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  1. Kanium Sunday 23rd of January "Operation Ragnarok - Phase I", by Nike-Ajax This is a BIG scenario, which it is why it will be run in two phases. Do NOT hold yourself back, even if you cant join in Phase II, then there is still plenty of fun. No skill or experience requirements needed. So no obligation to join in the second Phase II if you play this - other than to have fun and get the full experience. Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always in Europe - adjusted for Daylight Savings Time: click the time below for your local time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube or Twitch channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ps6Ol4Bbjj_H_eyeuOAi1GgxPVh0lTji/view?usp=sharing Untile further notice will be working with this mappack and the official one when making scenarios. AS always, then we are running the session with the latest version of Steelbeasts. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance ūüėĀ Strategic map: Tactical Map: Operation Ragnarok Phase I 6¬īth of June 2023 SB Mission by Nike-Ajax IMPORTANT NOTE: CO MUST choose EITHER the Western OR the Eastern AO as his attack route, as indicated on map before start, and inform host/OPFOR in advance ! Scenario notes: 1) For a number of reasons, then there are NO smoke missions on either side for server stability. Also for server stability, all destroyed callsigns will be removed after 60 sec. For same reason there is no clouds. 2) This is a TWO part scenario, so BLUEFOR/Aesir will ONLY advance to Phase Line Aesir in the first session. In the second BLUEFOR will advance to, and make a bridge crossing of the river Boevra, and then fight to seize the ENY HQ. 3) This will simulate a BGD BG attack. For server stability then it is simulated that BGD CO will coordinate the attack in the other AO to match the progress of BLUEFOR in the chosen AO, hence the BLUEFOR CO only has to worry about staying within his boundaries. And winning. 4) This is meant and built to be run by a Human OPFOR. 5) Phase II follows directly from this, so Host needs to do an ingame save at the end. 0. Background We are at the end of times. As prophesized by the oracle Voelven, then all the signs are here: we stand at the edge of Ragnarok. When Ragnar√∂k come, winter and cold weather will last for three years, with no summer in between the winter seasons. This was known as fimbul-winter ‚Äúmighty winter‚ÄĚ, snowing from all directions. Throughout the world, great battles would be fought; all taboos would be broken, brothers killing one another, and sons would murder their fathers too, mostly out of greed. No kinship would be sacred; adultery and incest would increase exponentially. This period would be known as the age of axes, age of swords, age of wolves and age of winds. The two giant wolves, Skoll will swallow up sun (Sol), while Hati shall devour the moon (Moon or Mani). Stars will fall out of the heaven. The giant worm or dragon Nidhogg that have been gnawing at one of roots of Yggdrasill (Niflheim), would have succeeded in eating away the root that supported Niflheim. Loki, who was confined in a cavern and punished for his involvement with Balder‚Äôs death, will escape from his imprisonment, and lead the giants, and his monstrous offspring, to destroy the gods and mankind. Fenrir will escape from his magic binding, while the Midgard Serpent named J√∂rmungand (Jormungand) will escape from his confinement in the sea. Frost giants and mountain giants will leave their home in J√∂tunheim, and sailing toward Plain of Vigrid in a ship called Naglfar; while the fire giants led by Surt will leave their fiery home of Muspelheim. Vigrid would be the field of the final battle. Vigrid is an immense plain, a hundred league in every direction. To delay or maybe avoid the end of the world as we know it, then Odin and the other Aesir and Vanir Gods of Asgard have decided to strike first aginst the giants and Jaettir of Jotunheimen, hoping if not to avoid then at least blunt it. We have activated all our Warriors and the Einhejrer of our armies stand ready. The Gods themselves are tied up with other things, including fighting the Fenris Wolf and keeping Hel at bay, so it is up to our warriors to strike this first and important blow. Maybe if we strike hard enough our enemies will reconsider or slow down, thus saving not only us but also the humans of Midgaard who are oblivious to our battle and think what they are experiencing are natural catastrophes and climate changes. The fate of the worlds rest upon your shoulders. We are too few, but the supply of Warriors sadly have dried up as faith in the Old Gods have waned. So we are forced to work with what we have. YOU are part of TF Gungnir (Spear of Odin). And all the eyes of the worlds are upon you, not to mention the hopes of the Gods. I. Situation Time: 0600 Local Time Weather: Clear skies with no chance of rain, 22 degrees Centigrade, wind speed 4 m/s from SW and LOS 3000 Meters General We have attacked the enemy in Jotunheimen, and forced our way across the river that marks the boundary between them and us. We now stand ready to push forward into the lands and do battle with our ancient enemies. The War has been ongoing for milennia, but have now been pushed to a head by other events. Our strategic objective is to ATTACK the ENY to the Northeast with a BGD BG, opening up for a opposed river crossing in the next operation (so next session and Phase II) aimed at and after the crossing, seizing the ENY HQ. The Enemy have fallen back to their strong defenses, and will likely hide behind them and try to inflict as many casualties as they can from there (Reference Map trace). Do NOT push past Phase Line Aesir with your BG under ANY circumstance (Reference Map Trace) ! Once you have reached this phase line, you will halt and CONSOLIDATE and then remain and DEFEND in place. Thus setting the parameters for the follow-up operation to cross the Boevra river, including rearming and re consolidating as well as pushing forward bridging equipment. Do NOT push past boundaries or risk being attacked and destroyed from your flanks. Terrain: Mixture of closed and open, with channeling and blocking terrain features particularly to the South and Southwest. Also there are a number of natural obstacles in the form of