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Found 1 result

  1. Version 5.0


    Operation Bronze Hammer By Apocalypse Combat Power: A Co: 3x Tank Plt B Co: 3x Tank Plt C Co: 3x Tank Plt / 1x Light Inf PLT (Defending) D Co: 3x Mech Inf Plt E Co: 2x EN Vehicles (Land w/ C CO) F Co: 2x Stryker MGS Plt, 1x LAV PLT I. SITUATION Enemy forces defending the area with a mechanized infantry brigade (BMP-3) supported by T-90 tanks. We expect a disruption force positioned between PL AXE and BOW with mostly light and mechanized forces with their main battle zone between PL BOW and CHAIN, followed by a support zone around the town of Kupo and Port Surao. We expect to see company battle positions defending along key terrain, supported by tank platoons in hide sites further to the rear. Enemy forces are oriented on the Main Battle Zone, but will fall back to Port Surao and Kupo to defend. We dont expect a constested landing on the west shore, however, the north shore is defended and the enemy has conducted probing attacks against C Co's position all night. II. MISSION. Attack to clear enemy forces from the Kupo Penninsula. III. EXECUTION a. Tasks 1. Clear Kupo 2. Clear Port Surao b. Fires Guns: 18x (720 HE / 560 SMK) Tubes: 6x Wheeled Mortars (will land with HQ) Air: 15x Airstrikes Helicopters: None - weather does not support c. Force Flow HQ: Landing at H+30min at east shore (scout platoon landed) A Co: Landed on west shore B Co: Landing at H+30 min at south shore C Co: Landing at H+40 min at south shore D Co: Landed on west shore // CO + D3 landing at H+30 E Co: Landing with C CO Assets F Co: Prepared to land on north shore (TRIGGER 1) IV. SERVICE & SUPPORT a. Resupply: 3x Trucks (will land with HQ) b. Repair: Post-Operation (no assets) c. Medical: 2x Ambulance (will land with HQ) d. Transportation: I CO is your amphibious force - will automatically land forces ashore (non-playable) V. SIGNALS -Map Contacts: Enabled -Friendy ID: On -Overhead View: On -Triggers 1. Lands F CO Scoring Major Victory: 100pts Victory: 80pts Kupo Cleared: 40pts Port Surao Cleared: 40pts Less than 50% AFV losses: 20pts Ending -Kupo is cleared of enemy and friendly forces not under direct fire in Kupo for 2 min -Port Surao is cleared of enemy and friendly forces not under direct fire in Port Surao for 2 min -Friendly forces anywhere not under direct fire for 2 min
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