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Found 1 result

  1. Operation Predator Strike [COOP/SP]

    Version 1.0.0


    DK forces attack to seize a Bridge - what could go wrong? Can be played as a Single Player Mission or COOP: Up to 17 Players (1 per vehicle) SITUATION Enemy: Within the past 48 hours the 111th Brigade Tactical Group (BTG) attacked south across the Diamond River. The 1st Battalion of the 111th suffered few casualties but the speed of their operation quickly over-extended their lines of supply and communication. The 1st Battalion is currently postured in a hasty defense along the Diamond River, preparing for future operations with the rest of the BTG reconsolodates. The first Battalion consists of 3 Companies of T64Bs and BMP2s. They have at least one Company defending the Diamond Bridge, along Highway 7, with two Companies further north. The 1-111 BTG does not have any air capability but the has six tubes of 152mm artillery available, as well as 1x reserve Company from the 111th BTG. Friendly: A Joint Coalition Task Force is forming quickly to the south, and is preparing to attack north. MISSION D Co. attacks to seize OBJ EAGLE to pass friendly forces across the Diamond River. EXECUTION 1. Attack and seize OBJ Eagle 2. Establish a Hasty Defense in vicinity of Diamond Bridge 3. Pass friendly forces to OBJ HAWK and FALCON Fires 3x Tubes of 120mm and a Forward Observer have been allocated to your Company for this operation.