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  1. ORDERS IN PDF: BG4 TF-32 OP SOLEMN SWORD.pdf KANIUM SUNDAY 4th OF MARCH 1900 UTC “The Bears Gambit 4 - Operation Solemn Sword” BY Nike-Ajax and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you. As always open to all Background: 1.Situation. a.Time: 081400ZNOV2018 b.Terrain: Wooded and hilly with steep ridge lines interspersed with small hamlets. Armd manoeuver is good in the centre of the AO, but is susceptible to direct FIRES from hull down positions from the east. Major water obstacles west and centre along 05 northing. South of AO, rolling hills give way to wooded areas ideal for ambush and water obstacles to east ensure manoeuver channeled. Good LOC north-south and east-west offer rapid movement B2221 major LOC for area running east. c.Weather: Clear Skies 5% probability of participation. Visibility 3400km >. No impact on sensor capabilities. d.Vital Ground. Town of MACIUICIA (OBJ ODIN) controls movement south. e.Key Terrain. B2221 major LOC east offering raid means for Russian reinforcement. Village of EZAICIAI key cross roads of LOC from north to east and south. f.General Situation JEF is poised to Attack EAST of KLAIPEDA, with the intent of penetrating the Russian MDA ITO allow FoF to EXPLOIT and PENETRATE Russian Depth. This is a limited operation designed to push Russian forces S and E opening up NATO resupply from the port of KLAIPEDA as well as strategically threatening Russian forces S of KLAIPEDA and making a show of force in the direction of Kaliningrad. g.Situation Enemy Forces: 1.Russian forces have transited to HASTY DEFENCE and are currently re-organising and re-equipping. It is likely there is only a limited obstacle belt protecting defensive positions. 2.Disposition/Composition: Russian force is mixed due to operational losses and logistic issues. Likely comprise of a BTN(-) sized mechanized force, BMP-2/3, BTR-80 and T-72/80 as well as limited number of dismounted infantry including ATGM teams. h.Situation Friendly Forces. 1.JEFCOM intent is to STRIKE & DESTROY RUSSIAN forces within boundaries in order that FoF can PENETRATE Russian DEPTH. TF-32 is deployed on LD VALKYRIE and is poised to Attack. NATO AIRCOM are confident they can temporarily attain LOCAL Air superiority and NATO MLRS Btys will support TF-32 Attack. To the west, elements of the Nordic Battlegroup and Danish Division, and to the east, the Combined Ad Hoc battlegroup of Baltic States and NATO forces will also Attack to FIX Russian forces within their respective AOs and limit reinforcement. 2.Most civilians if not all in AO have left, thus it is highly likely that any civilians encountered may be Russian supported insurgents. ROE Card 6A is extant and civilians can be engaged if threat to life is identified. i.TF-32 TASKORG; 1.TF HQ a)(1 x M113, 1x CV9040) b)1 FOO Sect (1 x FOV35) c)1 x ATGM Sect d)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) e)1x Sustainment Plt (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) 2.A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a)HQ Sect 2 x M113 b)2 x Tank Plt (8 x LEO 2A5A1DK) c)2 x Mech. Inf Troop Plt (8 x CV9035) d)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) 3.B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a.HQ Sect 2 x CV9040B b.2 x Tank Plt (8 x STRV122) c.2 x Mech. Inf Troop Plt (8 x CV9040B) d.1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040B) j.T-32 Attachments and Detachments: 1.1 Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) 2.1 x Bty 155mm (6 x Tubes, 1 x MUAV) 3.1 x Bty 120mm (6 x Tubes) 4.1 x ENG Plt (4 x M113) 5. 1 x AA PLT (Avenger) 2. MISSION TF-32 is To SEIZE & SECURE Objs ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL iot FoF can PENETRATE Russian DEPTH. 1.Extended Purpose. Facilitate NATO PENETRATION OF Russian DEPTH to DESTROY 1 TD Reserve. 2. Key Tasks 1.SIEZE & SECURE OBJ ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL; 2.Preserve CE NLT 65%; 3.Minimize Civilian casualties; 4.BPT DEFEAT Russian CA. 3. End State 1.Terrain. OBJ ODIN, THOR & HEIMDAL SECURE; 2.Friendly TF-32 fit for future operations; 3.Enemy Russian Bn (-) DEFEATED 4.Civilian Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. b. Coordinating Instructions: a.C2 No Change b.High Value Targets, T-80U, 9P148, PRP-1, T90 Command Tanks c.FIRES; 1x Bty155mm & 1 x Bty 120mm MOR Direct Spt to TF. Requests through P1 (FOO) d.ISR; 1 x MUAV 1 Sqn 45th ISR Coy e.Sustainment: CSS & Role 1 to provide sustainment & recovery at TF FARPs. Vehicles to be self- recovered to FARP by Combat Teams (CT). f.Command and Signal: a.Command: i.Succession of Command: SNAKE 6, A66 A65, B6. ii.Location of Key Leaders: SNAKE 6 with ACT, A65 BCT. b. Signal: a. TF HQ : 26000 A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 46000 B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-): 31000
  2. Hello everybody, as promised then here is the background to Scenario 4. Next scenario in this Campaign will be held on Sunday the 4´th of March at the usual time of 2000 GMT+1, so 1900 GMT Again thanks to everybody who made this work, including the people who were a part of the Session. As usually then I recommend reading the PDF This is the Game list: http://www.kanium.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=11630&sid=9cb0393903efbeca6e39dd3254570c7d#p11630 Intermission: Scenario 4 Background.pdf The Bears Gambit 4 “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.” John Stuart Mill Operation Solemn Sword By Nike-Ajax, All Rights reserved DTG 081400ZNOV18 It has been just over three weeks after the battle that marked the start of actual full-scale hostilities near Vilkasviskas in Lithuania. Russia claims that they were attacked again and this time chose to pursue their attackers across the border to Lithuania stating, “That Terrorists, war criminals and gangsters will not be allowed to hide in Lithuania anymore”. Russia also claims that they only seek to create a buffer zone against aggression as well as Safe Areas for persecuted Russian minorities. Russia has thus gone from covertly supplying and assisting insurgents with materials, weapons and SOF operators, to openly stating that they feel forced to act to protect the safety of own troops as well as Ethnic Russians in the Baltic States. Many NATO countries are still in internal disagreement, with both violent and fewer peaceful anti-war demonstrations still taking place across Europe, and though not increased in neither number of participants nor frequency, they have become much more violent. The national police forces are increasingly striking down hard on the demonstrations, which has already cost the life of one policeman and wounded scores of others, and cost hundreds of millions of Euros. Yesterday 9 militant protesters were added to the death tally as Danish police opened fire in self-defence on the criminals after a unusually violent “demonstration”, led by far-left elements including ANTIFA. The chaotic street fights included burning of cars and