rivers, lakes and other watercourses. Obstacles: The Enemy expected us to come and have made numerous obstacles and defenses. This includes Minefields, from Intel both real and decoy, Abatis in many of the wooded areas, Czech hedgehogs and tanktrenches. You do not have to clear these for follow-on forces, but you will probably be forced to breach some minefield regardless to keep lines of communication open, your rear safe and create openings in the ENYs defence. So do what you must to push through, bypassing if necessary. But you have significant ENG assets (2 x reinforced ENG PLT), so clear all obstacles that threaten your advance, flanks OR line of communications. Current Situation. The Enemy is on the DEFENCE with slightly inferior numbers, but we have the better equipment, training and to some degree the element of tactical surprise if not Strategic. They have used the time well to entrench themselves thoroughly. We are on their soil, and even though that means the risk of civilians in the AO, then stakes are high. Therefore, you are tasked to avoid civilian casualties to the degree that it does not endanger your command or overall goals. FIRES in the Urban areas are only authorized by TF COMD (Try to avoid it, to keep server stable as well as avoiding civilian casualties.) Enemy Forces Strength: ENY Combined Btn(-). Equipment: At least one (1) Company with M1A1 (in PLTs of 4), One (1) Company mixed with Ulans and Centauros (in PLTs of 4). Added to which 2-3 platoons of dismounted infantry including ATGMs and a Recon element likely with BRDM 2s. Finally at least 1 PLT of SP MTR and CSS/HQ ENY Artillery expected in SIGNIFICANT volume. Quality: Likely experienced warriors so regulars. And they WILL be expected to fight to the death, because the stakes are as high for them as for us. MDA: ENY in PREPARED DEFENCE in Main Defensive Areas (MDA), constructed defenses, entrenchments and major obstacles highly likely (Reference Maptrace), confidence about which is HIGH. Reinforcement: NOT expected from the East, West or South as their lines of communication are cut for now. Confidence HIGH. ENY CoA: Likely will seek to delay and attrit our forces, using the terrain and prepared defenses to disrupt, delay and destroy our forces. Likely will also seek to engage our forces in limited local and small counterattacks or ambushes. And/or lead our forces into killzones where they can use their AT weapons including ATGMs, and use of terrain, to make up for their relative weakness in equipment and training. ENY have access to Artillery in substantial numbers, exact units deployed for this operation unknown. Friendly Forces (FF). Local AIR SUPERIORITY achieved, but ENY Rotary Wing units can not be discounted in the AO. Flanks. FF East and West to SECURE Flanks, but not to Spt Attack apart from the forces that will attack in whatever AO (western or eastern), you as a CO choose NOT to attack, under direct control and coordination by BGD CMD. FF WEST will make a supporting attack to tie ENY forces down, and attrit them if possible. TF GUNGNIR: TF in Deployment Area consists of 3 x tank platoons of STRV122, 1 x RECON PLT (PIRANHA V w. OWS LEMUR 2013, PILAR and AVEPS), 2 x PLT ENG (w. 2 x KODIAK, 1 x M113G3 ENG MICLIC, 1 x BIBER bridgelayer and 2 x GTK Boxer ENG) as well as 3 x Mechanized infantry platoon of CV90/40-B. Added to this there is a reserve force placed at Reserve Area, with similar equipment consisting of 2 x TNK PLT, 2 x MECHINF PLT and 1 x RECON PLT. There are also 3 x 3 Biber mobile bridges, but do not use them unless strictly needed, as they are meant for the crossing of the River Boevra to the north in Phase II. Reserves activated via trigger. Also there have been allocated a two (2) SP MTR PLTs platoons with integral Supply. TF GUNGNIR Dismounted infantry equipped with 2 x Anti-Tank teams (FGM-148 Javelin) (Odds callsigns) and 2 x LMG Teams (Even callsigns). Each MECHINF platoon thus has 2x Anti-Tank teams and 2 x LMG Teams, the rest being issued with AT-4s and rifle grenades plus a medic team, and are all considered Elite. The Recon INF are equipped with JIM-LR and their vehicles with UAV Quadcopters. FIRES: 4 x 6 Tubes of 155mm SP howitzers, no FASCAM or SMOKE available, but with ICM. (With the howitzers being further back, so off-map) 2 x 6 x 120 mm SP mortars with their own supply trucks 12 CAS strike missions on call. 1 x MLRS Strike package (NO reloads) (As usual: ALL ARTILLERY IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF CO AND FO: So do NOT touch the ARTY controls if you not one of these two). Also try to avoid using FIRES in Urban areas to keep server stable and to not kill non-combatants. LOGISTICS: In TF GUNGNIR: Repair Sect, 1 x Supply, 1 x Fueler and 1 x MED Sect PLUS 1 ARV section with 1 x ARV and 1 x Repair Sect. Same in Reserves (Reserves activated by trigger). 2 x Engr PLT, as there are expected major prepared obstacles in vector of attack. But you may BYPASS ENY obstacles, if prudent and necessary given the tactical environment. Rules of Engagement. NOTHING IN THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. A. You have the right to use force to proactively engage any and all ENY targets of opportunity. B. You are cleared to fire first on all hostile targets or targets with deemed hostile intent, including armed civilians. Anyone armed are deemed hostile. C. The force should be used under the circumstances and proportional to the threat. D. We are at war. Destruction of civilian property has been cleared by the local authorities if CO deems that there is a CLEAR military value and goal in said destruction, buy FIRES in urban areas should be avoided if at all possible unless there is a clear risk to the commands units or integrity. E. All Laws of War are to be observed. II. Mission: TF GUNGNIR is to ATTACK and CONDUCT EXPLOITATION, DESTROYING the ENY between FLOT and Phase Line Aesir, SEIZE the terrain, IOT DENY the area to the ENY and prepare, but NOT execute follow-up attack across the River Boevra. III. Execution Concept of the Operation: TF GUNGNIR, ATTACK from SOUTHWEST to NORTHEAST; conducting an attack by fire from FLOT towards PL AESIR (See Map trace) and clearing the route with regards to obstacles as tactically . Once SECURE, PREPARE HASTY Defence to HOLD PL AESIR line until relieved. This will DENY the area to the ENY and PREVENT