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Found 5 results

  1. KANIUM SUNDAY 5th OF AUG 1800 GMT - "OP TESCO" by SwordsmanDK and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always) World clock 1800 UTC IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Op TESCO by Swordsmandk and SNS Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... VJTF Task force 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: ENY Mech COY with tank support has been observed in defensive position blocking our access to a vital crossroad in OBJ GOLD. ENY consist of mechanized COY with tanks in support. Intel indicates ENY forces are of UK origin with Warriors, Challenger II's and light recce vehicles. We believe ENY has access to ATGM of milan type. Indirect fires has been observed and we believe both morter and 155 is available to them. Main COA appears to be a defense with obstacle belts along main road to OBJ GOLD. We believe that ENY will withdraw if we are able to put enough pressure on them. b) Own: VJTF forces need to secure crossroad at OBJ GOLD for followon forces. It is CMDR intent to push through and breach obstacles on the way to OBJ GOLD. We have been assigned an international mix of units for the tasks. We are the front units with follow on forces behind us. We have one TNK PLT in reserve for BG CO to trigger if needed. All your units are equipped with the best gear available incl. multi spectral smoke for mortars and artillery. You are uo agaist first line armor and infantry so use this well. Your BG consist of: - CO Group (CO 1x TNK, XO 1x CV90, 1x M113 FO, CSS) - BTN Recce PLT with UAV support (on PLT LDR and XO) NOTE: Recon will have a deployment zone they can deploy in. Recon ONLY - 2x TNK PLT Leopard 2A5DK (Danish forces) - 2x CV90 NL PLT (PLT= 4xCV9035NL, 2x ATGM Javelin, 2x M60E, 4x CG, 2x AT4(CO/XO)) (Estonian Forces) (1 and 3 vehicle have javelins) - 1x ENG PLT (2x SEC= WISENT AEV normal width mineplough, 2x M113ENG Miclic) (Danish forces) - 1x Arty BTY (6x Crab) (Polish Forces) - 1x M106 MMT PLT (Danish Forces) 2) MISSION: The main road to OBJ GOLD needs to be cleared! It is my intent to breach placed obstacle belts with BTN ENG support. BTN recce has been assigned your BG and put under your tactical control. They have access to UAV so use them wisely. ENY is made up of modern equipment and trained units. Do not allow yourself slow down but use caution when advancing. BTN recce units and UAV has located ENY obstacle belt ahead of you. It is marked on map. NOTE that there is still civilians in the area so check your fire! 3) EXECUTION: You mission: 1. Secure OBJ GOLD crossroads 2. Clear Main Road for follow on forces. 3. Minimize civilian losses while preserving your combat power. IMPORTANT: GIVEN THE MANNING OF THE LAST FEW SUNDAYS, THEN WE WILL EXPAND THIS A LITTLE TO GIVE ROOM FOR ALL. HOWEVER IF MANNING IS TOO LOW, THEN WE WILL SWITCH TO AN ALTERNATE SCENARIO.
  2. until
  3. KANIUM SUNDAY 1st OF JUL 1800 GMT - "Clearing Oberhoff - Hard" BY Swordsmandk Modded by MD Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1800 GMT(Same time as always) World clock 1800 UTC IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded w. video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium 1) Situation: a) Enemy: Red Airborne unit. Light Armor. ATGM weapons. Size unknown. Enemy has secured Route Red(RUTE RØD). b) Own: Units from II/JDR has cut off Red Airborne landing East of Oberhoff. Units from the English Battalion has secure the norhtern flank and II/JDR the southern. You are in command of a reinforced PNINF platoon with armor support from british tank platoon. You have 1 section of morters and supply section also. One Scout section from II/JDR (unplayable) is already in position. 2)Task a) Secure Route Red b) Secure the two hostile strongpoints ZZ1 and ZZ2 c) Keep blue casualties low. You will advance to Line LD and conduct recon and attack against ZZ1 and ZZ2. 3) Plan: Up to you! Purpose of mission is to secure Route Red (RUTE RØD) and to take and secure ZZ1 and ZZ2. DO NOT cross Phaseline Charlie! Purpose of excersise is coordination between tanks and IFV. 4) UNITS All vehicles are 100 operational. If we get more then 2 guys pr vehicle we will add a second PLT Tanks MD
  4. Postponed - Breach and Clear (COY size Engineer, Mech and Armor mission) Time: 7th Sept 1800 UTC Place: Kanium TS and server What are we doing: 1. Breach and Clear (COY size Engineer, Mech and Armor mission)(90minutes mission)(Be on time plz. This is weekdays missions and people cant be up late as sundays.) Mission:
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