property, the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktails on both police and fire department and the use of slingshots and what appear to be military grade artillery simulators wrapped with wire and nails thrown at police. The conflagration left scores more wounded on both sides. The Danish politicians as well as police, has backed up the actions of the police. After this then Denmark has declared a “National Emergency”, which in reality amounts to martial law. This pattern is seen across most of Europe, where the backdrop of war has led to very little if not a total lack of understanding and patience from the vast majority of the populations against the criminals rioting in the streets under the pretence of some vague political agenda. Also internal disagreements are still prevalent in the national parliaments and in some cases in individual parties. Norway in the meantime has nationalized the former Norwegian U-boat base Olavsvern outside Tromsø, angering the Russians State who had leased it through state-owned Gazprom. The Norwegians claimed that it had “A national need” and that this superseded financial concerns, and have reimbursed Gazprom for at least some of the value. Behind the scenes then most people could see that the former base had in fact been used by the Russian State, if not the Russian Navy Directly. Also Norway is desperately trying to reactivate anything that resembles something military. After having cut the Norwegian Army by 95 % … then it’s not much, but in a throwback to earlier time, then Civilian Norwegian men and Women are signing up for both the Home Guards as well as the adhoc training battalions that have sprung up across Norway: Some of which are not created by the Norwegian state, who needing everything they can, are forced to look the other way. Most NATO countries have now activated whatever units and material they can muster in the short term. Beyond that, then both the military and politicians are scrambling to reactivate whatever military resources, personnel and material can be salvaged from almost 30 years of neglect and budget cuts. The effect of generations of politicians and civil servants using up the so called “Peace Dividend”, something that has now clearly been demonstrated by reality and facts, as a dangerous, irrational and counterfactual myth and lie, is now proving very hard to undo and repair. In other words then you can only do so much in any given time, and certainly in the timeframe needed now. Thus no matter how the governments and especially the civil servants try to spin it, then the west have made a colossal mistake, and strategically at least then the Russians have achieved total surprise. The effort has at least by one newspaper been described as trying to do a 100 meter Olympic sprint, where the other contestants have already started running. This effort of rearming to the minimum required levels, includes repossessing obsolete weapon systems that have been donated to museums, and trying to get them combat worthy and ready. Surprisingly many European men and women, both former servicemen/women and raw recruits have volunteered for hastily erected ad-hoc battalions across Europe. Sadly the simple facts of the matter are that it’s much too little and much too late. At least to save the Lithuanian Capital Vilnius, that fell 5 days ago after very hard fighting. In fact then much of the city now lay in ruins, as Russian forces in a repeat of their approach in the first Chechen war tried to take the city in a fast surprise attack and with armoured units, suffering very heavy casualties from hand held anti-tank weapons, ATGMs and Lithuanian defenders who for some of them had more courage than training. A brave move that could not stop the Russian forces as the Russian in the end used massive firepower to subdue the defenders. The Lithuanian government has vowed never ever to give up the fighting. Across the invaded areas, bands of Forest Brothers (miško broliai), as Stay-behind units have sprung up and are inflicting casualties especially on lightly armoured Russian supply columns. As well as making reprisal attacks against Russian insurgents and sympathizers. The Russians consider them Terrorists, and kill them on sight. In this the cycle of hate and violence accelerates by itself. All across southern Lithuania Units from The Baltic States, NATO, JEF and all affiliated groups have fought hard, and inflicted surprisingly heavy losses on Insurgents and Russian Ground Forces as well as Byelorussian Forces. The attritional pattern of this follows more or less what was seen in the initial engagement east of Vilkaviskis, where the Russians are paying very dearly for the ground they take. This however has come at a clear cost, and cannot change the fact that Russia have made significant progress and now stand at a general line from Klaipeda in the west to Zarasai in the East, at which the Russian Forces are now regrouping, rearming and standing by for further operations. The Russians have stated that they will go as far as necessary north, as needed to create “Viable Safe Areas” and “Stop future Aggression”. Parallel to this then fighting have picked up in Ukraine, as well as an increased activity in the southern Russian republics by Islamic insurgents and terrorists. Here full scale clashes between Ukarinian and Russian armed forces have so far yielded little change in ground, as the fighting have ground down and both sides basically defend what ground they have. Also in other places sensing weakness, Islamic movements, both Sunni and Shia, have struck across the Middle East including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran and Iraq. This pattern has also repeated itself in India where several civilian and military targets have been attacked by terrorists. India claims to have solid evidence that these have been funded, trained and supplied by Pakistani intelligence. Consequently they have issued a full military mobilisation and are massing troops in the NW. Which in turn have made the Pakistani mobilize in turn. North Korea has declared unlimited war on USA again, claiming that USA has tried to kill their Leader with directed energy weapons of unknown origin and type. China is making overt threats against Taiwan, or what they call “An island of rebels and insurgents”. At the same time China has reaffirmed their unilateral claim on the entire South China Sea as well as islands therein. This has brought them into a direct conflict that has not – for now – turned violent, with Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand to name most but not all. In the meantime Turkey is massing troops primarily in the E and SE, thus directly threatening the Kurdish areas. Greece in turn has gone to full military alert and mobilisation as well, fearing Turkish parallel stated and renewed claims on Cyprus and other areas of contention. In South America then a desperate regime with millions of people protesting in the streets and on the brink of total economic collapse, have tried to divert the attention of its population