further ENY offensive operations, achieving our immediate military goal, while setting the conditions for next phase so attack across the River Boevra and destruction of the ENY HQ. Commanders Intent Purpose - The purpose of this operation is to DESTROY the ENY forces in the AO, then OCCUPY, thus weakening the Enemys will to fight and persuading them not to conduct further offensive actions until we are ready to carry out Phase II. Key Tasks 0. Scenario/session, technical: TF CO MUST choose and communicate his choice in advance to OPFOR/Arranger, whether he wants to attack along the western OR eastern AO. 1. Attack from FLOT towards PL Aesir to DESTROY the ENY. 2. Conduct HASTY DEFENSE ITO DEFEAT ENY Counter Attacks 3. Resupply, rearm and reform at PL ASESIR. End State: Friendly. FF postured in or IVO PL AESIR; consolidated and prepared and able to continue operations towards the NORTH and NORTHEAST. Enemy. ENY DESTROYED between FLOT and PL AESIR, unable to support Enemy forces NORTH of the River Boevra. Terrain. All tactically commanding terrain features SECURED and CLEAR of ENY. Civilian. As little disruption to civilian life and property as possible, without disrupting your military goals and the security of your command. Fires Concept. 4 x 6 Tubes of self-propelled 155 mm howitzers that will directly support this operations, from outside of the AO (offmap) These have the following allotted ammunition per tube for the entire operation: 60 rounds of HE (Total 1440) 24 Rounds of ICM (Total 576) Two (2) x Six (6) tubes of 120 mm self-propelled Mortars for use in AO, with integral ammo supply trucks. So 2 x 6 Tubes of 120 Organic fires under TF CO Control (P1 and P2), with organic supply vehicles (P3 and P4) One (1) MLRS (M270) Strike package (with reloads), armed with ER-MLRS M26A1 w/M85 (HE). There are Twelve (12) priority missions ready for tasking. 12 CAS sorties were awarded during this targeting cycle of the ATO under TF CO control. Aviation Nil IV. Sustainment Supply TF will carry forward 1 x resupply vehicles, P-1and P-2 each have 2 x supply vehicle allocated to them specifically (P3 and P4). Reserve Force have an identical force. No resupply possible beyond that . Maintenance TF will carry forward 2x combat repair team (CRT) - with one added to an ARV section. Reserve Force have an identical force. Medical TF will carry forward 1x foward aid station (FAS). Reserve force have an identical force. V. Command And Signal Succession of Command TF Gungnir: ALPHA-66 TF Commander ALPHA-65 TF XO Alpha -11 1 PLT LDR/A Bravo -11 1 PLT LDR/B Alpha 21 2 PLT LDR/A Bravo 21 2 PLT LDR/B Signals No Change; as per unit SOP
  2. KANIUM Sunday 5th of January - Operation Charger 1 by Apocalypse Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always in Europe - now adjusted for European Winter Time: click the time below for your local time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack - and needed for this scenario: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr1jl33xxhacftx/SB Converted Maps v2.rar?dl=0 For the next three months at least we will be working with this mappack and the official one when making scenarios. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance PPS. We will be playing on the new version 4.162 1. SITUATION a. Enemy. Motorized Rifle Battalion from the III Regiment are attacking into our area of operations. Elements of the 2nd Battalion (~70%) are advancing towards bridges in vicinity of Domen and Bashtove, with the goal of seizing Sopez as a means to continuing their attack. They are composed of T-72B1 tanks and BMP-2s with support from Brigade enablers. b. Friendly. To our north, the 2nd Battalion is defending along the river, but have attached C Co (MECH) to our task force to support a hasty defense. To our front, Brigade Recon is established in observation posts to provide early warning against advancing enemy forces. Our task force has also been augmented with Reservists from Delta Company (Leopard 1), plus a Mobile Gun System Platoon. Our BN HQ is established in Gorre, to our north and brought its Unit Maintenance Control Point (UMCP) forward to support this operation (automatic repair/heal) 2. MISSION Attack to clear enemy forces from Sayra in order to allow freedom of movement for follow-on operations against Grabien 3. EXECUTION a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation to clear enemy forces from our AO in order to continue offensive operations to the East. b. Key Tasks 1. Stop the enemy CATK 2. Retain Sopez 3. Clear enemy forces from Sayra c. End State. 1. Enemy is defeated/destroyed; unable to continue offensive operations 2. Friendly forces postured for attack on Grabien 3. Sayra is seized, river crossing sites retained 4. Minimal collateral damage or disruption to civilian way of life d. Fires 1. 4x 120mm Tubes (organic) 2. Fire Support Team (A9) 4. Service & Support a. Recovery. Organic ARV (A5) b. Repair. Battalion UMCP will repair/revive all vehicles c. Medical. Organic medical support d. Supply. Organic (2x trucks) 5. Command & Signal a. Succession of Command: A6, A5, A9 Operation Charger I by Apocalypse Mission Orders Seize river crossing sites at Domen and Boshtove then seize the town of Sopez. 1. Establish a blocking position at Domen 2. Continue the attack in the south, to Sopez 3. Retain Sayra at all costs, do not let our southern flank fall. 4. Additional support available, on call - 1x MECH Company (BMP-2) Alpha Coy Command SEC A66 (Leo2): A65 (Leo2): A9 (CV90): A1 TANK (LEO2) PLT A11: A12: A13: A14: A2 TANK (LEO2) PLT A21: A22: A23: A24: A3 TANK (LEO2) PLT A31: A32: A33: A34: A4 TANK (LEO1)PLT A41: A42: A43: A44: C1 MECH (CV9040) PLT C31: C32: C33: C34: D1 Tank (Centauro) PLT D11: D12: D13: D14: E1 Bridge (Biber) SEC E11: E14: A5 Supply & Maintenance PLT A8 Mortar PLT (4 Mortars) Charlie Coy Command SEC C66 (Cv9040): C1 MECH (CV9040) PLT C11: C12: C13: C14: C2 MECH (CV9040) PLT C21: C22: C23: C24:
