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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Counterattack At Al Miram by Apocalypse I. Situation. We have detected an enemy attack to seize crossings at the Jahj Canal in an attempt to break out of Al Miram. Your scout platoon is currently positioned near Hill 138, with dismounted positions established at OPs ALPHA & BRAVO. We observed an enemy armor platoon preparing for the attack but lost contact after our drone was shot down by a Surface to Air missile somewhere near Al Miram. We are dispatching friendly armor reinforcements but they will take approximately 15 minutes to arrive. In the meantime, we have dispatched a flight of AH64's that will arrive in 10 minutes. Insurgent forces also control the village of Al Miram. The presence of Surface to Air missiles has made aerial reconnaissance difficult, and their exact composition is unknown. However, based on Human Intelligence reports we can estimate at least one platoon of T-55 tanks reinforced with infantry is defending the village. II. Mission. Defend against enemy attacks along the Jahj Canal and then counterattack to clear Al Miram. III. Execution. A flight of (2) AH64's is en route and will arrive within 10 minutes. Friendly armor is also en route and will arrive in 15 minutes. Hold positions along the Jahj Canal at OP ALPHA & BRAVO and then counter-attack to clear the village of Al Miram. a. Fires. You have two 120mm Mortars and a platoon of 155mm directly supporting you. b. Aviation. 2x AH64's will arrive in 10 minutes. A UAV was shot down recently and there IS a SAM threat in the village. c. Engineers. No engineer support is available, however, a small minefield has been established near OP BRAVO. IV. Service & Support. Logistics support is currently out of range. All forces are fully equipped and supplied. Resupply will be conducted following this operation V. Command & Signal a. Friendly ID: On b. Overhead View: On c. Map Updates: Enabled
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Movement to Contact By Apocalypse I. Situation: A reinforced enemy mechanized infantry company has established a defense-in-depth along the river. They are composed of 3x PLT of BMP2's and infantry, with tank support consisting of 2x Platoons of T-72B3 tanks. II. MISSION: Attack to seize OBJ BEAR so that friendly forces can continue offensive operations to the north III. EXECUTION: Tasks 1. Seize OBJ Bear Fires 2x 120mm Mortars 4x 155mm Guns Aviation: None IV. Sustainment -1x Medical Track 1x Resupply Truck V Signals a. Friendly ID: On b. Map Contacts: Friendly Only c. Overhead View: On
  3. Getting a weird bug, need to do more testing and will post a video tomorrow. Dismounting Infantry from the map screen then mounting them via 3d (and vice versa) causes a weird issue where (1) a lone dismount gets stuck loading the the vehicle and (2) the vehicle can no longer follow a waypoint created in the map screen. This is not limited to armored vehicles, I first experienced the bug using a UH60 during the Kanium game this past weekend.
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