by making threats against Colombia, Holland and Brazil. Colombia and Brazil have agreed to a defensive alliance supported by a number of other South American nations, and have mobilized some of their considerable forces. Russia claims that the west is directly supporting terrorists and insurgents as well as fanning the flames of war in general, and in Ukraine and the Baltic States in particular. But no actual proof has been supplied yet of these claims. Moreover they state that the latest developments are direct consequences of flagrant western provocations, and a failure to heed Russian warnings and pleas both present and in the past. Some western governments – principally France – are still trying to pursue diplomatic solutions at all costs, but most of the NATO countries find that diplomatic solutions – at least in the short term - have been exhausted. France have also tried to leverage EU into the peace talks, but as most EU northern and eastern countries does not support this line in any way, shape or form, then EU is increasingly split and thus marginalized. Also EU´s military arm have been made increasingly obsolete and useless by the events in the Baltics and other places, as well as deep divisions within EU. NATO and JEF as well as other intra-governmental alliances are arming for wars, while trying not to make it obvious that they do. Meanwhile and across Europe, then many IT hubs and infrastructure targets have been attacked by hackers and virus. This seems to be a combination of foreign, principally Russian and/or Chinese, efforts as well as domestic anarchistic and terrorist groups. This is not only information being targeted but also infra structural targets such as powerplants, electrical distribution nodes as well as traffic lights and water plants. However surprisingly then some Hacker groups like Anonymous have now publicly declared war on Russia, and are actively feeding authorities information on how to track down some of the perpetrators, of whom many have been jailed. Much to the surprise of many of the arrested they are mostly being charged with terrorism plus whatever else applies, and are thus facing very lengthy jail sentences if convicted. Turkey claims that the west is reaping what they have sown, and refuse to help in any way whatsoever, and have closed Turkey to NATO troops and are debating whether or not to leave NATO entirely. USA has accelerated reinforcing units across Europe, but has yet to do a full REFORGER style air- and sealift. They have however discreetly deployed significant air assets to Europe, and are recalling reserves and pulling materials and equipment from storage. In Asia, then the American administration has discreetly sent surplus weapon systems to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. These include hundreds of older Harpoon missiles and ground launch units and FIM-92 Stingers, AA systems like the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, AT systems like TOW missiles launchers as well as hundreds of ATGM Missiles. But this also includes more modern ones Like Patriot batteries and HARM missiles for the respective Airforces. China has covertly and overtly expressed outrage and anger. This however did not stop the shipments, the contents of which are rapidly being integrated and deployed in the three nations. But all over Asia the nation are mobilizing their armed forces, unified with the common - but officially undeclared - enemy of China. Other nations including Finland are for now holding on to their stated Neutrality. This has not prevented Finland going to full military readiness and reactivating all reserves, as well as discreetly receiving shipments from USA along the lines of the Asian nations. In fact many if not most of the other nations across the world, are increasing their military readiness in varying degrees. As a consequence of the events in the last months, then the Baltic States and principally Lithuania, have formally invoked Article 5 of the NATO charter. All NATO countries have debated this at length and most, except France and Turkey, have in principle accepted this yesterday even though the Southern European states have yet to fully commit politically and militarily. In line with this, then NATO have given Russia 24 hours to cease hostilities and start pulling back to their own borders. Otherwise NATO will formally invoke Article 5 against Russia, and act in accordance with it. Russia replied that they did not seek war, but would accept it – and finish it - if NATO started it. Byelorussia pledged full support to their “Brother Nation”, and in accordance with this have issued a full military mobilization, in tandem with Russia. China, Syria, Venezuela and Iran have openly declared solidarity with Russia, without specifying what that really entails. The 24 hours are now almost over and across Lithuania as well as at sea and in the air, NATO as well as Sweden via the Nordic Battlegroup are getting ready to strike back. But it’s to be done with a limited scope for now. The initial wave of attacks are planned to be a limited offensive so as to give Russia one last chance to back down, as well as not escalating the war further than needed. Russia has stated that attacks on their nuclear missile assets in Kaliningrad will be considered a strategic attack, to which they would respond strategically. The western allies for this reason amongst others, will refrain from striking certain areas, but will however strike at Russian Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence across Lithuania, in an effort to keep the conflict localized. This does not mean it will be easy: many JEF and Baltic units have been hit hard throughout the last days. But TF-32 is one of the remaining strong forces that will roll into action soon. For TF-32 one piece of good news is that Colonel Sexton has been replaced, and is now busily in charge of counting Tampons and Toiletrolls. The new Commander, Col. J. Eckert is providing whatever assets she can spare, scrounge or steal for the Taskforce. She expects every man and woman will do their duty. She has stated that she will provide every help she can, and kick every ass that isn’t helping fight the battle. Some of the officers say that she has much bigger … spirit … than the former CO. But not while she is listening as she truly is a scary person and a force of nature. SITUATION OWN forces are poised for an attack vicinity EAST of KLAIPEDA, with the intent of breaking the front ENY units and forcing through their lines in order for OWN follow-on forces to exploit the breach as well as to secure a supply route via the port of Klaipeda. This is a limited offensive, in that the intention is not to overreach and push further than what can be defended. The goal is to push ENY forces S and E opening up for resupply from the port of KLAIPEDA as well as strategically threaten ENY forces S of KLAIPEDA as well as making a show of force in the direction of Kaliningrad. We are at full strength and in the case of the Swedish platoons at +1 vehicle for both TANKS and MECHINF. Rules of Engagement NOTHING IN THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE APPROPIATE ACTION TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. A. You have the right to use force to proactively engage any and all ENY targets of opportunity. B. You are cleared to fire first on all hostile targets or targets with deemed hostile intent, including armed civilians. C. The force should be used under the circumstances and proportional to the threat. D. We are De Facto at war but still in an allied nation, uncalled for destruction of civilian property is to be avoided to the extent that it does not interfere with the military goals of the mission.