  3. KANIUM SUNDAY 6th OF JAN 1900 GMT - Here We go again ‚Ķ by Nike-Ajax (based on OP TESCO by SwordsmanDK and SnS) Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for Winter Time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Here we go again Combined Nordic Task force orders - OP "Here We go Again" (Spiritual follow-up to the campaign The Bears Gambit) Adapted by Nike-Ajax from OP Tesco made by SwordsmanDK and SnS, any potential fault(s) in the scenario is/are mine alone. BACKGROUND: It is January 2019... and war has come to Finland again. In Much the same way as happened 80 years ago, then Russia expected to overrun Finland and the Baltic states and consolidate their gains before anyone in general and EU in particularly could, would or dared to do anything about it. And thus in effect reducing the options of creating sanctions that does not work anyway on non-democratic nations as China and other dictatorships surprisingly never really uphold them, if at all. Russia managed to take the Baltic states, but surprisingly had to pay a very bloody price for their gains as they took on units initially of the JEF rather than NATO. That has changed now as NATO is in full war mode and have redeployed to the East and are desperately trying to reactivate and repair units which previously mostly existed on paper due to years of neglect and underfunding of European forces. Combined NATO forces have come to the aid of Finland as everyone can see the futility of trying to retake the Baltic states in a frontal attack, which would need to be an amphibeous assault across a contested sea. In line with this, then retaking the Baltics would be a risky if not outright impossible endeavour once Russian forces are consolidated after an attack and occupation. Therefore assisting Finland following the Russian attack is not only morally and politically acceptable. But is a strategic way of containing further Russian aggression while buying time to enable reinforcing the defence to the south, so from Poland and all the way to the Black sea really. In other words containment, or a case of Domino theory reapplied as it were. In the north, then Finland has at least in part created another rerun of events from 80 years ago and have isolated Russian forces in what can be termed a large Motti. So a limited but large sized enemy unit which can now be whittled down and destroyed in place. In line with this we need to close the noose by securing a vital crossroads to the north so the total destruction of trapped Russian forces can hopefully begin. Our tactical situation is challenging: You are caught between a rock and a hard place. Failure is not an option. 1) SITUATION: a) Time: 060600ZJAN2019, Local time: 0800 b) Terrain: Wooded and patchy boggy terrain channel Armd manoeuver and provide concealed AT ambush sites. Major water obstacles dominate the area in both the center and east. Heavily forested areas provide effective concealment. Small villages are scattered throughout; Civilians are friendly unless proven hostile. Major LOC limited to what seems to be two overall routes see map. c) Weather: Overcast with a chance of rain, 3 degrees Celsius, low wind. Visibility good out to 3km. No impact on sensor capabilities. f) Enemy: ENY Mech BTN with tank and ATGM support has been observed in defensive position blocking our access to a vital crossroad in OBJ SISU. ENY consist of around a mechanized BTN with tanks in support. Intel indicates ENY forces are of Second echelon Russian origin mainly with T72B1¬īs, BMP-2's and BRDM¬īs. But there is a chance that there are an unknown but probably limited number of more ENY vehicles to reinforce. We believe ENY has access to ATGM of mixed Russian types as well as some AA capability in the northern part of the AO. Indirect fires has been observed and we believe more than one batteries of 152 mm howitzers is available to them. Main COA appears to be a defense with obstacle belts along main road to OBJ SISU. We believe and hope that ENY will withdraw back into our Motti if we are able to put enough pressure on them, thus it is hoped sealing their fate. You are up against a numerically superior force of armor and infantry, but of older manufacture. BTN recce units and UAV has located ENY obstacle belts ahead of you. It is marked on map. There might be more as INTEL expects ENY resistance to solidify as you push north. g) Own: Combined Nordic Taskforce units need to secure crossroad at OBJ SISU for follow-on forces. It is CMDR intent to push through and breach obstacles on the way to OBJ SISU. Alternatively seek a more westerly route, which is through tough terrain and ENY concentrations. Or a combined plan: this is up to the CO. We have been assigned an international mix of Scandinavian units for the tasks. We are the front units with follow on forces behind us. We have one TNK PLT in reserve for BG CO to trigger if needed as well as one MECHINF PLT already on ground but in tactical reserve initially. Finally there is one ENG SEC in reserve if needed. Also there are two PLT of Jaeger units under Own Direct BTN control, to secure our rear (see map trace). All your units are equipped with the best gear available incl. multi spectral smoke for mortars and artillery. All your infantry are handpicked and considered Elite. BTN recce has been assigned your BG and put under your tactical control. The same goes for and BTN ENG support, which is to be used per your discretion to breach or clear minefields per your plan and the mission. Finally you have access to UAV so use it wisely Your BG consist of: - CO Group (CO 1x TNK Leopard 2A6, XO 1x CV90, 1x FOV90 FO, 1 x M113/ENG, CSS) - BTN Recce PLT (CV9035/DK) (Armed with CG) (Danish Forces) NOTE: Recon will have a deployment zone they can deploy in. Recon ONLY - 2 x TNK PLT Leopard 2A6 (Finnish forces) - Equipped with Mineplows (callsign 1 and 4 only in each PLT) - 2 x CV9040/C PLT (PLT= 4xCV9040/C, 4x NLAW, 2 x SPIKE SR in 1 and 4) (Swedish Forces) - 1 x ENG PLT (2x SEC: WISENT AEV normal width mineplough, M113ENG Miclic and M113/ENG) (Armed with AT-4) (Swedish/Danish forces) - 1 x Arty BTY (6 x Tubes 155 mm M109, with reload vehicles) (Norwegian forces) + 2 Batts offmap ARTY support ( 2 x 6 tubes 155 with SMOKE and HE) + UAV Support - 1 x M1064 MMT PLT (6 x tubes 120 mm, with reload vehicles) (Norwegian Forces) Reserve: - 1 x TNK PLT (Leopard 2A6) - 1 x CV9035/DK (Armed with CG) - 1 x SEC ENG GTK Boxer (AT-4) 2) MISSION: Combined Task Force Nordic attacks to seize OBJ SISU if possible within 2hrs, in order to enable follow on forces to cut off and then destroy ENY. 3) EXECUTION: Key Tasks: 1. Secure crossroads at OBJ SISU 2. Clear Main Road for follow on forces, including creating a passage through the minefields. 3. Hold OBJ SISU until relieved or upon signal from BGD HQ The main road to OBJ SISU needs to be cleared either before, during or after seizing OBJ SISU. Do not allow yourself to be bogged down but use caution when advancing. Plan: Up to CO 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: PER Usual Kanium SOP LATEST FROM BDE HQ: Per request from CO BG, then 3 FASCAM missions have been requested and approved by BDE CO. They have been successfully emplaced per maptrace below:
