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  1. Kanium Sunday 29th of August CG34_Merlen_River_KANIUM_v3 by ChrisReb (CAMPAIGN 1 of 4) Important: all are welcome naturally to participate in ALL the scenarios of this campaign. But you do NOT need to be able to attend more than this to sign one up, which goes for ALL the scenarios in the campaign ! Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always in Europe - adjusted for Daylight Savings Time: click the time below for your local time) World clock 1800 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ps6Ol4Bbjj_H_eyeuOAi1GgxPVh0lTji/view?usp=sharing Untile further notice will be working with this mappack and the official one when making scenarios. AS always, then we are running the session with the latest version of Steelbeasts. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance 😁 CG34_Merlen_River_KANIUM_v3 Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...CG34 Merlen River v0.1 for 4.250 1) SITUATION: 0530 19 May 2020 Weather clear with initial light mist burning off within the hour to give Vis 3300m plus. Front lines have not yet been fully established and both sides are racing to take strategic points of interest. The Merlen River is a key strategic defence line. If taken by Red then good offensive terrain lies to the North. For our own operations it offers a key barrier behind which we can establish both initial defences and also give time to allow us to build up an offensive force. a) Enemy: Red is advancing his first attack echelon behind a screen of Recon spread over a very wide area. This echelon is a reinforced battalion headed by a Regimental Recon PLT (approx 15 mins ahead of main body). A further 2 companies are also estimated to be a little further back approaching from the South Enemy Armour is T90 (believed only 1 Missile issued per tank) and BMP2 (possibly some BMP3) Light enemy indirect fires only owing to fluid situation IMPORTANT: Whilst Red recon is shielding all approaches and also probing in from West, East and South (indicated area shown by red map border) the attack axis can be identified by Recon and/or finding the Regimental Recon in front of main body. b) Own: We have just unloaded a 6 section unit of VEC-M1. These can be used to be spread out to locate enemy Recon and other units. They are mobile but are NOT intended to bring on a general engement but observe/delay etc per Co orders The Recon platoons are split into 2 sections and initially grouped together Also available is a PLT of CV90 and 1 x PLT Leo 2A6 that has just been unloaded from railcars. A further train is approaching with a Coy of Leo 2A6 and should arrive around the time you are in first contact REINFORCEMENTS: 2 xPLT CV90 from the North (indicated approaches marked on map) Each PLT has Inf.LMG and 1 xSpike 3xPLT Leo 2A6 also from the North. These should start arriving from 20 mins after B Coy Leo are unloaded and ready for operations Possibly additional 3xPLT 2A6 also from the North 1 x CSS will be escorted by CV90 reinforcements c) Attachments and detachments: 2 Batteries Off map support with HE, Smoke, ICM (120 rounds) and 2 FASCAM missions (60 mins persistance) 1 x Command vehicle with UAV 2x UH60 with Inf and Spike en-route (CARE: Red forces have SAM/AAA) Co will be advised as reinforcements arrive 2) MISSION: A. Prevent enemy Recon establishing overwatch of bridges or Merlen Marshalling Yards B. Penetrate enemy recon screen and establish direction of main attack C. Attrit enemy advancing giving ground as necessary but ensure D and E achieved by end 3 hours D. Clear enemy forces from indicated bridge areas should they occupy those areas E. Destroy any enemy on North bank of Merlen River 3) EXECUTION: Intent: Give a statement that defines the purpose of the operation a) Concept of Operation: Initial task will be to rapidly cover as many approaches to Merlen as possible to locate enemy recon elements. You then need to locate enemy main advance - more warning will be achieved by locating their Regimental Recon With your arriving forces you may need to fight a delaying action and then clear the bridge areas of enemy units as necessary Do not try to exploit beyond the marked LOE as we have insufficiant strength to do so ii) Fires: As above and to be initiated by Co only iii) Additional assets: CSS en route COMMANDERS NOTE: Suggest you man the Recon and hand out other stuff as it arrives
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