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Found 1 result

  1. Posting a consolidated list of all of my uploaded scenarios. Will continue to update as I upload new content. Operation Talon Strike: A five-mission single player operation (LEO2A4, Pizzaro). Operation Golden Eagle: A small SP/COOP scenario with British forces fighting in desert terrain. (Shotkal) Clearing Kandahar: A company from a US Stryker Brigade clears the Taliban from Kandahar. (Piranha V, Centauro) Clearing Kandahar: CANFOR: A Canadian forces adaption of the same mission (LAV III, Leo1A5) Operation Cold Call: A Heavy US Company/Team attacks to seize an enemy airfield in a European setting (M1A2, M2 ODS) Operation Dragon Hunter: A Belgian mixed combat team fights African rebels being supported by foreign combat advisors (LEO2A4, DF30, DF90) The Attack on OBJ Bear: A company from a US Stryker Brigade attacks elements of an enemy mechanized brigade in a European setting. (Piranha V, Centuro) Operation Charger: A 3-mission series where you take command of an armored Company/Team fighting against an enemy mechanized brigade in a European setting. (M1A2, DF30) Baghlan Blues: A Finnish combat-team clears insurgents from a village-stronghold. (T-72, BMP-2, Patria AMV) Predator Strike: A Danish Combat Team is called to seize a critical river crossing in a daring spoiling attack (LEO2A6, CV9030DK) A Time to Fight: A Swedish Combat Team leads an attack against a Mechanized Infantry Battalion to seize a river crossing (STRV-122, CV9040, AMV-360) Dragoon Blaze. A Stryker Reconnaissance Troop attacks a mechanized infantry company to support an attack on a logistics node (DF30, Centauro, M1A2) Clash At Amallah: A phased operation where the player must delicately dismantle enemy assets before launching an armored attack on an enemy held town (ASLAV, Centauro, M1A2, UAV) Opening The Gate: A German COY attacks to clear an enemy mechanized force from key terrain along Highway 65. (LEO2A4, MARDER 1A3) Guardian Angels: A British Tank Squadron attacks to seize the flanks to protect their parent brigade in the attack. (Challenger 2, Ulan) Plug the Gap: A CANFOR air reaction force holds the line until armored reinforcements arrive (LEO1A5, LAV, Infantry) Operation Pathfinder: UK forces attack to seize a road junction from an enemy MECH Company. (Challenger 2, Pizzaro) Ice Burn: A US Stryker Recon Troop takes on an enemy mechanized company in winter conditions (DF30, Centauro, M1A2) Day of Decision: An Atropian Tank Company holds the line against the Donovian onslaught! Operation Bronze Hammer: A US Armored Battalion lands a shore and expands the beachhead. Cooperative, Large. (M1A2, CV9030, Centauro, LAV) Operation Behemoth: A single player scenario where the player takes the role of a M1A2 tank platoon leader conducing a company operation. (M1A2) Welcome to the Jungle: A mixed Company attacks to seize a jungle clearing as part of a Division clearing operation. (M60A3TTS, M113, M113 RCL) Desert Strike Utilize a small combined arms team to defend against insurgent forces then counter-attack. (M1A2, NZLAV, AH64) Movement to Contact A small cooperative scenario where US forces conduct a movement to regain contact with an enemy force, then seize a river crossing (M1A2, M2) Stryker Ambush [REDUX] A remake of the original mission - now with 100% more Strykers. (Piranha V, Centauro) Counterattack At Al Miram US Forces defend against an insurgent attack and then counterattack into a defended village (M1A2, Eagle IV, NZLAV)
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