  4. until
  5. ORDERS IN PDF: BG4 TF-32 OP SOLEMN SWORD.pdf KANIUM SUNDAY 4th OF MARCH 1900 UTC ‚ÄúThe Bears Gambit 4 - Operation Solemn Sword‚ÄĚ BY Nike-Ajax and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you. As always open to all Background: 1.Situation. a.Time: 081400ZNOV2018 b.Terrain: Wooded and hilly with steep ridge lines interspersed with small hamlets. Armd manoeuver is good in the centre of the AO, but is susceptible to direct FIRES from hull down positions from the east. Major water obstacles west and centre along 05 northing. South of AO, rolling hills give way to wooded areas ideal for ambush and water obstacles to east ensure manoeuver channeled. Good LOC north-south and east-west offer rapid movement B2221 major LOC for area running east. c.Weather: Clear Skies 5% probability of participation. Visibility 3400km >. No impact on sensor capabilities. d.Vital Ground. Town of MACIUICIA (OBJ ODIN) controls movement south. e.Key Terrain. B2221 major LOC east offering raid means for Russian reinforcement. Village of EZAICIAI key cross roads of LOC from north to east and south. f.General Situation JEF is poised to Attack EAST of KLAIPEDA, with the intent of penetrating the Russian MDA ITO allow FoF to EXPLOIT and PENETRATE Russian Depth. This is a limited operation designed to push Russian forces S and E opening up NATO resupply from the port of KLAIPEDA as well as strategically threatening Russian forces S of KLAIPEDA and making a show of force in the direction of Kaliningrad. g.Situation Enemy Forces: 1.Russian forces have transited to HASTY DEFENCE and are currently re-organising and re-equipping. It is likely there is only a limited obstacle belt protecting defensive positions. 2.Disposition/Composition: Russian force is mixed due to operational losses and logistic issues. Likely comprise of a BTN(-) sized mechanized force, BMP-2/3, BTR-80 and T-72/80 as well as limited number of dismounted infantry including ATGM teams. h.Situation Friendly Forces. 1.JEFCOM intent is to STRIKE & DESTROY RUSSIAN forces within boundaries in order that FoF can PENETRATE Russian DEPTH. TF-32 is deployed on LD VALKYRIE and is poised to Attack. NATO AIRCOM are confident they can temporarily attain LOCAL Air superiority and NATO MLRS Btys will support TF-32 Attack. To the west, elements of the Nordic Battlegroup and Danish Division, and to the east, the Combined Ad Hoc battlegroup of Baltic States and NATO forces will also Attack to FIX Russian forces within their respective AOs and limit reinforcement. 2.Most civilians if not all in AO have left, thus it is highly likely that any civilians encountered may be Russian supported insurgents. ROE Card 6A is extant and civilians can be engaged if threat to life is identified. i.TF-32 TASKORG; 1.TF HQ a)(1 x M113, 1x CV9040) b)1 FOO Sect (1 x FOV35) c)1 x ATGM Sect d)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) e)1x Sustainment Plt (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) 2.A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a)HQ Sect 2 x M113 b)2 x Tank Plt (8 x LEO 2A5A1DK) c)2 x Mech. Inf Troop Plt (8 x CV9035) d)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) 3.B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a.HQ Sect 2 x CV9040B b.2 x Tank Plt (8 x STRV122) c.2 x Mech. Inf Troop Plt (8 x CV9040B) d.1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040B) j.T-32 Attachments and Detachments: 1.1 Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) 2.1 x Bty 155mm (6 x Tubes, 1 x MUAV) 3.1 x Bty 120mm (6 x Tubes) 4.1 x ENG Plt (4 x M113) 5. 1 x AA PLT (Avenger) 2. MISSION TF-32 is To SEIZE & SECURE Objs ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL iot FoF can PENETRATE Russian DEPTH. 1.Extended Purpose. Facilitate NATO PENETRATION OF Russian DEPTH to DESTROY 1 TD Reserve. 2. Key Tasks 1.SIEZE & SECURE OBJ ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL; 2.Preserve CE NLT 65%; 3.Minimize Civilian casualties; 4.BPT DEFEAT Russian CA. 3. End State 1.Terrain. OBJ ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL SECURE; 2.Friendly TF-32 fit for future operations; 3.Enemy Russian Bn (-) DEFEATED 4.Civilian Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. b. Coordinating Instructions: a.C2 No Change b.High Value Targets, T-80U, 9P148, PRP-1, T90 Command Tanks c.FIRES; 1x Bty155mm & 1 x Bty 120mm MOR Direct Spt to TF. Requests through P1 (FOO) d.ISR; 1 x MUAV 1 Sqn 45th ISR Coy e.Sustainment: CSS & Role 1 to provide sustainment & recovery at TF FARPs. Vehicles to be self- recovered to FARP by Combat Teams (CT). f.Command and Signal: a.Command: i.Succession of Command: SNAKE 6, A66 A65, B6. ii.Location of Key Leaders: SNAKE 6 with ACT, A65 BCT. b. Signal: a. TF HQ : 26000 A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 46000 B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 31000
  6. The Fourth Scenario in "The Bears Gambit" Campaign - Operation Solemn Sword
