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Found 3 results

  1. ArmA

    There are a number of SB players playing ArmA. Not sure when or which groups they are playing with, but an open offer that Kanium plays ArmA on Sunday at 1600 GMT. If you or your group is interested in linking up, just get in contact with us and we can get you in, or coordinate for a joint-VU operation. We are currently fielding one full tank platoon as well as a full mechanized infantry section. Our playstyle is exactly the same as SB, with a focus on coordination and teamwork.
  2. Hello, I have read a lot of detailed articles from exprerts across the web about the history of tanks, a lot of them give information about the armor thickness and composition. But when it comes to estimating the protection not all values are up to date. I noticed that a lot of people are estimating the expected armor efficiency in RHAe with some help of P. Lakowski's Armor Basics. From what I have read I understand that those estimates and values are considered outdated. Now I'm asking if some of the experts here could help me on finding some good estimates for the front armor of Russian tanks. I found this some time ago:t: http://web.archive.org/web/20121122075638/http://collinsj.tripod.com/protect.htm Also could you tell me if this site is still up to date (If I recall corectly Forfanov is still active on this forum right?): http://fofanov.armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/MBT/t-90_armor.html I am especially intrested in the T-80 and T-90 variants as sources vary a lot in their estimations. I hope some of you can help me. Regards, Dimitov
  3. Merkava armor layout and protection estimates

    Hello everyone ! Has anyone of you guys ever made a KE and CE or LOS protection diagram for any Merkava tanks for possibly adding a Merkava to SB Pro PE as a partially playable unit ? Any feedback would be appreciated. As far as i could gather the individual Merkavas seem to have the following traits: Merkava I - Features plain steel and spaced armor. The turret protection seems to be primarily focused on the frontal 30 degree arc. The side turret sides seem to offer compartments that can serve as spaced armor. Merkava II - Features plain steel and spaced armor with special armor bolted to sides and top of the turret. Just like Mk I, the turret protection seems to be primarily focused on the frontal 30 degree arc. The turret protection arc seems to be greatly expanded with the Merkava 2 Dor-Dalet Merkava III - Features plain steel and spaced armor and composite armor. The turret protection seems to be more balanced and seem to encompass more than the frontal 30 degrees. Merkava 3 Baz comes with bolt on turret roof armor modules. The Merkava 3 Dor-Dalet greatly expands the all around protection arc. Merkava IV- Features plain steel and spaced armor and composite armor. The turret armor seems to offer all around protection. extensive roof protection is another feature. A common feature seems to be that the none of the Merkavas seem to have any composite modules inside the lower frontal plate. Estimates for the protection a typical Merkava propulsion block offers seems to range read for between 80-200 mm for KE projectiles and 200-400 mm of CE projectiles. All Merkavas past Mk I seem to feature heavy duty side skirts that follow almost the entire length of the hull. Some Images: Merkava 4 turret shell: Merkava 3 (early) lower front plate: Merkava 3 (early) turret with armor modules: Merkava 2 hull: Merkava 4 hull with armor modules: Merkava 4 turret with armor modules: