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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Counterattack At Al Miram by Apocalypse I. Situation. We have detected an enemy attack to seize crossings at the Jahj Canal in an attempt to break out of Al Miram. Your scout platoon is currently positioned near Hill 138, with dismounted positions established at OPs ALPHA & BRAVO. We observed an enemy armor platoon preparing for the attack but lost contact after our drone was shot down by a Surface to Air missile somewhere near Al Miram. We are dispatching friendly armor reinforcements but they will take approximately 15 minutes to arrive. In the meantime, we have dispatched a flight of AH64's that will arrive in 10 minutes. Insurgent forces also control the village of Al Miram. The presence of Surface to Air missiles has made aerial reconnaissance difficult, and their exact composition is unknown. However, based on Human Intelligence reports we can estimate at least one platoon of T-55 tanks reinforced with infantry is defending the village. II. Mission. Defend against enemy attacks along the Jahj Canal and then counterattack to clear Al Miram. III. Execution. A flight of (2) AH64's is en route and will arrive within 10 minutes. Friendly armor is also en route and will arrive in 15 minutes. Hold positions along the Jahj Canal at OP ALPHA & BRAVO and then counter-attack to clear the village of Al Miram. a. Fires. You have two 120mm Mortars and a platoon of 155mm directly supporting you. b. Aviation. 2x AH64's will arrive in 10 minutes. A UAV was shot down recently and there IS a SAM threat in the village. c. Engineers. No engineer support is available, however, a small minefield has been established near OP BRAVO. IV. Service & Support. Logistics support is currently out of range. All forces are fully equipped and supplied. Resupply will be conducted following this operation V. Command & Signal a. Friendly ID: On b. Overhead View: On c. Map Updates: Enabled
  2. KANIUM SUNDAY 10th OF MAR 1900 GMT - Operation Operation Delaware River by Apocalypse 31 Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for Winter Time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: This is a COY+ sized engagement, and we again have the pleasure of having a contingent from United Operations joining us: they will be manning Bravo COY. Thus there are only manning open for Alpha COY. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Operation Delaware River Attack on OBJ Trenton by Apocalypse 31 I. SITUATION Time 0700 Local Time Weather Clear Skies with no chance of rain, 15 degrees Centigrade and LOS 3 Km General An enemy battalion is set in a defense in depth within this sector. Enemy Forces. Enemy Forces have a Battalion of combat power defending the area, The enemy battalion is composed of 4x armored companies, consisting of 3x Tank platoons supported by 1x mechanized infantry platoon. The enemy battalion also has organic fire support assets (152mm artillery), and engineer assets that will support fighting positions as well as the emplacement of minefields. Friendly Forces. We have friendly forces to our EAST and WEST that will push forward and support our attack. Do not cross the COY GP boundaries reference Map trace, to avoid risk of Friendly Fire. Our COY GP consists of 4x tank platoons as well as 2x mechanized infantry platoon, along with a PLT of Centauros and a PLT of NZLAV in tactical reserve. This consists of a Swedish Company (Bravo COY) of 2 x PLT of STRV 122 and 2 PLT of CV9040-B, reinforced by 2 x PLT M1A2 (SEP) (Alpha COY). One PLT of CV90/40-B have been detached from Bravo COY to ALPHA COY. We have been augmented with 2 x 4 tubes of 155mm howitzers (with the howitzers being further back, so off-map), as well as support assets from Hotel Company (repair/rearm, and medical). Our dismount infantry is equipped with light machine guns (FN MAGs) and Anti-Tank teams ( 2 x Spike & 2 x CG). Each platoon thus has 4x LMG teams and 4x Anti-Tank teams plus a medicteam. II. MISSION Attack to clear OBJ TRENTON, in order to pass follow-on forces III. EXECUTION Concept of the Operation Alpha Company and Bravo Company with tactical reserves will clear ENY armor and mechanized infantry from OBJ Trenton; this will enable the the Brigade Combat Team to continue to expand and consolidate. COY GP will attack from the South and towards NORTHWEST, setting an attack by fire from LD, and use own assets to clear OBJ TRENTON. Commanders Intent Purpose - The purpose of this operation is to clear the Enemy from and defeat their will to fight in this AO. Key Tasks 1. Clear OBJ TRENTON End State Friendly Friendly forces postured on PL OMEGA; consolidated and prepared to continue operations towards ENY force concentrations the North and Northwest Enemy Enemy forces defeated or destroyed between LD and PL OMEGA; unable to continue supporting ENY defenses in the AO. Terrain OBJ Trenton are cleared of enemy forces. Civilian Minimal collateral damage to civilian infrastructure and civilian way of life Fires Direct support from A Battery (2 x 4 Tubes) IV. SERVICE & SUPPORT a. Supply 2x Supply Trucks b. Maintenance 1x Engineer Track c. Medical 1x Medic Track d. Additional 1x Biber V. Command And Signal Succession of Command HQ-66 COY GP Commander Alpha-66 A COY CO Bravo-66 B COY CO Signals No Change; as per unit SOP
  3. KANIUM SUNDAY 3rd OF DEC 1900 UTC "OPERATION YELLOW FEBER" BY kknispel Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 UTC Dec 3rd Excerpts of the battle Group commander's orders for OPERATION YELLOW FEBER 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: The Eny have build a bridgehead and have crossed RIVER GANANOQUE with BG sized troop, before NATO destroed the bridges, and intent to secure push forward to CATARAQUI River iot secure the RIVER until new bridges are build and they can continue to attack KINGSON iot destabilize the local ONTARIO Goverment authority, as well as control Greyland. The eny front unit consist likely of a BG (-) with Tk (T-80 w Spigot and T-72), Mek inf (BMP 2/3) as well as support by brigade Arty and a battery of BM-21 b) Own: NATO was surpriced by the invation of GREYLAND and is building up forces. Kanium Cmb Tm was stationed in LAnsdowne and have managed to delay the eny, but with cost of multiple issues in the vehicles. Currently NATO are deploying two(2) Div IVO TORONTO that will be combat ready in the theatre within 2 days, so KANIUM still need to hold the line. Nato have succeeded in destroying the bridges crossing GANANOQUE and thereby denying Eny to transfer further tanks. The NATO BG, wherein KANIUM apply, have planned to stop eny in EA BLUE, and then push the eny back to the RIVER GANANOQUE. South Kanium is a digged in a national guard infantery force without mobility capabilities blocking eny advance with heavy improvisional and unregistred obstacles, so no movement allowed there. c) Attachments and detachments: Standard KANIUM 2) MISSION: KANIUM shall stop eny advance in EA BLUE and OO advance and clear the area upto RIVER GANANOQUE iot set conditions for NATO's further advance and liberation of GRAYLAND. 3) EXECUTION: Intent: Upto commander a) Concept of Operation: i) Maneuver: ii) Fires: iii) Additional assets: Minefields, fortifications available b) Tasks to Maneuver units: c) Tasks to Combat Support Units: Minefields, d) COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS: 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: PLAY RULES. 1. Movement east of line 11 not allowed until after 60 minutes play - to allow RED to launch the attack. 2. Red to be played by 2-3 players. Don't sneak to much but proper attack, recce, massed and of cause use terrain. 3. As Kanium has been in battle, many vehicles have issues and thermal is not working on all vehicles. Though Repair facility in Kingston base (SW the map) is available if you rotate units there. So either rotate or divide observe/fire tasks within platoons. Sorry to add this complication, but sure it will be handled someway..
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