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Found 3 results

  1. Version 3.0.0


    CHARGER I CHARGER III Operation Charger by Apocalypse and @ben This is a 3-scenario operation where you take the role of an Combat Team Commander that is responsible for spearheading an attack against an enemy Motor Rifle Regiment. Forces Available: 3x Platoon of M1A2 2x Platoon of DF30 1x Battery of Mortars 2x Bridge Layers Resupply & Medical Assets The Brigade Reserve is available on-call (1x Tank PLT / 1x DF30 PLT) Credits to the playtesters from TankSim: Mizayev Figmo Hedgehog Nike Ajax TC237
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Day of Decision by Apocalypse 01 APR 25 0700 HRS I. SITUATION Once again, tensions are quickly rising along the Atropian/Donovian border. A recent border disput (yet again) has caused the Donovian National Command Authority to direct the Southern Army to re-position combat power along the Donovian/Atropian border. Combat forces from the 80th Mechanized Division are staged near the town of Badakhashon with the mission of smashing through the border to allow follow-on forces to exploit the gap into Atropia. Our forces as scattered and are slowly moving into defensive positions. Your company is on a rotation near the border - it was your last week before going home for a few weeks of R&R, but you're first and only line of defense against the Donovian wave. Your tank company is currently staged behind Hill 474 and the Samagen Heights. You have access to Highway 4 which runs across the border and directly to Badakhashon. It is the most likely avenue in which the 80th Division will attack through. You also have a platoon of Brigade scouts set in a screen across the border. They are lightly equipped but have exceptional observation posts that will provide you with plenty of early warning. We expect the 80th Division to attack with the 801 Mechanized Brigade as the first echelon. However, we also expect the 801st to be augmented with tanks from the 804th Tank Brigade and artillery from 805th Field Artillery Brigade. Behind the 801st will follow the 802nd and 803rd Mechanized Brigades. II. MISSION Defend along Highway 4 for two hours - allow friendly forces to reach defensive positions to your rear area (main battle area) and prevent the enemy from achieving decisive success along the border. III. EXECUTION Array your company at defensive positions to intercept the enemy that will approach along Highway 4. Brigade scouts will provide early warning to the east. However, we shouldn't expect any further assets to enter our area of operations. Hold your position for two hours to allow friendly forces to move into their defensive battle positions to our rear (west) and then be prepared to retrograde from the area. IV. SERVICE & SUPPORT All units are fully resupplied, and the company maintains two organic resupply vehicles as well as our medical evacuation vehicle. V. SIGNALS Friendly ID: On Map Contacts: Enabled Overhead View: On
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a unit template that represents the fictional 'Donovian' 801st Mechanized Brigade. Units are notionally 'Companies' and represented with a 6-vehicle configuration to fit the entire Brigade into one template. Forces Composition 801 BDE HQ BDE Recon COY BDE Sniper PLT BDE Engineer COY BDE Support COY (medical & maintenance) 8011, 8012, 8013 Mechanized Battalions 9x IFV Platoons 1x Mortar Platoon 1x Recon Platoon 1x Weapons Platoon 1x MANPAD Platoon 1x Support Platoon (Signal Platoon not depicted) 801 Tank Battalion 9x T-90 Platoons 1x Recon Platoon 1x MANPAD Platoon 1x Support Platoon 801 Field Artillery Battalion 3x 2S35 Gun Batteries 1x Support Platoon 801 Air Defense Battalion 1x SA19 COY 1x SA9 COY 1x MANPAD COY (RBS) 801 Anti-Tank Battalion 1x BRDM-2 ATGM COY 1x BMP-3 COY 1x MANPAD PLT Reference: https://odin.tradoc.army.mil/FS/CAUCASUS/DONOVIA/80_MECH_IFV_DIV Installation: Drag the 'DONOVIA' folder to the following path: C:\Users\NAME\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Unit Templates\
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