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Found 1 result

  1. ORDERS IN PDF: BG4 TF-32 OP SOLEMN SWORD.pdf KANIUM SUNDAY 4th OF MARCH 1900 UTC “The Bears Gambit 4 - Operation Solemn Sword” BY Nike-Ajax and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you. As always open to all Background: 1.Situation. a.Time: 081400ZNOV2018 b.Terrain: Wooded and hilly with steep ridge lines interspersed with small hamlets. Armd manoeuver is good in the centre of the AO, but is susceptible to direct FIRES from hull down positions from the east. Major water obstacles west and centre along 05 northing. South of AO, rolling hills give way to wooded areas ideal for ambush and water obstacles to east ensure manoeuver channeled. Good LOC north-south and east-west offer rapid movement B2221 major LOC for area running east. c.Weather: Clear Skies 5% probability of participation. Visibility 3400km >. No impact on sensor capabilities. d.Vital Ground. Town of MACIUICIA (OBJ ODIN) controls movement south. e.Key Terrain. B2221 major LOC east offering raid means for Russian reinforcement. Village of EZAICIAI key cross roads of LOC from north to east and south. f.General Situation JEF is poised to Attack EAST of KLAIPEDA, with the intent of penetrating the Russian MDA ITO allow FoF to EXPLOIT and PENETRATE Russian Depth. This is a limited operation designed to push Russian forces S and E opening up NATO resupply from the port of KLAIPEDA as well as strategically threatening Russian forces S of KLAIPEDA and making a show of force in the direction of Kaliningrad. g.Situation Enemy Forces: 1.Russian forces have transited to HASTY DEFENCE and are currently re-organising and re-equipping. It is likely there is only a limited obstacle belt protecting defensive positions. 2.Disposition/Composition: Russian force is mixed due to operational losses and logistic issues. Likely comprise of a BTN(-) sized mechanized force, BMP-2/3, BTR-80 and T-72/80 as well as limited number of dismounted infantry including ATGM teams. h.Situation Friendly Forces. 1.JEFCOM intent is to STRIKE & DESTROY RUSSIAN forces within boundaries in order that FoF can PENETRATE Russian DEPTH. TF-32 is deployed on LD VALKYRIE and is poised to Attack. NATO AIRCOM are confident they can temporarily attain LOCAL Air superiority and NATO MLRS Btys will support TF-32 Attack. To the west, elements of the Nordic Battlegroup and Danish Division, and to the east, the Combined Ad Hoc battlegroup of Baltic States and NATO forces will also Attack to FIX Russian forces within their respective AOs and limit reinforcement. 2.Most civilians if not all in AO have left, thus it is highly likely that any civilians encountered may be Russian supported insurgents. ROE Card 6A is extant and civilians can be engaged if threat to life is identified. i.TF-32 TASKORG; 1.TF HQ a)(1 x M113, 1x CV9040) b)1 FOO Sect (1 x FOV35) c)1 x ATGM Sect d)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) e)1x Sustainment Plt (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) 2.A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a)HQ Sect 2 x M113 b)2 x Tank Plt (8 x LEO 2A5A1DK) c)2 x Mech. Inf Troop Plt (8 x CV9035) d)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) 3.B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a.HQ Sect 2 x CV9040B b.2 x Tank Plt (8 x STRV122) c.2 x Mech. Inf Troop Plt (8 x CV9040B) d.1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040B) j.T-32 Attachments and Detachments: 1.1 Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) 2.1 x Bty 155mm (6 x Tubes, 1 x MUAV) 3.1 x Bty 120mm (6 x Tubes) 4.1 x ENG Plt (4 x M113) 5. 1 x AA PLT (Avenger) 2. MISSION TF-32 is To SEIZE & SECURE Objs ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL iot FoF can PENETRATE Russian DEPTH. 1.Extended Purpose. Facilitate NATO PENETRATION OF Russian DEPTH to DESTROY 1 TD Reserve. 2. Key Tasks 1.SIEZE & SECURE OBJ ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL; 2.Preserve CE NLT 65%; 3.Minimize Civilian casualties; 4.BPT DEFEAT Russian CA. 3. End State 1.Terrain. OBJ ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL SECURE; 2.Friendly TF-32 fit for future operations; 3.Enemy Russian Bn (-) DEFEATED 4.Civilian Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. b. Coordinating Instructions: a.C2 No Change b.High Value Targets, T-80U, 9P148, PRP-1, T90 Command Tanks c.FIRES; 1x Bty155mm & 1 x Bty 120mm MOR Direct Spt to TF. Requests through P1 (FOO) d.ISR; 1 x MUAV 1 Sqn 45th ISR Coy e.Sustainment: CSS & Role 1 to provide sustainment & recovery at TF FARPs. Vehicles to be self- recovered to FARP by Combat Teams (CT). f.Command and Signal: a.Command: i.Succession of Command: SNAKE 6, A66 A65, B6. ii.Location of Key Leaders: SNAKE 6 with ACT, A65 BCT. b. Signal: a. TF HQ : 26000 A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 46000 B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 31000
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