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Found 2 results

  1. The purpose of this thread is to provide scenario designers with a reference for quickly finding templates for various military echelons on a global scale. Ultimately, I envision this having a table of contents on this post where a scenario designer can click and be taken directly to a template download for the country, organization, and echelon of their choice. The initial emphasis is having close approximations in accuracy for combat power at the Company level, with a workable sustainment package sufficient to maintain combat power. Table of Contents Real World I. United States of America 1. Armored Brigade Combat Team (2020) a. Cavalry Squadron i. Reconnaissance Troop ii. Tank Company b. Combined Arms Battalion (CAB) (WIP) i. Tank Company ii. Mechanized Infantry Company iii. CAB Scout Platoon II. Canada 1. Mechanized Brigade Group (2020) a. Armored/Infantry Regiment (WIP) i. Recce Troop (WIP) ii. Tank Squadron (WIP) iii. Infantry Company (WIP) 2. Historical a. Mechanized Battalion (1978) III. United Kingdom 1. Armored Infantry Brigade (2020) a. Armored Regiment (WIP) i. Tank Squadron (WIP) IV. Russia 1. Motorized Rifle Brigade a. Motor Rifle Battalion (2015-2016) 2. Mechanized Infantry Brigade a. Tank Battalion (2017) 3. Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (2010) Fictional I. Donovia 1. Mechanized Division Tactical Group (2020+) a. Mechanized Infantry Battalion Detachment - Action Element (Tier 1) b. Mechanized Infantry Battalion Detachment - Action Element (Tier 2) II. Olvana 1. Heavy Combined Arms Brigade Tactical Group (2020+) a. Olvana - Heavy Combined Arms Battalion Detachment (BDET) - Action Element (Tier 2)
  2. Guys, Does anyone have any decent (upto date) links for the structures of the Russian Tank and Motor Rifle Bdes? Is the structure still Division Regiment Bde or have they dropped the Regiment level? I am looking for this for scenario design based on units from the Western Military District. Any help greatly appreciated. Equally trying to get my head around the Battalion Tactical Group. I am assuming this based on 3 - 4 subunits with support arms Taskorganised... Cheers
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