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Found 2 results

  1. 4.004 Rifle Squads w/ ATGM: No Ammo

    This worked in 4.0 - seems to have changed with 4.004. EDIT If you merge an ATGM team with a Rifle squad in the mission editor, the ATGM will start the game with zero ammunition - and will not be able to resupply ammunition. This effects some of the templates, such as the US 1980s Mech infantry, where Rifle Squads have Dragon teams merged with Rifle Teams.
  2. BMP-2 ATGM fires with Stabilization

    While at the Tank Range, I noticed that after firing an ATGM from the BMP-2, I was able to turn the launcher power off, switching back to a stabilized turret, and was able to power traverse the turret laterally to guide the ATGM onto target. From both looking at the wiki and checking out a 4.0 Demo Video, it seems that you are only supposed to be able to guide the ATGM by manually cranking the turret. Is this a bug, or can you actually do this on a real BMP-2?