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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, is there a way to activate time based licenses on virtual machines? Im currently using a cloud pc service from the company called "Shadow". My guess would be to use a dongle, connect it to my physical pc, put the license on there and try to connect it to my cloud pc using a usb over ip software. (my choice here would be virtual here because i already own a license for it). Would this work? How expensive is a dongle? Are there any other solutions to this problem? Thanks in advance
  2. I've recently updated Steelbeasts to 4.379 and codemeter to 7.60 but I am now unable to get codemeter to start, which means I can't run Steel Beasts. Opening Codemeter Control Center I'm presented with this While I can manually start Codemeter Service through the 'Process' tab, it does not seem to have any effect. After running CMDust utility I found this in the bottom, don't necessarily know if it's the root cause of my issues or not. I've already tried unninstalling/reinstalling codemeter, starting it with admin privileges, changing USB ports for the dongle with no luck. Additionally, whenever I try to run codemeter a new 'Error' entry in Event Viewer appears. For what its worth I'm using Windows 11.
  3. [Updated this entry, DEC 2018] [Updated this entry, JUL 2019] [Updated this entry, SEP 2019] [Updated this entry, SEP 2020] [Added video, MAY 2021] [Added videos, JUN 2021] [Added videos, AUG 2021] [Updated this entry, OCT 2023] Don't like reading? Here are videos to explain the basics: [Example of a license activation] [or] Activating licenses is usually painless. But if it isn't, read on. This is an attempt to describe the necessary steps, depending on the different user cases. 1. General Assuming that you DID receive your license after placing your order (you did not? Read this) you now have your ticket URL. But on the attempt to activate your license ticket you may get to see the error message PHP_GET_NOLICENSEFIRMCODE_HEADLINE PHP_GET_NOLICENSEFIRMCODE_TEXT The most likely cause of this error is that you haven't yet installed the latest CodeMeter runtime version (7.60d at the time of this writing). This was released in October 2023, and it is not included in the Steel Beasts 4.379 installer. Remedy: Before you install SB Pro PE 4.379 — or, if you want or must run an older version — download and install the latest CodeMeter runtime from here. [Section removed] You may now experience one of several obstacles (or none, as is still the case for the majority of all users): a) You activated the license but you still get an error message when trying to start Steel Beasts Chances are, the firmware of your CodeMeter stick is outdated. [Help video to go here ... one day] Start the CodeMeter Control Center, look for the button with the circular arrow on the right side of the window (somewhere in the middle), click it, and follow the on-screen instructions. CodeMeter sticks with serial number 1-xxxxxxx should in the end have a firmware version 1.18 (as of the time of this writing), newer CM sticks with serial number 2-xxxxxxx should have firmware 2.04. Serial numbers 3-xxxxxxx can have an even higher firmware version number. If you're reading version 1.19, you have selected a virtual CM stick, not your physical one b) You want to activate a single license, but there is no immediately apparent way to do so Chances are, you're using the old and outdated MS Edge, or, more likely these days, the security settings of your browser prevent it. See below for details. c) You want to activate multiple licenses and get an error message about an "unsatisfied constraint" Chances are, you have ordered both a secondary license and an upgrade license. The upgrade license must be applied first - remove the checkmark from the "SECONDARY" entry, activate the "UPGRADE", then activate the remaining license. Or maybe you ordered an upgrade from a version that you don't have (0x18080001). Contact Sales (at eSimGames.com) to untangle the situation. d) You want to activate a single upgrade license and get an error message about an "unsatisfied constraint" with error code 0x18080003 You probably have a first generation CodeMeter stick from a purchase made in 2006 or 2007. Please contact Sales (at) eSimGames.com for remedy. e) A combination of the above You'll have to work yourself through the individual issues one after another. If in doubt, start with the firmware upgrade. f) Windows 10 Download and install the CodeMeter runtime 7.21a (you may need to select it from a menu there). [Section removed] 2. Browser a) Choice For conceptual reasons, the Lynx browser does not support any modern web technology; therefore, don't use it to activate your license. [Section removed] b) Security At the moment the direct activation of licenses requires Websocket connections (pretty much any modern browser), or ActiveX (MS Internet Explorer), or Java (the fallback line; note that JavaScript is something else entirely, and whoever chose the name is probably the most successful internet troll of the last 50 years). Since CodeMeter runtime version 5.10a this