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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    I: SITUATION a. Enemy: Russian 65th Separate Guards Motor Rifle are diverging from Hanover and now are enroute to attack Hamelin. The city was fortified in advance and now the enemy is seeking a flanking route to cut of supply into Hamelin which was quickly discovered. The enemy force consists of mainly T-90s and BMP-3s. They have control of the flanks in the valley so be sure to watch your arks. b. Friendly: LANDJUT CMD has diverted a small Combat Team to engage and destroy any flanking unit in the valley enroute to Hamelin consiting of 2x Leopard 2A6MA2 Platoons, 1x CV-90 Infantry Platoon, 1x Mortar Battery in Piranha V and 1x Anti Tank Platoon with 2x Command Elements in Leopard 2A6MA2. c. Civilian: Civilians have all evacuated from the AO. Towns are given code names. In the order of appereance is Caribou, Deer, and Moose. II: MISSION. Attack to seize OBJ ROOK. III: EXECUTION Tasks 1. Seize OBJ ROOK and hold against possible counter attacks ; 2. Preserve Combat Power for future operations ; and 3. Avoid collateral damage to civilians/civilian infrastructure. Fires 4x 155mm Guns (240 HE / 120 SMK / 48 ICM). IV: SUPPORT. Organic Medical, Resupply and Recovery assets and 1x R+R in the deployment area. V: SIGNALS Map Contacts: Enabled Friendly ID: On Overhead View: On 1x A66 Leopard 2A6: 1x A OPS Leopard 2A6: 4x A2 Leopard 2A6 A21: A22: A23: A24: 4x A3 Leopard 2A6 A31: A32: A33: A34: 4x C3 CV90-35DK C31: C32: C33: C34: 2x E1 M113 TOW E13: E14: 4x A1 Piranha Mortars A11: A12: A13: A14: 4x Resupply Echelon A4(ARV):
  2. The Fourth Scenario in "The Bears Gambit" Campaign - Operation Solemn Sword
  3. hey all seems like its been a vehicle, greatly under appreciated, mainly cause of its slow loading time and ammo count sry volcano and dejawolf. we cant change the mags still.. but if anyone have any questions on usage, firing modes or any other stuff regarding these 2 types of vehicles, ill put my self up to help out the best i can.. i will later come with some pictures in this on different firing modes. graphically used obviously. so it doesnt look too bad. hope it will help out those who have questions regarding this amazing vehicle. although not a tank it is very usefull. Would like to hear if this would be out of interest to anyone in the SB community? best regards Deekay
  4. Not sure if Bug or me being retarded, but lets find out: When using "tab" to pope smoke I get different results depending where I am on the CV90 and that feels weird. This is my keyboard settings regarding smoke: So TAB is set to SMOKE FRONT ONLY. I have no SMOKE LEFT or SMOKE RIGHT mapped. as reference here is what happens when I go down as Vehicle commander OR Gunner and pop smoke FRONT manually: as you can see it creates a narrow smoke screen at vehicles 12 o clock. Now this is were thing is getting weird for me: When I am in external (F8) View and hit TAB I get this: As you can see it seems I am popping smoke LEFT and no front. Here is if I move into gunner position and hit TAB: here LEFT and FRONT smoke seems to emerge. And finally here is if I move into vehicle commanders slot and hit TAB: Here it seems to smoke LEFT and RIGHT but no front. All this different results using same TAB key and just being in different locations? Is this a bug or are some of my settings wrong? What must I do to have a smoke screen front when hitting TAB? /KT
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