  3. ORDERS IN PDF: BG3 TF-32 OP SOLEMN SHIELD.pdf KANIUM SUNDAY 18th OF FEB 1900 UTC “The Bears Gambit 2 - Operation Cautious Tightrope” BY Nike-Ajax and SnS Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC IMPORTANT POINT: If you havent played with us before, or if it is a while ago, then please contact either @Major duck or @Swordsmandk to help you set up your Teamspeak before the day of the session - thank you. As always open to all Intermission: Background: 1.Situation. a.Time: 170400ZOCT18 b.Terrain: Wooded and patchy boggy terrain channel Armd manoeuver and provide concealed AT ambush sites. Heavily forested areas in west and north of AO provide effective concealment, and will reduce overall rate of march, and can reduce observation and fields of fire to approximately 200 meters. Areas lacking heavy forestation provide good movement rates & observation and fields of fire from 2-3 KM. E28/A7 major LOC however good routes north-south and east-west. Major towns east & centre of AO represent significant choke points. c.Weather: Clear night sky – good visibility. No impact on sensor capabilities. d.Vital Ground. Bridge crossing points along border (EA CLOUD & NAI J4). River banks are too steep for BMP/BTR to exit water. e.Key Terrain. Area 112 & 113 provide good SBF positions to engage EN forces moving east along AA1. BP JENNY & PENELOE offer suitable defensive positions from which to enforce maximum DELAY. f.General Situation. On the 15´th early in the evening, JEF Recce units were engaged along the Border with Lithuania, suffered severe casualties and were forced to withdraw into MOB TRUMPET to reconstitute. After the initial engagement, Russian Light Forces quickly advanced and secured the Border crossing points, but have since remained only 3 km inside Lithuanian territory. NATO has NOT yet declared Article V, despite political increasing political unrest in Europe and confirmatory intelligence of Russian aggression. g.Current Situation Enemy Forces: Strategic intelligence indicates Russian forces are rapidly moving east into Lithuania and will soon cross the border at CHERNYSHEVSKOYE/KYBARTAI, 14 km to our west. They are moving slowly in our direction along A7 (AA1), in order to seize VILKAVISKIS and MARIJAMPOLÈ, opening up for follow-on forces and to threaten supply routes at Kaunas. Likely objectives are: a.Immediate Bde Objective: SECURE VILKAVISKIS along A7 axis IOT continue the advance with 2 Echelon towards MARIJAMPOLÈ, b.Subsequent Bde Objective: SECURE MARIJAMPOLÈ and thereby secure control of A7 and E67, enabling turn north towards KAUNAS. c.Immediate Bn Task Group (BTG) Objective: DEFEAT NATO forces west of PAEZERIAI IOT enable FoF to SECURE VILKAVISKIS. d.Subsequent BTG Objective: SEIZE LOC south of VILKAVISKIS IOT prevent reinforcement/resupply of defending NATO forces. h.Situation Enemy Forces: 2.Composition: Attacking Russian force likely 7th separate Guards mechanized infantry Regiment and 79th separate Guards mechanized infantry brigade, and consist initially of Mechanised BTG reinforced with MBT as well as possible insurgents with Russian SOF support. (BMP-2/3, BTR-80, T-80 or T-90 and BDRM-2). 3.Disposition. Russian forces likely to be cautious on initial Adv, but once engaged will likely transition to an aggressive posture, attempting to rapidly DETROY NATO forces and try to take VILKAVISKIS quickly, before Lithuanian National Defence Volunteers Division and other forces can fortify the city. 4.It's likely Russian backed Insurgents and SOF will attempt to create confusion in our REAR to support the attack. 5.The ENY BDE Arty Gp (BAG) has already moved forward in preparation of offensive actions. 6.The overall Russian Forces readiness at Bde level and higher to conduct offensive operations is unclear. However, planning has bene extensive. Due to NATO obstacles, it seems like that main Russian axis of attack will be south of the lake, directly towards TF-32. i.Situation Friendly Forces. 1.The NAC is meeting now. Lithuania has ordered it s forces to engage any Russian military on Lithuanian territory (Land, Sea or Air). NATO forces are rapidly deploying a heavy armoured forces with support to area east of VILKAVISKIS into the JEF MDA (OBJ VIKING). The Russian A2AD threat is preventing NATO air forces from patrolling the border area, thus, NATO does NOT have air SUPERIORITY or even air PARITY. Article V has NOT YET been declared. However, all JEF units are clear to engage Russian forces IF hostile intent is demonstrated. Hostile intent is defined as Russian forces firing or are preparing to fire on NATO or Lithuanian forces or threatening them in a manner that is objectively considered to be a threat to life. 2.Currently, elements of the Nordic Battlegroup and Danish Division are moving into defensive positions south of the TF-32 AO and a Combined Ad Hoc Battlegroup of Baltic States (in addition to TF-48, TF-18) is defending Route185. Both are expected to hold in the short term. TF-66 is conducting counter SoF ops. i.Rules of Engagement. NOTHING IN THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE APPROPIATE ACTION TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. 1.You have the right to use force if you feel that you or other NATO & Lithuanian Forces or civilians are under threat to life. 2. The force used under the circumstances should be proportional to the 3. Uncalled for destruction of civilian property will not be accepted. 4. NO FIRES east of FLOT is allowed. j.TF-32 TASKORG; 1.TF HQ a)(1xM113, 1x CV9040) b)1 x ENG PLT (4 x M113) c)1 Recon PLT (4 x CV9040) d)1 FOO Sect (1 x FOV90) 2.A Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a)1 x Tank PLT (3xSTRV122) b)1 x Mech. Inf Troop PLT (3 x CV9040) c)1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) d)1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) 3.B Coy Combat Team (CT): (-) a.1 x Tank PLT (3xSTRV122) b.1 x Mech. Inf Troop PLT (3 x CV9040) c.1 x Recon Sect (2 x CV9040) d.1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and mechanic) k.TF-32 Attachments and Detachments: 1.1 x ENG Sec (4 x BULLDOG) 2.1 x AD Sect (3 x Avenger HMMWV 3.1 x APACHE AH Flt ( 2 x AC) 4.1 x Battery M109A3 ( 6 x Tubes) 5.1 x TUAV 2.TF-32 MISSION BLOCK Russian Forces west of PAEZERIAI ALONG A7/E28 ITO DELAY minimum 1 ½ hours, the Russian Adv and provide time for NATO to reinforce the Lithuanian Home Guard units defending the city. 3. EXECUTION a.Extended Purpose. Provide time for NATO to reinforce city and MDA east of VILKAVISKIS (OBJ VIKING). b.Key Tasks 1.Rapidly Adv to Defensive positions. 