is no longer necessary (provided, again, that you have an up to date web browser that supports websocket connections (pretty much any)). That said, here's some general browser configuration advice (for license activations): If you're an experienced web browser user you could try and adjust your security settings to allow the execution of both JavaScript and Java You might try the Internet Explorer, and be it just for ticket activations. In the Extras menu | Internet Options entry | Security tab you could add the WebDepot to the list of "trusted sites". Assuming that the trusted sites have less strict security settings, visiting the ticket page should now either work without much further ado, or you would get a rather inconspicuous whitish-yellow pop-up bar at the top or bottom of the window asking you for permission to open the active content of the page. Confirm this if you trust us (...and you pretty much have to, given that you installed our software already, and used your credit card in our web store). If you can't follow the suggested solutions above, you will need to use the Offline Activation (see below) 3. Offline Activation This is the last option and a surefire method as long as you may upload and download files with your browser. Even old Netscape browsers should be able to do that (those with the blue wooden steering wheel icon that looked dated already in the 1990s). It's a reliable method, but less convenient than the direct license transfer. Also, we recommend that you seek eSim Games' support staff assistance, and send us your license request file by email, along with your license ticket URL (and be it just that you can shift all blame on us, along with the responsibility to fix it). The offline activation method must be prepared. Start the CodeMeter Control Center. At the bottom of the window, half-left, there is a single button for a wizard program to handle license updates. You want to create a license request - so just follow through the wizard until you have a file named xxxxxxx.WibuCmRaC; save it to your desktop or a place that you can remember. Then send that file to eSim support staff, along with your license ticket code. If you don't want that: You may of course directly visit the web depot page. In the lower right corner of the window is a button for the "Offline Activation". Click it. You'll get prompted for the location of the *RaC file that you created before (see above). By uploading it you start the activation process. You will get prompted to save a new file xxxxxxx.WibuCmRaU - save it to your desktop (or some other place of your liking, as long as you know where to find it). Saving this file is important! It will transfer the license information into the virtual CodeMeter stick; without it you can't start SB Pro PE. Also, you don't get a second try (in which case you'd need to contact eSim Games, anyway - please have your license ticket code ready). Once that the file is stored you just need to double-click it and confirm that you, indeed, want to transfer the license. Done. If you want, you can use the wizard program of the CodeMeter Control Center again (this time, select that you want to apply a license update). It's more cumbersome than a simple double-click ... but hey, some people like wizards. That should be it, really. If you still encounter trouble it's best to contact me by email. In that case you can speed up the process by including the CmDustResult.log file. (In the Start Menu | CodeMeter | Tools program folder is a tool named "CmDUST" run it. It will open a Windows Explorer window at the end containing the log file. Attach it to your email to me, please). I feel generally confused by this WebDepot web page. What am I supposed to do? Fear naught! On the following page I will explain the WebDepot page in pictures. But check out the awesome help video #3 above. I heard about this "Firmware upgrade". Why is it necessary, and how is it done? On the following page I will explain the CodeMeter Control Center application, covering this and similar topics. [Another help video to go here, one day...] The WebAdmin! What is it good for? On the following page I will show some examples what can be done with it. [Help video might follow.]
  4. Hi, I did buy SB PPE a looong time ago. Then I was in the beta test team when SBPPE 2.5(?) was released so I had a time-limited licence for the beta testing. I stopped for several years and now I'm looking to restart doing the mobile human target in SB. To sum up, I have the CM Stick, without a valid license. The webAdmin tool says that I have one beta invalid licence, and 1x2.5+ 1x3.0 licence. Should I buy the upgrade licence ? The full licence looks overkill as it includes the purchase of the CM Stick that I already have... Thanks !
  5. CodeMeter is not working. I see the icon on the bottom of my screen, but it will not pull open the CM Control Center window to activate my stick and play. I have an unlimited license. I pulled the stick out, restarted the system, reinserted the stick, now it works. However, I still cannot interact with the CMCC window. I know better than to just shrug my shoulders and think everything is ok.
