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Found 1 result

  1. KANIUM SUNDAY 11th of August 1800 GMT - OP BOLONGO by SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for European Summer Time: click the time below for your local time) World clock 1800 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance And in more detail: PRELIM Aim. The idea behind this mission is to practice mission focus and not to be distracted. The OPFOR is based on mixture of Ethiopian Rebel Forces with some Russian Forces (RF) acting as "Advisors". The Scenario is designed to challenge decision--making, not only the CO, but the Sect/Tp Commanders as well as the individual crews. Recommendations. In constructing your plan the following should be considered: a. There is really no intelligence worth anything on the current situation - act accordingly. b. The RF "Advisors" represent a small sized force - no idea on numbers or equipment. c. Remember the 2 minute rule on Direct Fire! d. ROE is a key constraint - we do not know who is a friend and who is a rebel within the Government Force so only fire in selfdefence. If you fire on a CIV or Gov Militia that is loyal that will trigger unintended consequences elsewhere. 1) SITUATION: a. General Situation: You are a mixed DK/SWE Training force (TF JONAS) for the African Union and UN that now finds itself in the middle of a military coup in KATANGA West Africa. You are located in KATI to the East of the country. The whole region to your West is in chaos with reports of inter-government fighting, roving militias on all sides of the ethnic divides raping and killing as they go from village to town destroying government infrastructure. Swedish Oil workers were reported to be held up in the TEXECO Oil facility, but last reports on their current location suggests the group may have spit and at least three of the party are unlocated, possibly at TONKA or GOV RESIDENCE. In addition, there is a small UN force trapped in their camp in the west by what the UN claims to be a large Rebel Armoured force. We have previous INTEL that there was a Armoured Unit near that location conducting training with the Russian "Advisors" The situation is serious and deteriorating rapidly. While the political dialogue in the UN begins, DK & SWE have ordered you to go and find the oil workers and return them to the safety of KATI. In addition both governments have agreed that you will investigate the presence of Rebel Forces in the West, report their strength and if necessary prevent their movement east towards KATI. b. En Forces: Unknown number of Government forces and rebel civilian militias. Probably with some T-55/62 and BMP variants. NOT all Government military forces and Civilian militias are hostile to the Government, UN or the TF. The safe zone ends once the southern bridge on Hy 53 at KATI is crossed. The use of IEDs by militia forces has been reported as has the use of AT/AP mines. Local sources also indicate the Rebel Forces have MANPADS. c. Friendly Forces: TF JONAS (1 x Recce Plt (4 x MB 300G ( 1 x Sect M2HB Reflex Sight ,1 x Sect SPIKE MR/LR), 3 x Armd Plt (6 x STRV 122, 4 x LEO 2A5A2-DK) ) 1 x Mech Plt (4 x DK MRAP OHWS M2HB,leased for the operation manned by Kalmar Regt). The MECH Plt comprises: 3 x MG3 Sect, 1 x SPIKE MR/LR Sect, 5 x Rifle Sect each soldier equipped with 3 x M2 CG HEDP 502/rifle grenades/smoke. Log Plt (Amb/Recovery/Repair/Supply). 3 x Ural 4320 Trucks are available for transporting the Swedish Oil Workers. d. Taskorg/Atts and Dets: 1 x 120mm Mor Bty (4 x Tubes & Supply), 1 x FOO, 1 x BLACKHAWK may be released bu US Training Forces - TBC. e. RESERVE. B Coy will become TACOM when available from their task at Village 17. 2) MISSION: TF JONAS is to FIND and RETURN safely as a priority, SWE oil workers and other Scandinavian citizens unable to return to FARP ANGEL within the safe area IVO KATI. The TF is then to SECURE the UN CAMP BAGUINEDA and PROTECT the UN Force located at the camp, while conducting an assessment as to the THREAT posed by the Rebel military and Militia forces. BPT to PROTECT civilian life and DEFEAT any Rebel force IF it shows HOSTILE intent and LIFE is threatened. NO Civilian forces are to be engaged throughout, but force may be used in selfdefence under Card 65a. Key tasks: 1. FIND the SWE Oil workers and return them to FARP ANGEL in KATI; 2. SECURE UN CAMP BAGUINEDA, PROTECT the UN Force; 3. IDENTIFY the REBEL force strength, Dispositions and operational status; 4. BPT DEFEAT Rebel Force or Militia if engaged or if threatening civilian life; 5. DO NOT ENGAGE ANY KATANGAN civilian accept in SELF- DEFENCE (ROE 65A in force). Endstate: 1. SWE workers returned safely and uninjured to KATI; 2. UN Force PROTECRTED in Camp; 3. Rebel Force & Militia locations and strength identified. 3. TF fit for further operations. 4. No civilian casualties attributed to TF engagements. 3) EXECUTION: UP TO YOU go and make your plan and back-brief in 30 mins 4) COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS: a. Movement timings. (i) No move before 06:00Z; (ii) URAL 435 Trucks for Scandinavian citizens; (iii) C1 (Blackhawk) could be available if released by US Training Force in KATANGA capital. b. OOM:. Team CO orders. c. H Hr. 06:00Z hrs. d. ROE. UN Chapter 7 in force - Card 65a - lethal force may be used in selfdefence if all other options have been used including warning shots. The killing of civilian forces loyal to the government may cause other civilians to turn on the government and attack your force. If you are to disengage with any such contacts without using lethal forces unless in fear of loss of life. Russian Forces are inside the AO. They are NOT to be engaged UNLESS you are fired on first. e. Recce policy. No detailed Recce/INTEL available. f. Recovery. Damaged vehicles are to be recovered to KATI. h. Routes of Advance. In accordance with CO orders. i. Fires. All call for FIRES through A66. FIRES will not be under any circumstances authorised in built up areas of towns and villages. 5. SERVICE SUPPORT a. TFAA established FARP ANGEL – area for Repair/Recovery. b. Ammunition supply Requests through XO A65. Supply limited ammo expenditure to be monitored and reported when AMBER state reached. c. Med: Ambulance Role 1 located with XO A65. 6. COMMAND AND SIGNAL a. Signal: All cross-platoon communications will be conducted on the TFHQ Net, 26000 to enable maximum situational awareness for the TF.
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