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Found 5 results

  1. I'm kinda new to steel beasts and I am having trouble downloading certain scenarios. Half of the time I download a zipped file where I'll extract and it and drop it in my scenario file works fine. The other half that I download are not zipped files and when I drop the file in my scenario file, it does not show up when I launch the game. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? thanks in advance!
  2. Striker has produced a recreation of the first 3D Tank sim for PC/Sega Genesis single player campaign missions and it's very well done, Scott. You can find them here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2566 I don't know how long it took Striker to put together the 8-10 mission campaign but I look forward to more scenarios. Keep them coming!
  3. eSim Games and SteelBeasts.com to award prizes in second Steel Beasts Pro scenario design contest Aptos, CA, July 31st, 2008 Software developer eSim Games, LLC and the official fan site of its premier product, Steelbeasts.com, will be awarding several prizes for the best platoon sized, single player missions to run no longer than 45 minutes. Submissions will be accepted up until September 21, 2008. Submissions will then be evaluated by judges for the next eight weeks. The winners will be announced on December 1, 2008. For questions on scenario design, we invite you to visit the scenario design discussion board at www.SteelBeasts.com As before, the following categories will be rated for each scenario: ScoringBriefingPlay BalanceFun FactorReplayabilityOriginality Once the scenarios have been evaluated, each judge's scores will be averaged to create a overall score for each scenario, and a score for each category. Prizes will then be awarded for the top 3 overall scenarios, and to each category winner. Prizes are going to be similar to the last contest; for details, please visit this thread. All submissions become property of eSim Games and may be included in future releases of Steel Beasts. Submissions must meet these minimum requirements in order to be evaluated: The submission must be new – you cannot submit an existing scenario.The submission must be your original work. Participants cannot modify other people’s work and submit it as their own.A working score.A briefing that covers the basics (in English). (Machine translation is ok)Routes and waypoints for the red side.One submission will be accepted per person, team submissions are allowed.Judges and eSim Games staff cannot participate in the contest.The scenario's play duration must not exceed 45 minute.The player-controlled force must not exceed one platoon. Please submit your scenarios to scecontest@steelbeasts.com
  4. I noticed there's a "refresh map" option in the mission editor. If I modify a map (say, by removing a feature such as a house or bridge), can I use this feature to update the mission map? Or do I have to use the "replace map" option? And will either of these options affect the sce. file negatively?
  5. Aptos, CA, December 17th, 2008 Software developer eSim Games, LLC and the official fan site of its premier product, Steelbeasts.com, are awarding several prizes for the sceanrio submissions for the second scenario design contest which ended on September 21st. "Once again it has been a magnificent experience for which I'd like to thank all contestants, and the jury for their hard work", said eSim Games' president, Al Delaney. "Like so often before, the Steel Beasts community has proven to be a pool of resourceful and ambitious individuals whose interests and talents go beyond the desire for mere entertainment, but to express themselves in a creative way." "I am happy to see the success of our previous contest continued," said eSim Games Marketing Director, Nils Hinrichsen. "These scenarios are a welcome addition to our coming upgrade 2.4 which will be released in the coming first quarter 2009. And we will continue to hold two scenario design contests every year to inspire the community with themed tasks. With version 2.4 we will see a number of new features. I'm confident that the scenario designers will adopt these new elements with the same spirit of creativity that they expressed in the previous contests." Unfortunately one contestant had to be disqualified for not meeting a submission requirement, observing the time limit of 45 minutes. Still, eSim Games will reward his efforts - as well as of all those who did not win any of the prizes - with a copy of the world's best mousepad. A mousepad and a diecast model of a British WWI "Mk.V" tank model will be awarded to Ulrich "Silberwiese" Goldacker for winning the Steel Beasts Prize for "Best Scoring Formula" and "Most Entertaining Scenario" with his submission "Schneller Gorilla". Ulrich also tied with both 1st and 2nd winner of the main prize in the category "Fun Factor". The 3rd place in the main category "Best Scenario" was awarded to Thomas "Feldpost" Kretschmer with "Quick Reaction Force". Thomas chose the Unimax "Force of Valor" 1:32 scale Bradley IFV. The 2nd place in the main category "Best Scenario" was awarded to Kevin "ChanceBS" LaChance with "White Pawn Takes Dark Knight". Watch out, Batman! Kevin opted for a Dragon diecast model of the 1945 Panther G in 1:35 scale. And the winner of the Grand Prize is John "Gary Owen" Houston with "NAI Cointoss". Per his request, John Will receive a German edition of Guderian's memoirs, a lifetime Steel Beasts Upgrade Plan, an original black beret of the German Panzertruppe, and of course a Steel Beasts mousepad. The team of SteelBeasts.com and eSim Games congratulate all the winners!
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