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  1. Bückeburg June 15th 1988, 0530hrs Tiger Actual meets with Apache Actual at Röcke, taking a long look at the destroyed soviet equipment burning up ahead, and the lifeless Abrams hulks sitting on the hill of Röcke: "Captain, The enemy you crushed here with B Troop was a pursuing battalion, who tried to overrun the last German units that you saw retreating. They clearly had no idea they would run into your guns, so maybe the comms issues are universal, and not only our problem! The Gerries took a beating, but thanks to you most got out alive. Some were engaged by the enemies in Minden... Their "commander", a young Leutnant informed me that they were pursued by a battalion size force, while the rest of the enemies were halted east of Stadthagen to deploy, when they were hit hard by our MLRS strike. This means, we may have "empty" space between here and Stadthagen for the time being. ACR CO ordered our Squadron to exploit this, while 3rd Squadron is deploying for delay west of us. His intent is to delay the ruskies with 1st SQN and then 3rd. 2nd SQN is engaged north of Minden, leaving the Russian airborne units at Minden cut off. CO wants "Tiger" on the move NLT 0615! We will redeploy the Squadron main force at Bückeburg, with Dragon taking the left side of the railroad, and Bandit the right. You will deploy trailing Dragon, rearm as much as you can, and prepare to attack with Dragon. Our objective is to reach Stadthagen and begin delay from there. Make no mistake, the Ruskies will have enough of forces moving our way once they get their shit together. They have had some trouble near Hannover it seems, but don't count on that situation lasting much longer! Detailed orders to Troop COs 0610 at my tank... Get the ammo moving, soldier! And have the vehicles take good cover in the towns and woods to avoid possible air attacks... though it seems our "Top Guns" are keeping the enemy air units busy..." EDIT: UPDATED TACTICAL MAP ADDED, DETAILED BRIEFING TO FOLLOW WHEN C TROOP HAS FINISHED MISSION 2!!!
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