
  18. until
  19. So after a most sh**** week I havent had time to plan much. But I am in need of big guns and tracks. When: Sunday 22nd May 1800 UTC Where: Kanium / UK armor TS World Clock: world clock What are we doing: Depending on who shows up I will dig up some mission from the archive.
  20. [Kanium] Campaign - 11th ACR: Counterattack towards Schlitz - Sunday May the 15th 1800 UTC World Clock Teamspeak: Server info: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077PASSWORD: NO PASSWORD REQUIRED We need a blue CO : ? Opfor CO : Hedgehog Briefing and Manning list will come up when we get closer Red Side
  21. Campaign: Landing in Ystad When: May 1st 2016 1800 UTC World Clock Where: Kanium teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Short description/Orders: Red CO has chosen the battleground below
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Sunday 24th MP game. 11th ACR delay against Motor Rifle Battalion (+). OPFOR can be manned by one or two. (PM me if you need someone to do it) BLUE: Invader SQN + support RED: MRB + support
  23. Welcome to [Kanium] - 11th ACR: Delay at Bad Hersfeld - Sunday April 24th 1800 UTC http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Kanium+Sunday+game&iso=20160424T20&p1=4609&ah=2 Teamspeak: Server info: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 PASSWORD: NO PASSWORD REQUIRED
  24. Velcome to [Kanium] Kellerstahl Sunday April 17th 1800 UTC Worldclock 1)situation a)enemy: The forward detachment of the enemy’s spearhead (A regiment from direction HILDESHEIM) has succeeded in crossing the river Weser near KIRCHOHSEN. First parts have probably reached THAL and are starting to reconnoiter our assembly area. We have to assume that the main body is about to follow. Own reconnaissance has revealed that a tank company has taken positions around OBJ 3. b)own:
  25. until
    Link to Operation
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