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Found 7 results

  1. To bad about these binos not being currently available. I remember asking for something similar years ago and was told to be quiet and go away. Can't wait till we get them, very handy. Thanks for the tutorial and reminder about lasing sensor equipped vehicles. Bookmarking. Update: These binos are in game, my bad. Thanks eSim.
  2. Version 1.02


    Totally revised version of the Artillery Attitude Charts to replace the previous one. This one revises the explanation and core concept to demonstrate on a compass what attitude in mils should be set depending on whether the desired artillery zone is wider than long, or vice versa, and how that corresponds with the axis of adjustment. The emphasis is on a point in the center of the bombardment zone and how it aligns vs. 0 to 3200 mils, with 0 always oriented to the North. It also includes 2 examples. Feedback/Improvement suggestions are welcome.
  3. I set a group of 3x BM-21. I only got this response "Waiting for approval". I am confused because in the Wikipedia say is player only. I don't find the way to make this MLRS work as player or by orders. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=BM-21_Grad
  4. Dear All, I have recently put some effort into trying myself as an artillery observer. The tutorials have been helpful, but are there some other resources I could draw upon? A particular problem I found when calling in artillery without specialised equipment is how to find the accurate direction to the target. Any ideas how I can get a compass or so? Thank you and best wishes, Merlin
  5. Could any one answer or direct me to where the answer may be on a couple of questions with preplanned artillery. I have looked at most documentation I can find. 1. I am particulary interested in being able to establish covering fire to neutralise a position ( rather that to neccessarily destroy a target) to enable friendly manoevure. 2. Is there a way you can extend an individual fire mission more than one minute. (I currently employ a work-around that has five missions in close proximity with progressive delays in "fire if " scripting. This enables a continual fire for the required periods but takes a long time to plan and results in a cluttered map. 3. Is there anyway for a player to cease a fire mission planned in the mission editor. I couldn't find a way to cease a rouge mission that continued to fire after a condition set of; mission time < 10 Minutes when in test or an offline play of the scenario. Lastly , can you adjust the number of batteries firing on a particular target. i.e one battery fire on target A but 3 batteries on target B. Appreciate any guidance that can be given.
  6. Team, I am a complete newbie to Steel Beasts but an ex Australian Infantry and Intelligence Officer. My interest is particualrly in scenario development. I have tried to establish how to establish a timed artillery fire plan to support a deliberate attack as part of the scenario. i.e How to make sure that the rounds land on H hour and continue for a pre determined period to provide covering fire for an assault. I have looked through the forums without much success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. G2 41
  7. In the mission editoer there are two choices. Either artillery calls by dedicated spotter-units or free for all. Which is used in real military operations? Art observers (both infantry and vehicles) are rare, and they would probably be used up pretty fast in an allout conflict and I guess other units often are the ones who call for support. Would a tank or infantry unit have the radios to call for artillery? How does it work in SB if you chose the "art calls for all"-setting? Does it set a higher priority for dedicated observer units?
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