  7. ORDERS IN PDF: BG3 TF-32 OP SOLEMN SHIELD.pdf KANIUM SUNDAY 18th OF FEB 1900 UTC ‚ÄúThe Bears Gambit 2 - Operation Cautious Tightrope‚ÄĚ BY Nike-Ajax and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you. As always open to all Intermission: Background: 1.Situation. a.Time: 170400ZOCT18 b.Terrain: Wooded and patchy boggy terrain channel Armd manoeuver and provide concealed AT ambush sites. Heavily forested areas in west and north of AO provide effective concealment, and will reduce overall rate of march, and can reduce observation and fields of fire to approximately 200 meters. Areas lacking heavy forestation provide good movement rates & observation and fields of fire from 2-3 KM. E28/A7 major LOC however good routes north-south and east-west. Major towns east & centre of AO represent significant choke points. c.Weather: Clear night sky ‚Äď good visibility. No impact on sensor capabilities. d.Vital Ground. Bridge crossing points along border (EA CLOUD & NAI J4). River banks are too steep for BMP/BTR to exit water. e.Key Terrain. Area 112 & 113 provide good SBF positions to engage EN forces moving east along AA1. BP JENNY & PENELOE offer suitable defensive positions from which to enforce maximum DELAY. f.General Situation. On the 15¬īth early in the evening, JEF Recce units were engaged along the Border with Lithuania, suffered severe casualties and were forced to withdraw into MOB TRUMPET to reconstitute. After the initial engagement, Russian Light Forces quickly advanced and secured the Border crossing points, but have since remained only 3 km inside Lithuanian territory. NATO has NOT yet declared Article V, despite political increasing political unrest in Europe and confirmatory intelligence of Russian aggression. g.Current Situation Enemy Forces: Strategic intelligence indicates Russian forces are rapidly moving east into Lithuania and will soon cross the border at CHERNYSHEVSKOYE/KYBARTAI, 14 km to our west. They are moving slowly in our direction along A7 (AA1), in order to seize VILKAVISKIS and MARIJAMPOL√ą, opening up for follow-on forces and to threaten supply routes at Kaunas. Likely objectives are: a.Immediate Bde Objective: SECURE VILKAVISKIS along A7 axis IOT continue the advance with 2 Echelon towards MARIJAMPOL√ą, b.Subsequent Bde Objective: SECURE MARIJAMPOL√ą and thereby secure control of A7 and E67, enabling turn north towards KAUNAS. c.Immediate Bn Task Group (BTG) Objective: DEFEAT NATO forces west of PAEZERIAI IOT enable FoF to SECURE VILKAVISKIS. d.Subsequent BTG Objective: SEIZE LOC south of VILKAVISKIS IOT prevent reinforcement/resupply of defending NATO forces. h.Situation Enemy Forces: 2.Composition: Attacking Russian force likely 7th separate Guards mechanized infantry Regiment and 79th separate Guards mechanized infantry brigade, and consist initially of Mechanised BTG reinforced with MBT as well as possible insurgents with Russian SOF support. (BMP-2/3, BTR-80, T-80 or T-90 and BDRM-2). 3.Disposition. Russian forces likely to be cautious on initial Adv, but once engaged will likely transition to an aggressive posture, attempting to rapidly DETROY NATO forces and try to take VILKAVISKIS quickly, before Lithuanian National Defence Volunteers Division and other forces can fortify the city. 4.It's likely Russian backed Insurgents and SOF will attempt to create confusion in our REAR to support the attack. 5.The ENY BDE Arty Gp (BAG) has already moved forward in preparation of offensive actions. 6.The overall Russian Forces readiness at Bde level and higher to conduct offensive operations is unclear. However, planning has bene extensive. Due to NATO obstacles, it seems like that main Russian axis of attack will be south of the lake, directly towards TF-32. i.Situation Friendly Forces. 1.The NAC is meeting now. Lithuania has ordered it s forces to engage any Russian military on Lithuanian territory (Land, Sea or Air). NATO forces are rapidly deploying a heavy armoured forces with support to area east of VILKAVISKIS into the JEF MDA (OBJ VIKING). The Russian A2AD threat is preventing NATO air forces from patrolling the border area, thus, NATO does NOT have air SUPERIORITY or even air PARITY. Article V has NOT YET been declared. However, all JEF units are clear to engage Russian forces IF hostile intent is demonstrated. Hostile intent is defined as Russian forces firing or are preparing to fire on NATO or Lithuanian forces or threatening them in a manner that is objectively considered to be a threat to life. 2.Currently, elements of the Nordic Battlegroup and Danish Division are moving into defensive positions south of the TF-32 AO and a Combined Ad Hoc Battlegroup of Baltic States (in addition to TF-48, TF-18) is defending Route185. Both are expected to hold in the short term. TF-66 is conducting counter SoF ops. i.Rules of Engagement. NOTHING IN THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE APPROPIATE ACTION TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. 1.You have the right to use force if you feel that you or other NATO & Lithuanian Forces or civilians are under threat to life. 2. The force used under the circumstances should be proportional to the 3. Uncalled for destruction of civilian property will not be accepted. 4. NO FIRES east of FLOT is allowed. j.TF-32 TASKORG; 1.TF HQ a)(1xM113, 1x CV9040) b)1 x ENG PLT (4 x M113) c)1 Recon PLT (4 x CV9040) d)1 FOO Sect (1 x FOV90) 2.A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a)1 x Tank PLT (3xSTRV122) b)1 x Mech. Inf Troop PLT (3 x CV9040) c)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) d)1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) 3.B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a.1 x Tank PLT (3xSTRV122) b.1 x Mech. Inf Troop PLT (3 x CV9040) c.1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) d.1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) k.TF-32 Attachments and Detachments: 1.1 x ENG Sec (4 x BULLDOG) 2.1 x AD Sect (3 x Avenger HMMWV 3.1 x APACHE AH Flt ( 2 x AC) 4.1 x Battery M109A3 ( 6 x Tubes) 5.1 x TUAV 2.TF-32 MISSION BLOCK Russian Forces west of PAEZERIAI ALONG A7/E28 ITO DELAY minimum 1 ¬Ĺ hours, the Russian Adv and provide time for NATO to reinforce the Lithuanian Home Guard units defending the city. 3. EXECUTION a.Extended Purpose. Provide time for NATO to reinforce city and MDA east of VILKAVISKIS (OBJ VIKING). b.Key Tasks 1.Rapidly Adv to Defensive positions. 2.BLOCK Russian Forces Adv west of PAEZERIAI . 3.BPT conduct HO/TO of reinforcing NATO forces within 3 hours. c. End State 1.Terrain. PAEZERIAI free from Russian control. 2.Friendly: TF-32 able to conduct further operations. 3.Enemy: No Russian Forces capable of offensive operations 5 km west of PAEZERIAI 4.Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. d. Constraints 1.NO cross border authority. 2.ROE- Card 65 ‚Äď only fire in self defence of threat to life NOT threat to property. 3.NO FIRES into Russia. 