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Found 4 results

  1. Mav

    Defence in Sector

    Version 1.2


    Hi Here is a pretty complex (red) scenario, that challenges your decision making in the field and your ability to read a map for defensive positions. You have control of a reinforced Danish Leopard 1-A5 DK-1 tank platoon. It has been reinforced with 2 more Leopards from B-company and 6 M-113's with 106mm mortar. Appart from that you have a couple of scout GD's and a support attachment. The OPFOR consists of 6 different levels ranging from 1 tank platoon to a brigade size force with support units. Furthermore the OPFOR can be enhanced with M-24 Hind airsupport, Mi-8 Airborne troops and/or a section of MRLS. So all in all a lot of different possibilitys of OPFOR. Blue force is conducting a Defence in Sector, and OPFOR is conducting a Meeting Engagement. Take your time in the planing phase so you don't get stuck with an element in the marsh or misplaced vehicle emplacements. Make sure you know how to get from one side of your sector to the other and have you your artillery priorities planed.
  2. 1CAD/KANIUM SUNDAY 28TH OF JAN 1900 UTC "FIRST CLASH, FIRST MISSION" BY 12ALFA Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC Open to everyone You dont need to be in one Scenario to play the next I suggest that players read the Background before playing for Immersion Players who have not been to Kanium TS before please come early so you can get setup as we have special setup and you need to get rights Briefing: NOVEMBER COMPANY ORAL ORDERS OC N Coy 3 RCR, 1 . Situation a. En Forces: 1 GTD is advancing steadily EAST to WEST hard on the heels of a withdrawing U.S. Force, b. Friendly Forces: 4 CMBG is deployed to stop the enemy advance; 3 RCR left, 1 R22eR right. c. Atts and Dets: In loc G11 (FOO from A Bty 1 RCHA) 7G (FC from Mor Pl) 2 Sect, Aslt Pnr Pl 4 and 5 sect, Armd Def Pl 1 and 2 Tp, B Sqd RCD 1/8G, 1/8G, AD Tp, 1 RCHA 2. Mission Coy will def assigned sector from 07/25/84,0330HRS 3. Execution a. General Outline: Two pis up, left 1 PI, right 3 PI, in depth 2 PI. Coy def posn centred on BLICKHEIM RIDGE WEST of FĂ–RCH facing east. B Sqn will superimpose its fire on our layout. We will provide intimate support to a B Sqn ambush in FAVORITE. b. 1 Pl (1) Grouping: In loc 4 sect. Armd Def Pl 1/8G, 2/8G. AD Tp FC (2) Task: Left forward pl, sector and arcs as laid out on our recce. c. 2 Pl (1) Grouping: Det one sect to under comd 1 Tp, B Sqn in FAVORITE initially. (2) Task: Depth pl, sector and arcs as laid out on our recce. Be prepared to conduct local counter-attacks into 4 or 6 Pl sector on order, d. 3 PI (1) Grouping: In loc 5 sect, Armd Def Pl. (2) Task: Right forward pi, sector and arcs as laid out on our recce. e. Coy HO: Dig in at assigned location, f. 2 Sect, Aslt Pnr Pl: Assist dig-in of Coy HQ. Assist pls in prep of obs and fd defences, g. Arty: FOO, c/s C11, will be with me. h. Coord Instrs (1) Timings: Main body arr def posn from 0315 hours. (2) Moves: Under comd 2ICs at each level, the move forward has already commenced. (3) Fire Plan: FOO will brief pl comds in their location. FPFs on my command only. (4) Pris Of Work: (a) Fire trench for every man to stage II. (b) Protective minefields, (c) Clearing arcs of fire, (d) Dig to stage III. (5) Deception/Concealment: Posn will be occupied at ni. No use of white li. 4. Service Support a. Ammo: 2 x maintenance ld of HMG and 84 mm HEAT to be delivered to pl posns ASP. b. Feeding: Commence hard rations on arrival on site. No fires. Tactical feeding when possible, c. Med: Ambulance w/Coy HQ; Med A to recce routes to UMS. d. Def Stores: Start w/basic Id; additional revetting materials will fol as time and tac sit permit. Make max use of locally aval materials. 5. Command and Signal a. Coy HQ GR b. Radio silence broken on contact only. Lift on order c/s 0. c. Each pl to maintain a runner at Coy HQ until line is laid, d. Passwords: Issued with SOI e. Nicknames: Ambush position around old castle FAVORITE is OLD KNIGHT.
  3. until
    Welcome to 1CAD/KANIUM SUNDAY 28TH OF JAN 1900 UTC "FIRST CLASH, FIRST MISSION" BY 12ALFA Link to event info Link to event thread
  4. until
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