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  1. bmbpdk

    Brians Law

    Ive made 20 "sayings", ive allways used when i was soldier, and trained the new soldiers. These 20 lines have never failed me, and they should´n fail you, if you follow them. You are free to use them across the internet and in real life, just credit me If you want i can give you some examples from real battle/history 1: Even if you cant see the enemy, the enemy can still see you 2: Even if you cant shoot at the enemy, the enemy can still shoot at you 3: The enemy of your enemy, can still be your enemy 4: Dont take what you cant hold, its bad for morale and a waste of resources 5: Its not how you enter a battle/war, but how you exit it 6: When the enemy is making a breakthrough of your lines, counterattack just before the qlimax of the enemy attack. 7: When starting a battle, make sure it is; Decisive, violent, surprising, simultaneously 8: Strike first, strike deep, strike decisively and agressively 9: Never move without support 10: Move from cover to cover 11: What can go wrong, dont allways go wrong 12: When loosing a battle, move back in order and under support and/or use smoke, ammo not used here, will be deducted from the "Human life" account. 13: A soldiers job is not to die in battle, but to win it 14: If an advance is to easy, suspect an ambush or counterattack 15: A bottleneck is useless, if no one cover it with fire 16: All weapons is useless and bad, if you dont know how to use them properly 17: Infantry cant fight effectively without cover or concealment 18: When near the frontline or behind enemy lines, allways behave and move as if under fire 19: Allways make the enemy think, he is superior, and then chrush him 20: Turn the enemys advantage, to his disadvantage
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