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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This scenario file is a simple test with nine measurements that should be taken with the framerate counter active with default graphics settings in this order: Overdraw Day: M60 gunner's daysight; look into the deep forest; take a screenshot Overdraw Thermal: M60 gunner's thermal sight; take a screenshot Overdraw 2: After three minutes the weather will deteriorate and reduce the visibility from 6,000m to 3,000m. Repeat both measurements per step 1 and 2. Rural: Switch to the tank driving between the M60's position and the nearby town. From the veh
  2. I've done a little looking, so please excuse me if this has already been answered elsewhere... I recently got a one month license to try the game out and like it. If I purchase the full license now, will that license also cover the upcoming 4.0 update, or will that require a separate purchase?
  3. It's probably a good idea to have one main thread for discussing 4.0, so here we are... SB Pro PE 4.0 download is up! Release notes for 4.0 are out. Windows 7 64 bit or later required, not Windows "9" as indicated in the release note, that's just a typo. SB Pro PE 4.0 will hopefully be released next week (Aug 8th+) Information about 4.0 performance More info on delay and possible interim release without higher resolution terrain. Videos: Video: Weather effects, Mi-8 and Mi-17, new larger power line pylons.
  4. Hopefully 4.0 will be out during this week. We, Kanium, will host a test Multiplayer game sunday 14th 1800 UTC. I have invited other VU and if I have missed any plz join. The offer is standing. To test some of the new stuff I will setup a mission with BLUE vs RED side. I will be runnning logs on server and will hand them over to ESIM if they want them. Mission is still being put together but will be a smaller mission than normal for us in the first run: Blue will be 3-4 PLTs mixed PzG/tnks with support (attack) RED will be 2-3 PLTs mech inf/tnks w
  5. Force templates. I think this is one of the potentially most time-saving new features coming with SB Pro PE 4.0. I have actually mentioned them about a year ago already, some may remember it. Force templates allow mission designers to create entire company combat teams or even battalion size+ ORBATs with but two or three mouse clicks. Whether you want to save a particular platoon configuration with mixed vehicles, or a combat team with attached and detached forces - you create it once, mark the units that are part of the template, then right-click the selection and pick the "S
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