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Found 5 results

  1. Kanium Sunday 22nd of OCT 1800 UTC "Operation Ironhorse Stampede" by Apocalypse Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World clock 1800 UTC 1. SITUATION a. Enemy. The 774th Brigade Tactical Group (BTG) is established in a deliberate defense, in depth along the Akazi River with 2x BN's forward, and 1 in reserve. Each Battalion within the 774 BTG is composed of 9x Platoons of T80U tanks, 3x Platoons of BMP-3's, 1x Recon platoon (BRDM-2AT), 1x PLT of ZSU23/4, and 1x Platoon of 2S1 Artillery. Enemy forces also have mine and demolition capability - expect surface laid mines and be prepared to see blown bridges. b. Friendly forces will conduct an attack to defeat the 774 BTG, in order to allow friendly forces from 2nd Brigade to re-establish the international border. To the North, Team Apache will conduct an attack to fix the 2-774 BTG. Simultaneously, Team Kanium will attack to clear enemy forces along the Akazi River, and establish a foothold on OBJ BRAVO, in order pass elements from 2nd Battalion that will continue their attack to the East to defeat the 774 BTG . You have been provided with 1x Engineer platoon - although we do not assess a total destruction of all crossing sites - this will allow you additional mobility support Your Team has also been allocated 1x flight of Close Combat Aviation (2x AH-64 - 8x Hellfires) to establish an attack by fire position in the north) [TRIGGER by 66 or 65] 2. MISSION Team Kanium attacks to clear the 1-774 BTG between PL BLACK and PL GOLD in order to pass friendly forces for follow on operations. 3. EXECUTION a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to seize key terrain along the Akazi River, so that follow-on forces have freedom of movement. b. Key Tasks 1. Identify a suitable crossing site for follow on forces 2. Clear the 1-774 BTG 3. Seize OBJ BRAVO c. End State i. Terrain. OBJ BRAVO is seized ii. Friendly: Friendly forces are prepared to safely pass follow-on forces from 2nd Battalion. ii. Enemy: The 1-774 is cleared between PL BLACK and PL GOLD; unable to interfere with follow-on friendly forces. iii. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. d. Fires 6x Tubes (On screen) Map Agjabedi Village Imshili Town
  2. http://www.baesystems.com/en-uk/article/dutch-cv90s-to-become-first-nato-combat-vehicles-to-receive-active-protection
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Small series of Kanium missions. Coop finnish MechBat units in PLT size mission with AI scripts. Can be done solo or PLT training. Ranges from Leo2a6 to bmp2.
  4. Postponed - Breach and Clear (COY size Engineer, Mech and Armor mission) Time: 7th Sept 1800 UTC Place: Kanium TS and server What are we doing: 1. Breach and Clear (COY size Engineer, Mech and Armor mission)(90minutes mission)(Be on time plz. This is weekdays missions and people cant be up late as sundays.) Mission:
  5. Version 1.0.0


    V.1.0 WHO: Finnish BG is attacking into Enemy Flank to take bridges for followon forces. Size: 2x tnk plt, 2x mech plt, 1x recon plt vs defending inf COY with support Gamestyle: COOP vs. AI Units: Leopard 2A6, CV90, BMP2, T72B2, BMP2, Mineploughs, off map arty NOTE: 1) If you want to have OPFOR PM me on SB.COM 2) This is with AI opponent. COOP or single player advanced 3) Attached is 50*50 km off the area. Also included is overall map fo future stuff. Kouvostoliitto Finland 50x50km.zip Kouvostoliitto Finland.sce
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