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Found 1 result

  1. KANIUM SUNDAY 6th OF JAN 1900 GMT - Here We go again … by Nike-Ajax (based on OP TESCO by SwordsmanDK and SnS) Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for Winter Time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Here we go again Combined Nordic Task force orders - OP "Here We go Again" (Spiritual follow-up to the campaign The Bears Gambit) Adapted by Nike-Ajax from OP Tesco made by SwordsmanDK and SnS, any potential fault(s) in the scenario is/are mine alone. BACKGROUND: It is January 2019... and war has come to Finland again. In Much the same way as happened 80 years ago, then Russia expected to overrun Finland and the Baltic states and consolidate their gains before anyone in general and EU in particularly could, would or dared to do anything about it. And thus in effect reducing the options of creating sanctions that does not work anyway on non-democratic nations as China and other dictatorships surprisingly never really uphold them, if at all. Russia managed to take the Baltic states, but surprisingly had to pay a very bloody price for their gains as they took on units initially of the JEF rather than NATO. That has changed now as NATO is in full war mode and have redeployed to the East and are desperately trying to reactivate and repair units which previously mostly existed on paper due to years of neglect and underfunding of European forces. Combined NATO forces have come to the aid of Finland as everyone can see the futility of trying to retake the Baltic states in a frontal attack, which would need to be an amphibeous assault across a contested sea. In line with this, then retaking the Baltics would be a risky if not outright impossible endeavour once Russian forces are consolidated after an attack and occupation. Therefore assisting Finland following the Russian attack is not only morally and politically acceptable. But is a strategic way of containing further Russian aggression while buying time to enable reinforcing the defence to the south, so from Poland and all the way to the Black sea really. In other words containment, or a case of Domino theory reapplied as it were. In the north, then Finland has at least in part created another rerun of events from 80 years ago and have isolated Russian forces in what can be termed a large Motti. So a limited but large sized enemy unit which can now be whittled down and destroyed in place. In line with this we need to close the noose by securing a vital crossroads to the north so the total destruction of trapped Russian forces can hopefully begin. Our tactical situation is challenging: You are caught between a rock and a hard place. Failure is not an option. 1) SITUATION: a) Time: 060600ZJAN2019, Local time: 0800 b) Terrain: Wooded and patchy boggy terrain channel Armd manoeuver and provide concealed AT ambush sites. Major water obstacles dominate the area in both the center and east. Heavily forested areas provide effective concealment. Small villages are scattered throughout; Civilians are friendly unless proven hostile. Major LOC limited to what seems to be two overall routes see map. c) Weather: Overcast with a chance of rain, 3 degrees Celsius, low wind. Visibility good out to 3km. No impact on sensor capabilities. f) Enemy: ENY Mech BTN with tank and ATGM support has been observed in defensive position blocking our access to a vital crossroad in OBJ SISU. ENY consist of around a mechanized BTN with tanks in support. Intel indicates ENY forces are of Second echelon Russian origin mainly with T72B1´s, BMP-2's and BRDM´s. But there is a chance that there are an unknown but probably limited number of more ENY vehicles to reinforce. We believe ENY has access to ATGM of mixed Russian types as well as some AA capability in the northern part of the AO. Indirect fires has been observed and we believe more than one batteries of 152 mm howitzers is available to them. Main COA appears to be a defense with obstacle belts along main road to OBJ SISU. We believe and hope that ENY will withdraw back into our Motti if we are able to put enough pressure on them, thus it is hoped sealing their fate. You are up against a numerically superior force of armor and infantry, but of older manufacture. BTN recce units and UAV has located ENY obstacle belts ahead of you. It is marked on map. There might be more as INTEL expects ENY resistance to solidify as you push north. g) Own: Combined Nordic Taskforce units need to secure crossroad at OBJ SISU for follow-on forces. It is CMDR intent to push through and breach obstacles on the way to OBJ SISU. Alternatively seek a more westerly route, which is through tough terrain and ENY concentrations. Or a combined plan: this is up to the CO. We have been assigned an international mix of Scandinavian units for the tasks. We are the front units with follow on forces behind us. We have one TNK PLT in reserve for BG CO to trigger if needed as well as one MECHINF PLT already on ground but in tactical reserve initially. Finally there is one ENG SEC in reserve if needed. Also there are two PLT of Jaeger units under Own Direct BTN control, to secure our rear (see map trace). All your units are equipped with the best gear available incl. multi spectral smoke for mortars and artillery. All your infantry are handpicked and considered Elite. BTN recce has been assigned your BG and put under your tactical control. The same goes for and BTN ENG support, which is to be used per your discretion to breach or clear minefields per your plan and the mission. Finally you have access to UAV so use it wisely Your BG consist of: - CO Group (CO 1x TNK Leopard 2A6, XO 1x CV90, 1x FOV90 FO, 1 x M113/ENG, CSS) - BTN Recce PLT (CV9035/DK) (Armed with CG) (Danish Forces) NOTE: Recon will have a deployment zone they can deploy in. Recon ONLY - 2 x TNK PLT Leopard 2A6 (Finnish forces) - Equipped with Mineplows (callsign 1 and 4 only in each PLT) - 2 x CV9040/C PLT (PLT= 4xCV9040/C, 4x NLAW, 2 x SPIKE SR in 1 and 4) (Swedish Forces) - 1 x ENG PLT (2x SEC: WISENT AEV normal width mineplough, M113ENG Miclic and M113/ENG) (Armed with AT-4) (Swedish/Danish forces) - 1 x Arty BTY (6 x Tubes 155 mm M109, with reload vehicles) (Norwegian forces) + 2 Batts offmap ARTY support ( 2 x 6 tubes 155 with SMOKE and HE) + UAV Support - 1 x M1064 MMT PLT (6 x tubes 120 mm, with reload vehicles) (Norwegian Forces) Reserve: - 1 x TNK PLT (Leopard 2A6) - 1 x CV9035/DK (Armed with CG) - 1 x SEC ENG GTK Boxer (AT-4) 2) MISSION: Combined Task Force Nordic attacks to seize OBJ SISU if possible within 2hrs, in order to enable follow on forces to cut off and then destroy ENY. 3) EXECUTION: Key Tasks: 1. Secure crossroads at OBJ SISU 2. Clear Main Road for follow on forces, including creating a passage through the minefields. 3. Hold OBJ SISU until relieved or upon signal from BGD HQ The main road to OBJ SISU needs to be cleared either before, during or after seizing OBJ SISU. Do not allow yourself to be bogged down but use caution when advancing. Plan: Up to CO 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: PER Usual Kanium SOP LATEST FROM BDE HQ: Per request from CO BG, then 3 FASCAM missions have been requested and approved by BDE CO. They have been successfully emplaced per maptrace below:
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