2.BLOCK Russian Forces Adv west of PAEZERIAI . 3.BPT conduct HO/TO of reinforcing NATO forces within 3 hours. c. End State 1.Terrain. PAEZERIAI free from Russian control. 2.Friendly: TF-32 able to conduct further operations. 3.Enemy: No Russian Forces capable of offensive operations 5 km west of PAEZERIAI 4.Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. d. Constraints 1.NO cross border authority. 2.ROE- Card 65 – only fire in self defence of threat to life NOT threat to property. 3.NO FIRES into Russia. 3. Execution. A.COM JEF Intent: Quickly establish BLOCK west and south of VILKAVISKIS with current force IOT prevent Russian Adv Guard from initial Bdes from Securing the city. REINFORCE as a priority Lithuanian Home Guard units in City, but concurrently, continue to prepare MDA east of VILKAVISKIS & rapidly DEPLOY NATO Armoured FoF as soon as disembarked. Employ Attk aviation and Airmobile forces as SCREEN south to prevent Russian BY-PASS of MDA. Force Russian Bde Echelon change with FIRES and Manoeuvre Defence. B.CONOPS: A.SoM: Four (4) Phase operation: I.Phase 1. TF-48, 18, 32 deploy to assigned MDA. 1/45 Air Asslt SCREEN south of VILKAVISKIS. II.Phase 2. Conduct BLOCK west & south of VILKAVISKIS. Reinforce Lithuanian Home guard in VILKAVISKIS. III.Phase 3. Begin HO/TO of JEF & 1/45 with NATO FoF within 3 hours. IV.Phase 5. BPT BREAK engagement with Russian Forces & withdraw further East. 2.SoFires: FIRES & CAS to be primary means of engaging Russian Forces within Lithuanian territory & providing concealment. 3.Shaping Operations: ID Russian composition and dispositions and AA of Adv Guard of leading BTGs. C.Decisive Operations: BLOCK Russian Adv west of PAEZERIAI ALONG A7/E28 . D.Deception Operation: Establish 1/45 Air Asslt south of PAEZERIAI Screen. E.Tactical Risk: Limited obstacle belt prepared west of PAEZERIAI and MDA not yet complete. Only Light Blocking Force currently available and no Sir support available. III. Execution. Tasks to Subordinate Units: 1)TF-18: 1)DEPLOY to Area JEMMA 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING 2)TF-48: 1)DEPLOY to Area JEMMA 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING 3)TF-32: 1)DEPLOY to Area west of PAEZERIAI 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING 4)TF-45: 1)DEPLOY to Area FIONA 2)BLOCK Russian Adv east 3)BPT conduct HO/TO with NATO FoF within 3 hours. 4)BPT to WITHDRAW to OBJ VIKING. 5)TF-66: 1)Conduct Counter SoF operations in conjunction with Lithuanian MoI. 6)Reserve ( 1 Coy 1/45 Air Asslt Inf) 1)BPT re-enforce TF-32 or TF-18 7)CSS 1)Establish ASP fwd of MDA; 2)BPT resupply, recover & re-equip all TFs on order; b. Coordinating Instructions: a.C2 No Change b.High Value Targets: MBT BMP-1/BRDM-2 c.FIRES; 6x BTY155mm Direct Spt to TFs. 1 Sqn 587 Attack Sqn 6 x (TIGER AH) d.ISR; 1 Sqn 45th ISR Coy (4 x UAV) e.Sustainment: CSS to provide sustainment fwd. f.Command and Signal: a.Command: i.Succession of Command: 0A, OB, A66 (TF-48), B66 (TF-32) C 66 (TF-66). ii.Location of Key Leaders: OA with TF 32; OB with TF 66. b. Signal: a.A COY: 26000 A1 PLT: 46000 A2 PLT: 31000 A3 PLT: 33500
  4. Scenario 3 Background.pdf The Bears Gambit 3 “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche Operation Solemn Shield By Nike-Ajax, All Rights reserved DTG 170400ZOCT18 4 days ago, Russian forces were seen begin massing in Kaliningrad, in the vicinity of Nesterov, along Route E28. Intent seemed possibly to be to cut of Vilnius from E and NE, including Kaunas. EU and NATO have activated and deployed some forces, but have yet to declare war or invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter. All NATO countries are working around the clock to adjust to the new situation, but it seems the Russians have achieved total Strategic if not tactical surprise – a brilliant example of use of Maskirovka on a Hybrid Battlefield. For years the west including NATO and EU have sought to dominate the world through, what can poorly and shallowly, and for lack of better words be described as a new world order. They have sought to politically and economically influence and push countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea in a democratic and non-belligerent direction. This is an effort that has met with very little if any success. However as they have concurrently chosen to downgrade their military capabilities, this has in fact over the years become the only option. There is also the fundamental problem, in which the industrialized nations, with Europe in the lead, consistently choose not to accept and understand the driving forces behind the Russian and other similar nation’s actions. And that they chose not to heed the warnings given. This is even more so as many western corporations have made significant investments in many of the not only non-democratic, but in effect anti-democratic, nations. This means that any action against these would mean billions in loss and disruption in supplies and goods. As the western nations hands are thus in effect tied to non-belligerent actions, and UN is paralyzed in part because of the very real possibility of the permanent members of the Security Council using their right to Veto any suggestion, then UN much like the League of Nations stands powerless to stop anything. The situation is therefore much akin to where the world was in the late thirties, yet everybody in power in the western world strongly denies this reality. This is, among other reasons, because they have no actual way or rather lacks the vision to change or address it. Sharp tongues, to which no one in power has listened, could make the claim that the leadership of the industrialized nations, for decades have Rejected Reality and substituted it for their own. No matter what, then the reality of the matter now is that the manoeuvring room for political, economic and philosophical debate is getting ever smaller. And not just through the events in the Baltic Region, as across the whole world frictions and old rivalries are heating up. 2 days ago OWN Recon forces passed east through OWN FLOT after being heavily engaged by Russian forces at the border to the WEST. Russian forces initially engaged and pursued them, but seemed to be taken by surprise by the events and out of order and sync, and has stopped the advance and fallen back to the area on, and around the border, as they seem to restructuring and rearming from the premature push. They are presumably also receiving new orders. In the meantime, then TF-32 has replaced TF-48 guarding towards the border. Frantic communications with HQ has yielded little support or intelligence. Also HQ today asked for more and closer Recon of the border to which the CO of the TF-32 patiently explained that such an undertaking would only bring them into further contact with the ENY. And that such a contact would be done under tactically