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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    This is the first in a series of scenarios designed to familiarize new Steel Beasts players with basic Offense and Defense tasks executed by a Tank Platoon. This series uses US Army Doctrine as a basis, and aims to present the Tank Platoon's role when operating as part of an Armor Company. This series also has a focus on introducing concepts within the game to the player, while maintaining a low level of difficulty to reduce frustration during the learning process. Movement to contact is an offensive task designed to develop the situation and to establish or regain contact. It creates favorable conditions for subsequent tactical actions. The platoon leader conducts a movement to contact when the enemy situation is vague or not specific enough to conduct an attack. Forces executing this task seek to make contact using the smallest friendly force possible. A movement to contact may result in a meeting engagement, which is a combat action occurring when a moving force engages an enemy at an unexpected time and place. Once making contact with an enemy force, the leader has five options: attack, defend, bypass, delay, or withdraw. (ATP 3-20.15, Tank Platoon) This scenario has been designed to allow the practice of the following eight (8x) concepts: i. Conduct maneuver as a platoon. ii. Conduct a movement to contact as part of a tank company. iii. Conduct an attack by fire to destroy an inferior force. iv. Employ mortars to destroy an inferior force. v. React to enemy rotary wing assets as a platoon. vi. Conduct a reload as a platoon. vii. Break contact with a superior enemy force. viii. Conduct a hasty attack as part of a tank company. This scenario is rated by the author as very easy, and will likely take approximately thirty (30x) minutes to complete. This scenario heavily favors friendly forces for the purpose of facilitating a learning environment where tactical mistakes do not mean instant death. AVEPs have been included as a method for identifying tactical errors made by the player(s) by sorting through events during the AAR. Special thanks to ben, Apocalypse, and Rooks and Kings for testing and providing feedback.
  2. until
    Hi there. If you are new to Steelbeast this time I reserve for you. I can show you around to how multiplayer works in Steelbeast share some of my my favorite missions with you, show how to add custom maps Help you with just about any problem you may have with Steelbeast. Give you taste of Steelbeast as a gunner (or any crew position, on any vehicle you may want to try. [I have decent competency to pretty much anything in Steelbeast]) Can guide you to different multiplayer groups / communities. Just about anything. Feel free to come join me and others who may be coming, lets do some casual introduction to Steelbeast and try different things that you or others want to try. And if you want to have private time with just you and me. Contact me and lets arrange time that works for both of us. Come to meet me at: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
  3. until
    Winter 1971 - A Platoon of M60A1s, and some mech infantry support, attacks trough a valley held by Soviet mech infantry company. We have priority of artillery, and lots of support and reinforces. Multicrew tank platoon leads the way and get's reinforces. This is proving to be lot's of action and various types of targets to shoot at A1s have NO THERMALS >>> This is a MULTICREW scenario Tanks are blind! <<< Everyone is recommended to get familiar with M60 - This ought to be a lot of fun. M60A3 TTS tutorial here https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M60A3_(TTS) Heres some helpful tips! ----------------------- Map: Briefing: --------------- Discussion: You can Reply to this calendar post or to this topic below.
  4. Hey ya all. A 45 years young NorseViking from Norway here.. Damn, a buddy of mine recommanded this sim to me.. So i thought i check it out. And i pretty fast got totaly sucked in here from some youtube stuff :) Looking like an awesome Sim.. Not been readying to much about it, just checked a few YouTube vids.. Gonna see a couple more ofc.. But i guess this is for both Coop play, multiplayer online play?? and Solo play, or am i totaly wrong here now.??? Anyways, i am really thinking about buy in on this.. A month for first to get a feel for it, if it is as cool and good as it looks like, i will go all in, with that codemeter memory stick and stuff :) I just wonder, before i start buy licenses and stuff.. Is there stuff i should know about.?? Any traps to fall in.?? I see its an old game.. But still looks damn good though. How realistic is this.? Do i need a brand new and a beast of a computer to run it.? I run a gaming lap top with Nvidia, Geforce GTX 1050... Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz ... Sadly only 8 gig Ram. And an old 1 tb Hard Drive (Hope to upgrade to 16 gig if it supports it, and to a 1 tb Ssd Disc when i can afford it, or a 128gb ssd together with the 1 tb old Hard drive).. :) I probably gonna have some questions after i get it installed i bet.. But i try not to ask to muvch, i promise :) Thx in advance for an respons or some tips :) ~BornFree~ ~PeaceAndLove~ ~LiveTheDream~ Viking-bless from Norway
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