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Found 9 results

  1. [Updated this entry, DEC 2018] [Updated this entry, JUL 2019] [Updated this entry, SEP 2019] [Updated this entry, SEP 2020] Apparently activating licenses has become a bit difficult for some people. This is an attempt to describe the necessary steps, depending on the different user cases. 1. General Assuming that you DID receive your license after placing your order (you did not? Read this) you now have your ticket URL. But on the attempt to activate your license ticket you may get to see the error message PHP_GET_NOLICENSEFIRMCODE_HEADLINE
  2. I am trying to renew my license. I remember last time I kind of stumbled onto how to do it but can't find anything about renewal, only activating. I have had this sim for awhile and enjoy it. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide
  3. Been using the same dongle since the first few months since dongles started being used for SB. I believe after all these years it has finally given up the ghost. See diagnostics file below. If it is the dongle that's dead what do I need to do to get a new one. If not then what do I need to do to make codemeter recognize my license (licensed thru version 4)? Here's the diagnosticts file from the Web Admin: 2018-07-17 10:38:14: CodeMeter for Windows (B6.50.2640.503.32.180) 2018-07-17 10:38:14: Running on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1, 64-Bit 201
  4. Hello tankers and everyone, i think that the title says it all already... i've purchased a 1 month license and received the mail properly but the attached license (or link?) have been blocked/censored by the email filter. Then i tried twice to contact e-sim games through the contact module on their website but i've received no answer aaaand.... well, 6 days have already passed by and i still cannot play the simulation, plus i'm wasting days i've paid for Any help?
  5. On release days, or the day or two following them, delays may occur between placement of order, receipt of the order confirmation to your mail box, and receipt of the license ticket containing the link to the web depot where you can claim your license Usually the email with the license ticket will arrive more or less the same second as the order confirmation. In times of peak demand, delays may occur. In September 2013 they have been reported to be as large as 40 minutes. Until about June 2016, and after June 2016, this is not to be expected. Around the release of a new version my rec
  6. I recently tried sharing my CM Dongle with a friend, following the wiki's article on License Sharing (http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=License_Sharing), however the licenses didn't appear on my friends CodeMeter Control Center after doing the process with and without hamachi. Can somebody help us get the license sharing running?
  7. I've done a little looking, so please excuse me if this has already been answered elsewhere... I recently got a one month license to try the game out and like it. If I purchase the full license now, will that license also cover the upcoming 4.0 update, or will that require a separate purchase?
  8. I buy this morning a "one Year License" and start SB 4.0, no problem. Now at afternoon i start SB 4.0 again and get the Error 200 and Error 263! My eSimGame License say "all License are activ" i make a new SB and CodeMeter install, no Game start and self Error message. what can i make?
  9. Don't get me wrong. I am a proud owner of a Lifetime license with Dongle and the small niche community here is the best. Love you guys long time. :clin: Have the owners of this software considered selling licenses on STEAM? Our community would explode with new members, for better and for worse. And the developers (Ssnake? and others) would become very wealthy by Monday. Will this game be made available through STEAM at some point in the future? Do you like money? :bigsmile:
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