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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    This is what it has come down too. The united NATO forces have formed a blockade of AFV's and it is their job to repel an attack of over 160 Russian Vehicles that are coming in waves of assaulting formations. It is your position to defend the free world from the communist tyranny. The Russians out number your vehicles 3:1, but with unity and good tank skills the Russian attack can be suppressed. There is a 160th SOAR airborne air assault units that may need to be utilized to destroy a 2S1 battery. This is the pinnacle of what a Russian assault could be like. ------- Changes from original scenario: Italian and American forces get put under more pressure as appose to just BAOR and German forces taking the brunt of the heavy armour. Enemy 2S1 battery added that will need to be taken out. This is a buff to try and put more pressure on the player. Pls send me some feedback, as I could do with it to try and satisfy you and the community as best as possible.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Defensive and counter attack scenario that revolves around the NATO deterrent forces and the Russian forces around Estonia. There has been a Russian Battle-group cross the border between Russia and Estonia, about ten minutes ago the only bridge connecting the two countries has been destroyed by an allied airstrike. leaving a stranded Russian force in Estonia, and they are moving and are capturing a town. British and American forces are about five minutes away from the battle zone, with two tank companies/platoons of M1A2's and Challenger 2's. With Warriors and Bradley's Providing infantry. Other units have been sent from Patrol Base "Hockley", but it will take some time. A company from the British Regiment 1 Rifles are on the ground with trucks to be transported to the town to fight the infantry. Retake the town and destroy the advancing units and take the objectives. ---- Notes: Shout out to @matsimus, @cobrabase, @Figmo42, and many other Praetorian's of Matsimus' Legion. Last Scenario for a while, but there may be one or two later on . This is a redo of a previously uploaded mission, The staging area was filled with rocks and there were a few other bugs and items that needed changing and have been solved and it has been through a rigorous testing.
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