3. Execution. A.COM JEF Intent: Quickly establish BLOCK west and south of VILKAVISKIS with current force IOT prevent Russian Adv Guard from initial Bdes from Securing the city. REINFORCE as a priority Lithuanian Home Guard units in City, but concurrently, continue to prepare MDA east of VILKAVISKIS & rapidly DEPLOY NATO Armoured FoF as soon as disembarked. Employ Attk aviation and Airmobile forces as SCREEN south to prevent Russian BY-PASS of MDA. Force Russian Bde Echelon change with FIRES and Manoeuvre Defence. B.CONOPS: A.SoM: Four (4) Phase operation: I.Phase 1. TF-48, 18, 32 deploy to assigned MDA. 1/45 Air Asslt SCREEN south of VILKAVISKIS. II.Phase 2. Conduct BLOCK west & south of VILKAVISKIS. Reinforce Lithuanian Home guard in VILKAVISKIS. III.Phase 3. Begin HO/TO of JEF & 1/45 with NATO FoF within 3 hours. IV.Phase 5. BPT BREAK engagement with Russian Forces & withdraw further East. 2.SoFires: FIRES & CAS to be primary means of engaging Russian Forces within Lithuanian territory & providing concealment. 3.Shaping Operations: ID Russian composition and dispositions and AA of Adv Guard of leading BTGs. C.Decisive Operations: BLOCK Russian Adv west of PAEZERIAI ALONG A7/E28 . D.Deception Operation: Establish 1/45 Air Asslt south of PAEZERIAI Screen. E.Tactical Risk: Limited obstacle belt prepared west of PAEZERIAI and MDA not yet complete. Only Light Blocking Force currently available and no Sir support available. III. Execution. Tasks to Subordinate Units: 1)TF-18: 1)DEPLOY to Area JEMMA 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING 2)TF-48: 1)DEPLOY to Area JEMMA 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING 3)TF-32: 1)DEPLOY to Area west of PAEZERIAI 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING 4)TF-45: 1)DEPLOY to Area FIONA 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING. 5)TF-66: 1)Conduct Counter SoF operations in conjunction with Lithuanian MoI. 6)Reserve ( 1 Coy 1/45 Air Asslt Inf) 1)BPT re-enforce TF-32 or TF-18 7)CSS 1)Establish ASP fwd of MDA; 2)BPT resupply, recover & re-equip all TFs on order; b. Coordinating Instructions: a.C2 No Change b.High Value Targets: MBT BMP-1/BRDM-2 c.FIRES; 6x BTY155mm Direct Spt to TFs. 1 Sqn 587 Attack Sqn 6 x (TIGER AH) d.ISR; 1 Sqn 45th ISR Coy (4 x UAV) e.Sustainment: CSS to provide sustainment fwd. f.Command and Signal: a.Command: i.Succession of Command: 0A, OB, A66 (TF-48), B66 (TF-32) C 66 (TF-66). ii.Location of Key Leaders: OA with TF 32; OB with TF 66. b. Signal: a.A COY: 26000 A1 PLT: 46000 A2 PLT: 31000 A3 PLT: 33500
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    The Third Scenario in "The Bears Gambit" Campaign - Operation Solemn Shield
  9. BG1 TF-32 OPERATION RED ROUTE 1.pdf KANIUM SUNDAY 21st OF JAN 1900 UTC ‚ÄúThe Bears Gambit 1 - Operation Red Route 1 ‚ÄĚ BY Nike-Ajax and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you. As always open to all Prologue: Background: 1.Situation. a.Time: 171100ZSEP2018, Local time: 1300 b.Terrain: Wooded and patchy boggy terrain channel Armd manoeuver and provide concealed AT ambush sites. Major water obstacles pre-dominate the area. Heavily forested areas provide effective concealment. A number of small villages are scattered throughout; the populations are most sympathetic to the Government, however, where the population is ethnic Russian, sympathies lie with that Government. Major LOC limited to single routes north-south and east-west ‚Äď see map. Main City ҆alńćininkai, centre of Lithuanian Governance and security force base. c.Weather: Sunny with little chance of rain , 15 degrees Celsius. Visibility good out to 4km. No impact on sensor capabilities. Sunrise/Sunset: 06:54/19:30 local time. d.Vital Ground. Route BLUE ‚Äď coordination points between R13-R15 & R14-R16 & Area FOX2. Control of these areas provide good opportunity to mount ambush attacks against the convoy.. e.Key Terrain. Villages at R19 & R22 must be SECURED to enable Convoy use of Route BLUE. f.Situation Enemy Forces. 1.Russian backed insurgents, supported by Russian Special Operations Forces (SoF) are operating in up to Company size formations within TF-32 AO, particularly between Marijampolis south to ҆alńćininkai (see Ops Trace); strength undetermined. They have succeeded in creating a chaotic environment and the rule of Law is disintegrating fast, overburdening the challenged Lithuanian security forces. Fox 1 & 2 are villages known to be sympathetic towards the Insurgents aims. The Insurgents appear to be well stocked with light infantry weapons including RPG¬īs and have also used IED¬īs to attack convoys and government patrols. It is likely they also possess ATGM of Russian manufacture, type and number unknown. Insurgent spotters likely to be used as identification of TF-32 Route of Advance and progress. g.Situation Friendly Forces. 1.Lithuania has requested support through its bilateral arrangements with Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. TF-32, part of the UK Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) has been deployed early under the bilateral arrangements. Russian Influence and support is suspected behind the deteriorating security situation and should actionable evidence be found of Russian overt involvement, it is likely Article V could be called by Lithuania and agreed by the NAC. Should this occur, TF-32 will fall under command of COM JEF. Lithuanian authorities have tried to clear Route BLUE, and declared this is the route they want the Convoy to take. 2.Rules of Engagement. 1.NOTHING IN ROE LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. 2.You have the right to use force to defend yourself against attacks or clear threats of attack. 3.Hostile fire may be returned effectively and promptly to stop a hostile act. 4.If OWN forces or those under their protection are attacked, then minimum force should be used under the circumstances and proportional to the threat. 5.We are not at war and in an allied nation, uncalled for destruction of civilian property will not be accepted. 2. TF-32 TASKORG; 1.TF HQ a) (1xM113G3-DK, 1xCV9040, 1xFOV90) b) HQ QRF (4xM113G3/ENG, 4xCV9040 Recon PLT) c) Logistic/Transport Element (3.5t TRUCK-G/SUPPLY, 2 x 5 trucks) 2. A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a) 1 x STRV122 Tank SEC (2 tanks) b) 1 x CV9040 Mech. Inf PLT (2xCV9040) c) 1 x R2 (CV9040) Recon SEC (2xCV9040) d) 1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) 3. B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a) 1 x STRV122 Tank SEC (2 tanks) b) 1 x CV9040 Mech. Inf PLT (2xCV9040) c) 1 x R2 (CV9040) Recon SEC (2xCV9040) d) 1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) g.T-32 Attachments and Detachments: 1.Logistic/Transport Element (3.5t TRUCK-G/SUPPLY, 2 x 5 trucks) 3. EXECUTION 1.TF-32 MISSION TF-32 is to PROTECT Lithuanian Convoy 67 move from FOB ATHENA, Marijampolis south to Government Stores in ҆alńćininkai in order to ensure re-supply of Lithuanian security forces in ҆alńćininkai. a.Extended Purpose. Facilitate Lithuanian counter insurgency operations in ҆alńćininkai. b.Key Tasks 1.PROTECT Convoy 67; 2.CLEAR Route BLUE of IED; 3.If possible DETAIN Insurgent Leaders; 4.IDENTIFY Russian Support to the Insurgents. c. End State 1.Convoy 67 supplies SECURE in Government Stores; 2.TF-32 fit for future operations; 3.Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. A.COM JEF Intent: I will use TF-32 RECON and Engr assets to CLEAR Route BLUE forward of the Convoy & IDENTIFY Insurgent ambush points. I will DEFEAT any Insurgent Attack using proportional force, limiting collateral damage to Lithuanian territory and population. If possible, I will seek to arrest Insurgent Commanders. B.CONOPS: 1.SoM: SoM. Four (4) Phase (P) Operation. i.Phase 1. RECON & ENGR move from FOB ATHENA to CLEAR along Route BLUE ii.Phase 2. Convoy 67 move from FOB ATHENA along Route BLUE, Team BRAVO front, Team ALPHA South. iii.Phase 3. RECON & ENGR arrive at Government Stores in ҆alńćininkai, conduct static DEFENCE. iv.Phase 4. Convoy 67 arrive at Government Stores in ҆alńćininkai, TF-32 re-organize for future operations. 2.SoFires: FIRES & CAS to be primary means of engaging Russian Forces within Lithuanian territory & providing concealment for withdrawal East. C.Critical to the Operation. ID of likely Ambush & IED attack points; D.Shaping Operations: RECON of Route BLUE; E.Sustaining Operations; Establish fuel & ASP at Government Stores in ҆alńćininkai. F.Decisive Operations: DEFEAT of Insurgent attacks on Convoy 67. G.Deception Operation: Move along Route BROWN to simulate Convoy move. H.Tactical Risk: Limited force against Insurgent Forces and lack of pursuit. Tasks to Subordinate Units: 1)TF-18: 1)Conduct Counter Terrorist operations in support of Lithuanian Security Forces in Area FALCON 2)BPT to support TF-32 operations. 2)TF-48: 1)Support Lithuanian Counter Terrorist operations in Area GEESE 3)TF-32: 1)RECON Route BLUE ITO IDENTIFY likely Insurgent ambush & IED Attack points. 2)PROTECT Convoy 67 move from FOB ATHENA to Government Stores in ҆alńćininkai. 4)TF-66 1)Conduct training of Lithuanian Security Forces. 5) CSS 1) Resupply, recover & re-equip all TFs on order 4. COORD & C2 - OPERATION RED ROUTE 1 a.Movement Timings. H Hour no change b.C2 No Change c.High Value Targets: Russian backed Insurgent leaders, Russian SoF. d.FIRES; All call for FIRES through A66 and only by authorization of Lithuanian Authorities. Likelihood of authorization is LOW. e.ISR; nil f.Sustainment: CSS to provide sustainment from FOB PRICE; g.Medical Evacuation. All casualties will be evacuated to the main Lithuanian hospital in ҆alńćininkai. h.Detainees. All detained Insurgents or Russian POW are to be taken to the Lithuanian Police Detention Centre in ҆alńćininkai and handed over to Lithuanian security forces. i.ROE (also see above). 1. All EN targets must be positively identified before firing. 2. ROE Card 65 in force. 3. FIRES will NOT be authorised in Urban areas unless there is significant risk to Friendly Force (FF) Life. 4. All calls for FIRES through A66, but authorization in such circumstances remains with Lithuanian JTF, and likelihood of authorization is LOW. 5.We are not at war and in an allied nation, uncalled for destruction of civilian property will not be accepted. j.Recovery. Damaged vehicles are to be towed. No damaged vehicle is to be left for potential use by insurgents. k.Command and Signal: a.Command: i.Succession of Command: 0A, OB, A66 (TF-48), B66 (TF-18) C 66 (TF-66). ii.Location of Key Leaders: OA with TF 48; OB with TF 66. b. Signal: i.TF HQ : 26000 ii.A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 46000 iii.B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 31000
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    The First Scenario in "The Bears Gambit" Campaign
  11. I've uploaded a template scenario for a Swedish Mechanized battallion 2009 (Modified a bit of course) You can DL it in the Download Section OOB with units, vehicle specification and SE callsigns (cst file included). Use as templete when creating new scenario containing Swedish Mechanized batallion. Sorry, hasn't translated it... Tried to do a google translate but.... :debile2: The letters and number between brackets are callsigns, if any one wonders. ----------------------------------------------------- VJ = 1. bat/1. komp: Understödskompani/batstab Chefsomgång 2 vagnar (L1-L2) PVRB pluton (4 x M113 G3 TOW)(A) LVKV pluton (4 x CV9035 DK) (31) Bat art (2 x FOV90) (41) Spaningspluton (4 x ASLAV-25)(51) St/Tr pluton (2 x M113OPMV + 2 x ASLAV-CS)(91) ----------------------------------------------------- PJ = 2. komp: Trosskompani Chefsomgång 2 vagnar (L1-L2) V/E plut hjulburen (4 x Piranha IIIC) (7) Stormpionjärpluton (2 x M113ENG + 2 M113MICLIC) (71) Sjv pluton (4 x ASLAV-A)(86) 2 x TOLO omgångar (1 x ASLAV-CS, 2 x MANSX) (91) Rep omgång pluton (2 x M113REP) (96) ----------------------------------------------------- QJ = 3. komp: Strv 122 komp: 3 x 4 vagnar (A-C) Chefsomgång 2 vagnar (L1-L2) FOV90 epbv (41) Stridstross (91) Kvm (ASLAV-CS)(E91) BGBV (Wisent ARV) (F91) BRL (Biber)(H91) ----------------------------------------------------- RJ = 4. komp: CV90 Mekskyttekomp: 3 plut med 4 vagnar (A-C) Chefsomgång 2 vagnar (L1-L2) FOV90 epbv (41) Stridstross (91) Kvm (ASLAV-CS)(E91) BGBV (Wisent ARV) (F91) BRL (Biber)(H91) ----------------------------------------------------- SJ = 5. komp: CV90 Mekskyttekomp: 3 x 4 vagnar (A-C) Chefsomgång 2 vagnar (L1-L2) 1 FOV90 epbv (41) Stridstross (91) Kvm (ASLAV-CS) (E91) BGBV (Wisent ARV) (F91) BRL (Biber)(H91) ----------------------------------------------------- TJ = 6 komp: Piranha IIIC Skyttekompani: OPTIONAL 3 x 4 vagnar (A-C) Chefsomgång 2 vagnar (L1-L2) FOV90 epbv (41) Kvm (1 x ASLAV-CS + 1 ASLAV-25) (91) ----------------------------------------------------- Anropssignaler/Callsigns (Based on FAL-A 2002.cst) PLT Signal Unittype 07 V/E Vakt/Eskort 08 16 Striled 09 31 LVKV 10 41 Art/FO 11 51 Und/Span 12 71 PI/ING 13 86 SJV 14 91 Kvm/UH 15 96 Rep
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