unfavourable conditions. A higher up Officer in HQ, Colonel Karl Sexton then ordered the CO to take all his Recon assets back to the border, to which the CO calmly replied that he could put that order in a dark and narrow space where orders are rarely filed. Nothing heard since then. Russia is furious and claims that NATO and Baltic forces again opened fire first, this time directly on Russian Military forces, and that they did this while being on Russian soil. Russia demands the handover for prosecution of what they call “Criminals and terrorists” and a “Fast and decisive examination of the War crimes”. The situation remains grim. As there is little standing between Russian Forces, and the areas of KAUNAS to the NE, other than TF-32 and its neighbouring forces to N and S, it’s imperative that OWN forces hold on for as long as possible to enable other forces to deploy. Politically then Europe remains polarized, with small but increasingly violent anti-war movements rallying under the motto of “what is the use/what is it good for”, and is in part supported, or at least condoned by, pacifist movements and parties, including Miljöpartiet de Gröna in Sweden, Radikale Venstre in Denmark and Die Linke in Germany amongst others. In the last hours an ANTIFA led demonstration held in Hamburg Germany went from bad to worse: one policeman lies dead and several others are wounded, while at the same time many demonstrators have also been injured, some severely. But even though the European nations are divided, then a rising majority of European voters seeks at least to some extent, to reaffirm defence obligations within NATO and Europe. The picture is less clear with their elected politicians. Turkey and France still distance themselves further from any military engagement with Russia though. The southern European States, with an exception of Greece seems to be dragging their feet deliberately as well. In Greece, then fears of another confrontation with Turkey, seems to be spurring on a more activist political line. In the last hours the Cyberattacks against both infrastructure and other select targets in both Europe and USA have been increasing. The preliminary assessment is that it seems to be a mix of attacks from Russian sources as well as other domestic terrorists and anarchists who have used the opportunity of weakness in Europe. The attacks also have targeted news agencies and pro-war groupings and persons. A warning has been sent to all NATO and JEF nations as well as others who have assets in theatre. Consequently many - but not all - of the NATO and JEF countries have gone to full military alert, mobilizing whatever forces they can. This seems to be the last straw for some - but not all - of the NATO and European nations who were holding back, with northern and eastern European nations clearly more active. But regardless of this, then NATO is still logged in discussions and has yet to make an official stand. And as such have not formally invoked Article 5 yet. SITUATION OWN forces have been engaged with what seems to be ENY Recon forces or ENY Recon Screen vicinity KYBARTAI to the WEST. The enemy casualties are unknown, but seem substantial. OWN Recon forces have passed FLOT and have assumed a defensive posture N and S of TF-32, which has been rushed forward to provide more strength. From passive and active sensors placed along the borders it seems that the Russians are now getting ready to resume their advance and the attack that seemed to have been temporarily halted by the engagement of its forward troops. Thus it is to be expected that they will resume their advance EAST towards FLOT and our position very soon. We can expect no reinforcements even though it seems that at least the Baltic States, Poland and the Eastern European members of NATO are assuming a full military readiness. OWN forces have prepared to the degree it’s possible with minefields, obstructions and dug-in fire positions. In case of overwhelming ENY forces, OWN forces are expected to hold out for a long as possible and to conduct an orderly retreat towards NE. Further battle positions are being prepared as fall-back positions. Range from border to Own positions 14 km. Rules of Engagement NOTHING IN THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE APPROPIATE ACTION TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. A. You have the right to use force if you feel that you or other NATO & Lithuanian Forces or civilians are under threat to life. B. The force used under the circumstances should be proportional to the threat. C. Uncalled for destruction of civilian property will not be accepted. D. NO FIRES east of FLOT is allowed.
  5. Scenario 2 Background.pdf The Bears Gambit 2 “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln Operation Cautious Tightrope By Nike-Ajax, All Rights reserved DTG 151300ZOCT18 “Maskirovka” Russian military deception, sometimes known as Maskirovka (маскировка), is a military doctrine developed from the start of the twentieth century, but building on older theories and concepts. The doctrine covers a broad range of measures for military deception, ranging from camouflage to denial and deception. And also in the later years it has to an increasing degree, included Cyberwarfare in different forms. Deceptive measures include concealment, imitation with decoys and dummies, manoeuvres intended to deceive, denial, and disinformation. The 1944 Soviet Military Encyclopedia refers to "means of securing combat operations and the daily activities of forces; a complexity of measures, directed to mislead the enemy regarding the presence and disposition of forces..." Later versions of the doctrine also include strategic, political, and diplomatic means including manipulation of "the facts", situation and perceptions to affect the media and opinion around the world, so as to achieve or facilitate tactical, strategic, national and international goals. Deception contributed to major Soviet victories including the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk, and Operation Bagration (in Belarus): in these cases, surprise was achieved despite very large concentrations of force, both in attack and in defence. The doctrine has also been put into practice in peacetime, with denial and deception operations in events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Prague Spring, and the annexation of Crimea. The Russian doctrine of military deception has evolved with time, and it encompasses a number of meanings. The Russian term маскировка (Maskirovka) literally means masking. An early military meaning was camouflage, soon extended to battlefield masking using smoke and other methods of screening. From there it came to have the broader meaning of military deception, widening to include denial and deception. And today using the full spectrum of information warfare, at which the Russians are adept, as well as using non-military forces. “What must NATO do to counter President Putin? Maskirovka is the traditional Russian use of military deception and Russia’s seizure