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Found 1 result

  1. Kampf um eine Ortschaft

    Version 4.023


    Your task is to assault an enemy strongpoint and hold it against Sowjet counter attack. The strongpoint is defended by a mixed force of inf and mot.inf. that is supplemented by arty observers and regimental arty. Enemy arty and anti-tank means provide the backbone of the defence. Careful reconnaissance will identify strong and weak spots of the enemy’s defence. The attacker has to deal with a wide and open terrain that surrounds the strongpoint, facilitating dominating fields of fire for the Sowjet defender. The attacker should select weak enemy spots for attack and utilize smoke screens during the initial assault. Identification and exploitation of the enemy’s weak spots is as fundamental for the initial assault as is utilizing the terrain during assault and later defence. Failure to identify the weak spots and not anticipating the destructive force of arty may result in total destruction of the assault force. Economy of force is also fundamental for winning this mission. Use maximum force during initial assault. Immediately after the initial assault, designate strog forces as reserves. Use only minimum forces for mopping up after initial assault. And remember, a strongpoint is best defended from flanking positions from outside the strongpoint. Anticipate a Sowjet counter attack any time. This is basically a text book mission. Despite this and although defender and attacker employ only small forces, the fighting will be though. Do not expect to successfully assault and defend the village with the first attempt. Please provide feedback on the scenario for future improvements of this scenario and potential other scenarios.