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Found 10 results

  1. [Updated this entry, DEC 2018] [Updated this entry, JUL 2019] [Updated this entry, SEP 2019] [Updated this entry, SEP 2020] Apparently activating licenses has become a bit difficult for some people. This is an attempt to describe the necessary steps, depending on the different user cases. 1. General Assuming that you DID receive your license after placing your order (you did not? Read this) you now have your ticket URL. But on the attempt to activate your license ticket you may get to see the error message PHP_GET_NOLICENSEFIRMCODE_HEADLINE
  2. If you have Norton Internet Security, please disable it and see if that fixes the problem. (Norton Internet Security seems to block communication to a port that the CM stick uses.) If that fixes the problem, then you need to add the CodeMeter Runtime Server program to the list of programs that the Nortorn Firewall will permit to run. (I'm not certain about this last part, but there should be a way to let Norton Internet Security allow the CM stick to access the port.) If turning off your anti-virus/Internet Security program does not work, then it's possible (although very rare) that the licen
  3. I recently tried sharing my CM Dongle with a friend, following the wiki's article on License Sharing (http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=License_Sharing), however the licenses didn't appear on my friends CodeMeter Control Center after doing the process with and without hamachi. Can somebody help us get the license sharing running?
  4. A number of customers of time-based licenses contacted us lately about this issue. We are terribly sorry about this inconvenience, and I can but apologize for this embarrassment. I'm currently trying to collect as much information as possible to make sure that we understand why this happens to so many people, and what we can do in order to prevent it from happening again (for obvious reasons). For that, I need your help! Please Start the "CmDUST" program that is being installed along with the CodeMeter runtime software on every compmuter. Aft
  5. My Codemeter Control Center does not keep my CMStick data so I seem to have to pull it out and plug it in again. The 1 Month interim license is listed although it is passed the end date. I'm not sure if the temporary access is glitching the CMStick or not but it's a pain in the butt fixing it each time. Can anyone help this issue please?
  6. tankenator

    Code 218

    ssnake, would a new mb and processor affect the cm license? I am currently fighting with windows 10 licensing (it doesnt travel with the install, tied solely to hardware so I have to get another copy of windows which wasnt in my build budget) But steel beasts worked until today....I get a generic error from windows. Looking at the codemeter stick shows an error: API Event WB218 (NO LICENSE AVAILABLE) occurred (returned to caller) Is this windows fooling with me? or has my codemeter stick gone rogue?
  7. ben

    Codemeter sticks

    Does Steel Beasts still ship with the same size codemeter stick as it did about 10 years ago when I purchased? I saw on codemeter.com they have a low profile dongle, is this an option? Would be much better for laptop use.
  8. According to Wibu Systems the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 seems to have the nasty habit to invalidate (virtual) CmContainers that hold time-based licenses. They are working on an update to fix that, which may come with the CodeMeter runtime 6.30c, or potentially with 6.30d (depending on how quickly they can come up with a fix).
  9. How do I transfer my time based licence to another machine my main rig is in for repair, wont get it back till Monday I have the weekend off and was looking forward to a SB weekend Session. I have an old lap top that will just about run 4.4 I have heard you can transfer your licence.
  10. Brand new PC - fresh OS install. Installed the latest version of the codemeter control software - it is seeing the stick etc. Launching the steel beasts shortcut results in the error message in the title. I'll do some more digging about the forums but if anyone has a pointer i'd appreciate it.
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