of Ukraine-Crimea and incursion into eastern Ukraine is just the beginning of a new multi-dimensional Russian challenge to NATO and the West. Moscow has established a new level of ambition – strategic Maskirovka – by which disinformation is applied against all levels of NATO’s command chain and wider public opinion to keep the West politically and militarily off-balance. First, NATO’s strongest military powers must demonstrate the will and the capacity to meet the Russian challenge. Second, NATO, an alliance of democracies, must re-establish itself at the core of a world-wide web of secure, mutually-reinforcing democracies anchored on the United States. Third, defence expenditure of all the NATO allies must move towards 2% GDP and quickly. Fourth, the Alliance must mean what it says. Strategic unity of effort and purpose is key to deterring Russia. Fifth, Europeans must take the lead in efforts to convince President Putin that Russia has nothing to gain from such an aggressive strategy. President Putin is an opportunist. He believes that the West is decadent and declining and that his use of strategic Maskirovka can keep the Allies sufficiently divided and politically off-balance to enable him to achieve his primary strategic objective: the creation of a new Russian centric sphere of influence around Russia’s borders and the ending of ‘frozen conflicts’ in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in Russia’s favour. Putin also believes that whatever weapon systems NATO has at its disposal, Europeans are so weak and divided that little or no military action will ever be taken against him. Putin may be right and his gamble (for that is what it is) could pay off if the Alliance does not stand firm and act together.” From “NATO: Countering Strategic Maskirovka” by Julian Lindley-French, May 2015 This is now also a part of what some have dubbed “Hybrid Warfare”. Wikipedia shallowly defines it as: A non-standard, complex, and fluid adversary. A hybrid adversary can be state or non-state. For example, in the Israel–Hezbollah War and the Syrian Civil War the main adversaries are non-state entities within the state system. These non-state actors can act as proxies for countries but have independent agendas as well. For example, Iran is a sponsor of Hezbollah but it was Hezbollah’s, not Iran’s, agenda that resulted in the kidnapping of Israeli troops that led to the Israel–Hezbollah war. On the other hand, Russian involvement in Ukraine can be described as a traditional state actor waging a hybrid war (in addition to using a local hybrid proxy). Note that Russia denies involvement in the Ukraine conflict. A hybrid adversary uses a combination of conventional and irregular methods. Methods and tactics include conventional capabilities, irregular tactics, irregular formations, terrorist acts, indiscriminate violence, and criminal activity. A hybrid adversary also uses clandestine actions to avoid attribution or retribution. These methods are used simultaneously across the spectrum of conflict with a unified strategy. A current example is the Islamic State’s transnational aspirations, blended tactics, structured formations, and cruel use of terror as part of their arsenal. A hybrid adversary is flexible and adapts quickly. For example, the Islamic State’s response to the U.S. aerial bombing campaign was to quickly reduce the use of checkpoints, large convoys, and cell phones. IS militants also dispersed among the civilian population. Civilian collateral damage from airstrikes can be used as an effective recruiting tool. A hybrid adversary uses advanced weapons systems and other disruptive technologies. These weapons can be now bought at bargain prices. Moreover, other novel technologies are being adapted to the battlefield such as cellular networks. In 2006, Hezbollah was armed with high-tech weaponry, such as precision guided missiles, that nation-states typically use. Hezbollah forces shot down Israeli helicopters, severely damaged a patrol boat with a cruise missile and destroyed heavily armored tanks by firing guided missiles from hidden bunkers. The organization also used aerial drones to gather intelligence, communicated with encrypted cell phones and watched Israeli troop movements with thermal night-vision equipment. Use of mass communication for propaganda. The growth of mass communication networks offers powerful propaganda and recruiting tools. The use of fake news websites to spread false stories is an element of hybrid warfare. A hybrid war takes place on three distinct battlefields: the conventional battlefield, the indigenous population of the conflict zone, and the international community This however is no longer a theoretical debate, as recent events in Lithuania have shown. It has been almost a month since the clash in SE Lithuania between Lithuanian Servicemen and parts of TF-32 on one side and Insurgents and what is believed to be Russian Federal Army SOF forces on the other. Debate has been raging since on what exactly happened. Russia has claimed that the events of about four weeks ago, was entirely the fault of Lithuania and NATO. The have stated that insurgents, whom the Russians claim only have armed themselves to protect their families, only fired back in self-defence AFTER having been engaged by NATO and other units with heavy weapons. Moreover they have sent journalists to the hospitals where young injured Russian-speaking men lay wounded, and under guard. They have also covered the events massively on all the Russian controlled networks, including among others the English speaking Russia Today (RT), and have said that this is merely the last in a long line of provocations from the west, with the goal of drawing Russia into a conflict she does not want. They also deny having any servicemen as part of the clash, but added “that they could understand why patriots felt a need to defend their brothers and sisters”. Russia have also cautioned against making or spreading “unfounded rumours that can create real problems and threats” and disseminating of “False News”. Russian has in fact called for reparations and an official excuse for what they dubbed “an aggressive and brutish act of international Thuggery” and “An unprovoked crime against the peace”. Russian president Putin, in a poke against the west, has stated: “We neither can nor will build a Wall against the West in general and the Baltic States in particular, why would we: the problem is that many Ethnic Russian have for generations lived peacefully in The Baltic States. It is not we would build walls” Russian diplomats have worked overtime with bilateral discussions with EU as well as all European nations and other nations and geopolitical entities – with a notable exception of the Baltic States and Poland, which have expelled all Russian diplomats and diplomatic personnel. Some nations have been more sympathetic or understanding to the Russian cause, with France as the biggest claiming that Russia needs to “Not be treated like a “Pariah” nor “Provoked unduly” or “forced into a