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Found 7 results

  1. New sound mod in the making. Please give me some feedback or tell me if you have interest 😙 +Subscribe on YT if you are interested in new implementations. I add in new additions in the first post as well as a new post. My mod attempt to compliment/replace most original sounds and try to give an overall "round" and consistent experience without loosing the original feel. But be aware, there are technical limitations, which cannot be avoided. There is no download right now. I will publish it when it is ready. Artillery HE Impacts (Close impacts has alternative, see "Artillery HE Impacts Close 1.1": Artillery ICMs: Cook Off: MG3 Coax: PKT Coax: Artillery HE Impacts Close 1.1: M240 Coax: Leopard 2 Engine: Generic Coax MG External (be aware that most tanks share the same sound in that case, that is why, I kept it as generic as possible): Infrantry Walk/Run/MG3(74): Small Arms Fire/ RPG Showcase: .50 cal "Ma Deuce": BMP/APC Engine: Bullet Cracks: 30mm Autocannon: KPV 14.5mm Close/Far: KPV 14.5mm Interior: 30mm V2 / Improved HE Tail/Echo: ICM v2: 20mm MK20 Rh202: 120mm Showcase: 105mm L7 Showcase: Frontline Showcase: Frontline Showcase + Arty: ATGM Flyby: MILAN ATGM Flyby: HE Spash Far/Mid/Close/ICM: Milan 1st Person: Milan ATGM Flyby v2: APC Engine v2: Bomb Run: M1 Engine: PzH 2000: T72 Engine: T80 Engine: T64 Engine: M60 Engine: Leopard 2 Engine v2: Leopard 2 v3 (added turbines): Leopard 1 Engine: Leopard 1 Engine v2: Leopard 2 Engine v4: M60 Engine v2: T72 Engine v2: Leopard 1 Engine v3: Generic MG 3rd Person v2 - Close/Distant: Leopard 1 Engine Interior: Leopard 2 Engine Interior: M1 Engine Interior: AGS:
  2. Version 1.4


    Installation. Copy all .wav files into the following directory: C:\Users\NAME\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\sounds\FX Sound mod that replaces small arms weapon sounds and effects with real-world samples. Change log: Under-slung Grenade Launcher (1st/3rd) M-60MG (1st/3rd) M-240 (1st/3rd) MG-3 (1st/3rd) PKM (1st/3rd) RPK (1st/3rd) 7.62mm Sniper Rifle (1st/3rd) 12.7mm Sniper Rifle (1st/3rd) NATO Assault Rifles Warsaw Pact Assault Rifles Near Miss sounds for all small arms calibers Light AT Weapon Sound Light AT Weapon Near Miss Sound
  3. Wardog

    GTK Boxer

    GTK Boxer In Woodland Green,Black and Green, Tan and Batus Camo 1024 and 2048 files included, in download. Regards
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A small sound mod for the BMP-2. Includes: Engine (stationary) Engine (moving) PK Coaxial Machine gun (1st and 3rd person) 30mm 2A42 autocannon (1st and 3rd person)
  5. Hello, just wondering if theres a sound mod for the Scimitar? Or, is there a way to just rename the sound files of another vehicle in such a way as to make them apply to the Scimitar? Cheers
  6. Neat-o and free. Works only for the 32bit version of PS. http://www.vanderlee.com/plugins_camouflage.html
  7. Aloha! Found the swedish texture for the UAV I did some years ago... Dont know if it still fits the model correctly as I dont have the latest version of the sim, and i think i did two slightly different versions of the model. But anyways if someone wants it. http://peter.dnsdojo.com/imageuploader/image/sperwer_s.png /121Nilsson
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