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Found 1 result

  1. I started playing the "Tanks!" scenario, and while I love it, it kicks my ass, saws it off, and hands it back to me for dinner. One of my main objectives during the 28 more days (waiting to buy the game on Christmas), is to be able to play with this amazing community some day. The reason I ask about easy is because of complacency -the learning of bad habits, and then having to break them in order to improve. While skylining on easy provides nothing but a better observation point, on hard you are easily outflanked, spotted, and destroyed within moments, especially after you stop to survey. The biggest thing I've learned so far trying and failing on hard is that because you think you're hull down from one direction, you may not be from the flanks, and that's the biggest reason why I haven't been able to survive one engagement in this scenario yet in the m1a2 or Leopard. While the shooting range has helped me work on shooting at vehicles in open spaces, surprisingly, tanks don't like to get seen at all, and won't be waving at you through the sight posing for a picture. So yes, while I can't last more than six minutes, it's for a good reason. On the other hand, I have no time to learn how to spot targets and find better positions when I'm staring at the "destroyed" screen. Any thoughts? Tanks_v3a.7z