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Found 8 results

  1. Use this thread to request maps of areas not included in SB. There is no guarantee that someone will immediately start the map you want, but as they like to say, at least "its on the list." You should include the relevant information for the map. This includes the lat/long info for the southwest corner of the map. If you dont know this info then the next best course of action would be a accurate description the mapmaker can use to locate the area. A Google Earth placemark may be helpful too. If someone starts making your map they will probably get in touch with you if they need more info. Remember the people who can make these maps are doing this on their own time, this isnt their job. It could be quite some time before your map gets made. Also, I cannot make height maps. I just started the request thread. Im pretty sure the guys that can make maps will add to this thread as required. HTH, Mog
  2. I'm very new to this sim. Actually 2 days. I was wondering how do you go about downloading single-layer scenarios Help would be much appreciated
  3. I am a trying to modify the Uijongbu Corridor 80Km Map by first creating a Delta Map. When I go to save it as a Delta, I get the following message. " This Map requires 58.6Gb on the drive that the hosts the operating systems temp path , available HDD space is 35.67 Gb. " 36 Gb is the free space on my C drive which is an SSD and hosts my operating system Windows 10. My map's are stored on my D Drive . This message only happens for this map ( I assume as the map size is large) . Other than create more space on my C Drive does anyone have a workaround of solution. PS How do you delete a personally created map you no longer need ???
  4. Hey I am working on a number of scenarios and are a bit under timepressure. But I have run into a wall which my incompetence does not allow me to scale. Plus it is annoying as f*** feeling helpless So background: In two different circumstances I have experienced the issue that the people I play with can not see the map I am using. In the first instance I got this error message: I finally fixed it by publishing the map. Not certain that is the permanent fix though? Or why I needed to publish a map that was already part of the standard map package? The other issue persists in multiplayer. I have made a new scenario, which worked. Then chose to test the functionality of replacing the map - which I need to be able to do for another reason. But it does not work. They get this error message basically: So my actual challenge here is that I need to make a scenario to host for players I have mnever met with before. So do I make a Map Package and compress it and send it to them like @chrisreb did or what is the best and/or easiest solution here? Thanks in advance for all answers...
  5. I have been off for a while and coming back on. In the past i have enjoyed creating a number of tactical vignettes and have had a go at creating missions from things like Team Yankee... or from vignettes used in training. frustratingly many of these are not based in the real world and therefore a significant amount of time can be spent hunting for the right bit of ground... the key key to this is the elevation data. The terrain can be “painted” on after. what I would like to be able to do is manipulate the height map file to alter the relief to suit the vignette. is there a way of doing this either within SB or through another system that can create a height file that can be imported into SB? Many thanks in advance...
  6. I have two map projects that will be released this week. 1. I will be updating Bekibekibekistan to 4.0 standards with map annotations and some updated terrain (removed rocks / created more maneuver area) 2. I will be updating NTC to 4.0 standards with map annotations based on the real NTC layout, as well as updated terrain (removed insane amount of rocks in the maneuver areas). For those of you who have spent considerable time in 'THE BOX' this will either bring you pleasure or nightmares.
  7. Hi. I downloaded a training terrain .ter from downloads files in this forum. I cant find the folder where I need put this .ter file. where is it? Also I need to know if I make a short mission with thus user made map, how work then this mission when I host for multiplayer? all the players need to have the new map??
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