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Found 4 results

  1. Bmp-2 TC when overriding player gunner or designating by overriding can have a fake release, where he sees turret and gun moving to where he wants and player gunner doesn't notice anything happening. This problem only happens with another player as gunner. AI gunner will follow commanders fake turret even with fake release How to re-produce this. Have two sessions of SB running, join to BMP-2 as both gunner and commander. Or have another player as your gunner. As commander start overriding with P key / middle mouse button key, with your mouse actively holding the screen. Hit P / middle mouse button again, without releasing mouse from screen. = Youre now controlling fake turret This can be done even on periscope view and F1 view.
  2. I am not sure how to bring this up. I suppose I could use Scimitar as mannekin for this problem, but while on some vehicles this problem is more obvious than others this problem is pretty bad in general. Maybe problem is on my side as I am host? but I suppose it could be something to do with Steelbeast too. Worst thing here being that vehicle commander cannot rely on what he can observe gunner doing to be true. Not even of where shot's fall to correct gunners firing. And I have observed over the years this to happen to others too.. not just myself. So this is hardly problem just on my end, but for now I am willing to do all there is I can do to make this better if any good suggestions or ideas come up how to make this better. I have recently started doing lot of multicrew on discord with all players sharing screens for each others. And it is pretty obvious that when commander can see player gunners missile or shot to miss target, it still kills the target or damages it with direct hit. I do have some videos and AARs of these happening, how ever only from my point of view for now. -> Scimitar seems to suffer especially bad rubberbanding effect. It may have something to do with the nature of player gunners controls being arrow key only. -> Bmp-2 missile seems to be another terrible case where commander has to just cringe and ask from player gunner if it did actually hit or not. -> Leopard commanders too often sees player gunners shots fall with too little or too much lead. I have feeling that same is true for M1s and Challenger too. - I do not have any kind of antivirus program on my pc other than default windows defender - I have a pretty good interned for specifically hosting steelbeast sessions. I am not sure if I could do anything to improve this. My Steelbeast comrades that I play with are from all over the world, though USA ones are most active.
  3. Umm... I think that here is a blind vehicle multicrew bug or perhaps a feature? related to radio damage, so reporting it here. When you are on "Blind" AFV, radio damage prevents you sharing spotted targets to other crewmembers. Aka.. as gunner you laze a target to highlight it on the map for your commander. It appears only for gunner... or well one who has lazed the target. But not other crewmembers that are inside the vehicle. So I find that very strange. Simple to test really but you need two sessions, and a blind vehicle. Have another session to laze enemy to highlight it on map and it wont appear on your's one even if you're on same vehicle. on test mission all vehicles are blind, there is 2 leapards that do not have radio damage and 2 that have. damaged radios. Radio test.sce
  4. T-55 player as commander cannot designate player occupied gunner. Commander sees that he is designating that everything seems to work, but on gunners point of view turret has not moved at all. When designating button is released commander sees turret slowly to return to where player gunners turret is pointing. However if player gunner would fire, his turret is the real one. With AI gunner I have not observed any problems
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