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Found 1 result

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to The Jungle by Apocalypse I. SITUATION The area north of the Cam Dinh jungle is a hotbed of enemy activity, and recent intelligence reports indicate the arrival of BM-21 rocket systems into the area to support future enemy offensive strikes south of the Khulean River. Additional reports indicate the presence of a major enemy supply node that is massing supplies in a valley to the west of the Buon Ma Long mountains. We have defined two Targeted Areas of Interest where we can expect to see enemy Rocket Systems (TAI 01 & 02), and an additional TAI for the enemy supply node (TAI 03). The Division commander is organizing an attack to completely clear the enemy north of the Cam Dinh, and this operation is the first phase. It is imperative that we weaken the enemy by reducing their long range rocket capability as well as diminish their supplies prior to attacking into the area. Additionally, the Division G2 has identified the area near OBJ TIGER to serve as a future forward operating base for future attacks into the enemy-ridden landscape of the Bao Son and Buon Ma Long mountains. During this phase, we expect to see conventional enemy forces consisting of a mechanized infantry battlion (BMP-1) operating in company battle positions along key terrain. Enemy forces will employ spotter/obervers forward of their battle positions, supported by 152mm guns in the northern hills of the Bao Son, as well as Anti-Aircraft guns positioned along air axes to protect their high value targets. Our ground forces are staged south of the Phunya River, and our air assets are staged even further south. We also have a platoon of 155mm guns on standby, ready to be airlifted into Firebase Delta II. MISSION. Attack to defeat enemy forces operating north of the Cam DInh jungle. III. EXECUTION a. Tasks 1. Identify and Destroy Rocket Artillery in TAI 01 or 02 2. Identify and Destroy Supply Point in TAI 03 3. Seize OBJ TIGER 4. Preserve Scout Helicopters 5. Preserve AFVs b. Fires 2x 120mm Mortars 6x 155mm Guns (Will Air Assault into Firebase Delta) c. Aviation 2x Recon Helicopters (FAC) 4x Utility Helicopters (+Infantry Squads) 1x Supply Helicopter 15x Air Strikes IV. SUSTAINMENT 1x Medic Truck 1x Supply Truck 1x Supply Aircraft V. SIGNALS Friendly ID: On Map Contacts: Enabled Overhead View: On Triggers 1. Launch Air Assault of Artillery into Firebase Delta Scoring: 100 points Major Victory 100 points Victory 80pts All OBJ 80pts AFV > 35% 10 pts Scout Aircraft 10 pts
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