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  1. Operation Luminary is a hybrid single player and multiplayer campaign being hosted on the TankSim Discord. The campaign is played by two human opponents using a Campaign Map via Google Draw, with two Game Masters. Each opposing commander has a pool of subordinate units and resources, and has been given objectives by HICON (higher control) / Game Masters. In addition to an overall Commander, BLUEFOR also has human subordinate 'Task Force Commanders' who command Battalion-sized task forces which fight tactical engagements via Steel Beasts. When opposing units collide on the Campaign Map it generates a 'tactical engagement' which is played/resolved via Steel Beasts. Game Masters assess the relative combat power of the engagement and generate a Steel Beasts scenario based on where the units collided on the Campaign Map. The scenario is then distributed to the TF CDRs to play in SP (or coop, if they choose) Each 'Task Force Commander' selected their nationality and task organization, but is under command by a human Brigade Commander for BLUEFOR and receives orders and resources from the Brigade Commander. These resources include tactical enablers which appear within Steel Beasts tactical engagements (Attack Aviation, Drones, Reserves, Field Artillery, Engineers, etc) but also resources that assist the Brigade commander execute his plan such as FARPs (to control distance of Attack Aviation), Emergency Resupply (to re-generate combat power faster), and reconnaissance assets. There is no PVP at the tactical level. All tactical engagements are played via Singleplayer (but can also be played cooperatively). The results of those engagements are sent to the Game Master as proof of playing - and so GM's can record losses for both sides (losses are not notional in the campaign - but take time to regenerate) A human OPFOR is controlling an entire Division of Combat Power and has aligned his forces, by Battalion, against his assigned objectives. The OPFOR commander is also aligning resources (under the same rules as BLUE), has no visibility on BLUEFOR movements/plans, and also aligns his Company's for each tactical engagement by MIBN using a micro-map of the engagement. Each Task Force Commander has been given approximately a Battalion of combat power which includes between 2 and 4 companies. During Tactical Engagements, the TF CDR may deploy all of their combat power but suffers a 1-turn 'refit' period after companies are deployed. This is our first campaign using this hybrid - so far, its been really fun and not too taxing for backside requirements. It helps that we have 2x Game Masters that can keep an eye on the situation and generate scenarios very quickly. We have plans for a follow-on campaign in a different theater/setting. We're building this mid-air, and need to hash out a few things first. Would also love to expand this to a larger echelon, say a BLUEFOR that its roughly a Division of combat power, spanning across 9x Battalions. Our current setup: Game Master: Apocalypse Game Master: Ben OPFOR: Nike-Ajax BLUE BDE CDR: Figmo42 TF 1: Revenant TF 2: Ronin TF 3: Los TF 4: Rooks & Kings Method
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