position of using military force”. This in turn has led many of the former WAPA nations in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, to call for re-evaluation of French membership of NATO. The Polish foreign Minister has gone so far as to say that “NATO would be a better place without the French” and that “They would do everyone a favour by leaving it again, this time permanently” as well as stating that “The French are always there for you – when they need you”. These polemic statements have caused condemnation and outrage not only from the French. The Lithuanian Defence minister, when asked to comment upon this, quoted Jed Babbin in saying: “Going to war without France apparently IS like going deer hunting without an accordion. You just leave a lot of useless noisy baggage behind.” These statements understandably, have further enraged the French and have not made the French any more inclined to support the Baltic States nor Poland. Also many left and Centre left wing newspapers across Europe have warned against warmongering and called for restraint and calm discussions. This wish has been mirrored by many political parties in the European states, mostly but not exclusively from the political left. Anti-war demonstrations with small but dedicated groupings have been held across Europe, by ANTIFA and other groupings. Many of these have turned or were violent at their outset, causing massive damage. Turkey has stated that they consider this a local problem, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has stated that Turkey is hard-pressed “to see the validity of the claims against Russia”. Moreover Turkey has said that in the current political climate they feel more welcomed and accepted by Russia, than by EU. And that Europe and USA does not accept anyone but themselves, and condemn anyone who does not mirror them. Turkey has also stated that they are tired of western interference in general and in Turkish matters and policy in particular. The Scandinavian countries have quietly further reinforced their military presence in the Baltics and have discreetly started calling in what little reserves they have. USA has reinforced their garrisons in Europe and raised their military alert level, but has otherwise not clearly backed one side or the other. America claims that Europe needs to stand together, before USA can stand with them. American President Trump quoted Matthew 12:22-28; “Every kingdom divided against its self is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against its self will not stand”. This however have not seemed to shift the political resolve in Europe. Rather it has led to some commentators stating that the American President should take care of his own house first and that his advice is uncalled for and unwanted. This position have that been supported by some European politicians across EU most of whom but not all are left-wing. Europe stands divided, but so does UN, where any attempt of getting a resolution passed that condemned the Russian actions, let alone one that would actually stop it, have been blocked by Veto by both China and Russia. EU and UN as a whole thus De Facto stands totally powerless, even though the debate rages on in both the UN general assembly and the EU Parliament, words are all they have produced for now. Some European nations have unilaterally and quietly started further raising the readiness of their military forces, and recalling limited reserves without making any overt threats, and trying to do it without provoking Russia and escalating the situation in general. In this process many European politicians and civil servants have discovered to their chagrin and for some of them horror, that decades of cost savings have in fact left them precious little to reactivate and too few soldiers to reactivate or even to man the precious few planes, ships and Tanks that they do have. And that many needed core military competencies and equipment cannot be reactivated on anything close to short notice. Something the soldiers, airmen and sailors have known and warned about for years, if not decades. No politicians or civil servants have taken any actual blame or responsibility for this as neither national parliaments nor the European Parliament can agree on the causes or consequences of what is happening. And therefore it is very difficult if not impossible to agree on a solution or strategy. Thus Europe and NATO stands divided and ill prepared should talks fail... The powder keg is primed for the first spark. SITUATION In the time following the clash in Southern Lithuania, Russian units have increased their presence on all the borders of the Baltic States as well as on the borders of Poland. Byelorussia has given Russia full support and liberty to move troops through their nation, as well as giving them command of elements of the Byelorussian military forces. The TF´s of JEF have been reinforced and rearmed, and have been shifted to an AO around and to the West of Vilkaviškis, in SW Lithuania, where they along with other units, have been tasked with providing over watch, recon and security to the area around the Russian/Lithuanian border less than 20 km. to the west. 2 days ago, Russian forces were seen begin massing in Kaliningrad, in the vicinity of Nesterov, along Route E28. Intent seems unclear at this time. But there is a risk that it is a precursor to an attack to cut of Vilnius from E and NE, including Kaunas. EU and NATO have activated and deployed some forces, but have yet to declare war or invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter, due to political disagreements. However TF-48, already in the general area, has been rushed to a blocking position NV of Marijampolè, around Vilkaviškis. TF-48, primarily made up of British units, has been tasked with providing Recon and security along the border with Russian controlled Kaliningrad further to the west. For political reasons the western forces have been instructed to use a light footprint and not to provoke or escalate the situation. Rules of Engagement NOTHING IN THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT LIMITS YOUR RIGHT TO TAKE APPROPIATE ACTION TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR UNIT. A. You have the right to use force to defend yourself against attacks or clear threats of attack. B. Hostile fire may be returned effectively and promptly to stop a hostile act. C. If OWN forces or those under their protection are attacked, then minimum force should be used under the circumstances and proportional to the threat. D. We are not at war and in an allied nation, uncalled for destruction of civilian property will not be accepted. E. Under NO circumstances are you allowed to cross the border, or risk crossing the border, so as not to provoke Russian forces or give them an excuse to start hostilities. F. Under NO circumstances are you allowed to use artillery across the border, so as not to provoke Russian forces or give them an excuse to start hostilities.
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