  6. If you have Norton Internet Security, please disable it and see if that fixes the problem. (Norton Internet Security seems to block communication to a port that the CM stick uses.) If that fixes the problem, then you need to add the CodeMeter Runtime Server program to the list of programs that the Nortorn Firewall will permit to run. (I'm not certain about this last part, but there should be a way to let Norton Internet Security allow the CM stick to access the port.) If turning off your anti-virus/Internet Security program does not work, then it's possible (although very rare) that the license is not in the stick. To check this, first, start the CodeMeter Runtime Server with dongle in the USB port. (Start | All Programs | CodeMeter | CodeMeter Runtime Server). Next start the CodeMeter Web admin program. (Start | All Programs | CodeMeter | CodeMeter Web Administration) Then click on the Contents button. Next click on Licenses. Now, do you see a license listed for eSim Games? (It should have a firm code of 100146.) If so, and if you click on that firm code number, it will list the product codes. Do you see product code 11051? If you don't see these things, then please do the following: First ensure that the CodeMeter runtime server is running with dongle in the USB port: Click Start | All Programs | CodeMeter | CodeMeter Runtime Server (either application or service).Right click on desktop and select "New | Wibu Control File." Click on Create. In next dialog box, check the "New Firm Code" box and enter firm code "100146".Click on OK, and the control file will be created on the desktop.Send the file to comments@esimgames.com, along with your Order ID (which was sent in your confirmation email). eSim Games will send back another file.Right click on this new file and select "Update CM-Stick." The CM Stick should now be updated. Also you may want to upgrade your CodeMeter firmware. Please read this thread to learn more about your options. Should you be using a 64 bit Vista version, you need the 64 bit CodeMeter runtime software. Download it directly from www.CodeMeter.com Another popular source of trouble is the Data Execution Prevention. Right-click "My Computer" and select System Properties. In the following window, go to the Advanced tab. Click on Settings of the first item, System Performance This opens a new window. Now pick the third tab, Data Execution Prevention. See if it is switched off, or enabled. If enabled, you may want to whitelist the Steel Beasts executable as well as the CodeMeter executable. CodeMeter technical support also recommends to explicitly install the CodeMeter runtime with administrator privileges. To do so, hold the Shift key and right-click the setup executable, then pick from the context menu "Run as Administratror". Also, please make sure to uninstall previous CodeMeter runtime versions.
  7. I recently tried sharing my CM Dongle with a friend, following the wiki's article on License Sharing (http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=License_Sharing), however the licenses didn't appear on my friends CodeMeter Control Center after doing the process with and without hamachi. Can somebody help us get the license sharing running?
  8. A number of customers of time-based licenses contacted us lately about this issue. We are terribly sorry about this inconvenience, and I can but apologize for this embarrassment. I'm currently trying to collect as much information as possible to make sure that we understand why this happens to so many people, and what we can do in order to prevent it from happening again (for obvious reasons). For that, I need your help! Please Start the "CmDUST" program that is being installed along with the CodeMeter runtime software on every compmuter. After the program is done it will open a window of the Windows Explorer with the file "CmDust-Result.log" Please go to C:\ProgramData\CodeMeter\logs ... See all the files named "CmActDiagLog.... .log" - please zip 'em up. Attach the zip file as well as the CmDust log to an email that you send to Support@Wibu.de (and put me on CC, please). They will analyze the case as soon as possible, and get back to you (and me) with recommendations. At this point we want to understand what exactly is going on. A possible source of interference could be an anti-virus program preventing the proper initialization of the CodeMeter service. Sometimes it is enough to just restart the CodeMeter service. To do so, type in "Services" to find the app that lets you review all of them. Sort by name, locate the CodeMeter Runtime Server, and right-click it, then select "restart" and see if that helps with the virtual CodeMeter container that is currently listed in your CodeMeter Control Center window, probably as "broken" (serial number 128-xxxxxxxxxx, in red color). Which version of Windows 10, if at all, do you have? Home, or Professional? Win 10 only: If Professional, have you selected to be in the fast, or in the slow ring for Windows feature updates? I could imagine that it's the recent "Anniversary Update" that may have ruined things. But at this point it's all speculation.
  9. My Codemeter Control Center does not keep my CMStick data so I seem to have to pull it out and plug it in again. The 1 Month interim license is listed although it is passed the end date. I'm not sure if the temporary access is glitching the CMStick or not but it's a pain in the butt fixing it each time. Can anyone help this issue please?
  10. tankenator

    Code 218

    ssnake, would a new mb and processor affect the cm license? I am currently fighting with windows 10 licensing (it doesnt travel with the install, tied solely to hardware so I have to get another copy of windows which wasnt in my build budget) But steel beasts worked until today....I get a generic error from windows. Looking at the codemeter stick shows an error: API Event WB218 (NO LICENSE AVAILABLE) occurred (returned to caller) Is this windows fooling with me? or has my codemeter stick gone rogue?
  11. ben

    Codemeter sticks

    Does Steel Beasts still ship with the same size codemeter stick as it did about 10 years ago when I purchased? I saw on codemeter.com they have a low profile dongle, is this an option? Would be much better for laptop use.
  12. According to Wibu Systems the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 seems to have the nasty habit to invalidate (virtual) CmContainers that hold time-based licenses. They are working on an update to fix that, which may come with the CodeMeter runtime 6.30c, or potentially with 6.30d (depending on how quickly they can come up with a fix).
  13. How do I transfer my time based licence to another machine my main rig is in for repair, wont get it back till Monday I have the weekend off and was looking forward to a SB weekend Session. I have an old lap top that will just about run 4.4 I have heard you can transfer your licence.
  14. Brand new PC - fresh OS install. Installed the latest version of the codemeter control software - it is seeing the stick etc. Launching the steel beasts shortcut results in the error message in the title. I'll do some more digging about the forums but if anyone has a pointer i'd appreciate it.
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