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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Combat Power 2x ASLAV-25 2x Centauro 8x M1A2 4x M2 ODS 1x UAV 2x UH60 (w/ dismounts) I. Situation Enemy forces defending the town of Amallah with an armored company (T-72M4 and BMP-3) in a hasty defense. On the eastern flank is a known SAM (MANPAD) site that was revealed to us by Human Intelligence sources in the area. It is defended by dismounted forces and light trucks, and is using aggressive roving patrols. Additionally, if the enemy detects an armored attack on the SAM site, it will most likely launch a counter-attack with the Brigade Reserve Company (T-72) to protect its high-value asset. We have also detected a C2 node - an enemy Command Post that is directing the fight from north of Amallah. We believe this will be a vulnerable target for our UAV and long-range fires if we can first neutralize/destroy the SAM site. The enemy maintains a small armored reserve somewhere north of Amallah that will be employed to prevent the town from falling into our hands, or to defend the SAM site. The enemy also maintains a platoon of 122mm artillery, located somewhere to the north. II. Mission: Attack to seize the town of Amallah III. Execution Concept. Amallah must be cleared - however, we must set the conditions for a successful attack. First, we will locate and destroy a known SAM site in the east using a recon force - this site is providing protection against friendly air assets. These SAMs are incredibly important for the enemy - if they detect our armored vehicles in the area, then we can expect an enemy armored counter-attack against us. Once we have destroyed the SAMs, then our friendly UAV will be cleared on station. Use the UAV to locate the enemy command post, in a suspected position to the north of Amallah. You will have a precision-strike capability with Guided Multiple-Launch Rocket system (GMLR) and 15mm artillery support. Once the SAM site and HQ position have been destroyed then A CO armor will be released for the attack on Amallah. Key Tasks 1. Locate and Destroy SAM Site (10) 2. Locate and Destroy Enemy HQ (10) 3. Clear enemy from Amallah (30) 4. Preserve Combat Power (50) Fires 4x 120mm Mortars (organic) 6x 155mm Guns (direct support for enemy HQ) 12x Rockets (direct support for enemy HQ) IV. Support. Organic medical and resupply assets V. Signals Map Contacts: Enabled Friendly ID: ON Overhead View: On
  2. I've noticed that the wheeled vehicles in SB feel really slow, even slower than most tracked MBTs. I did a quick test run to confirm my suspicions, and it seems I was right. The test drive took place on a road, starting with a slight uphill followed by a gentle downwards slope. Looks like wheeled vehicles really are a lot slower than tracked ones. This doesn't make much sense to me, as Centauro has a listed top road speed of 106 km/h, while the Aslav has 120 km/h. This lack of mobility sort of beats the point of taking a wheeled vehicle in the first place - you'll just be better off in a MBT in every scenario. Am I missing something here or is there an issue with the engine models in SB? Test results below, I listed the top speed of each vehicle during both path segments. Leo2a5: uphill 55 km/h, downhill 71 km/h M1a2: uphill 50 km/h, downhill 66 km/h Centauro: uphill 45 km/h, downhill 58 km/h Aslav-25: uphill 45 km/h, downhill 57 km/h
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