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Found 1 result

  1. So. I made a thing! This could be OPFORs 1st official event. BAOR Armd Sqn (& Inf Battalion) Hold back the Red Tide in a Cuban Missile Crisis gone nuclear scenario. It is the 1st of November in 1962. Enforce a delaying action on the lead elements of the 32nd Motor Rifle Division. You will need: A Super Large team on Blue. (20+ players) A Large Team on Red. (8+ Players) Location: 17th/21st Lancers Regimental HQ near BARNTRUP FRG. Date: 01-11-1962. Time: 0600hrs GMT (0700 hrs local) Gentlemen, 3 days ago the Soviet Union crossed the Inner German Border in force, following the massive deployment of both Strategic and Tactical airborne and ICBM delivered nuclear ordnance. Most major cities in Germany, France and England are gone, in the main, the forces currently fighting in Western Germnay.....are it. The overall strategic picture is this: LANDJUT is cut off from SACEUR as of 1300hrs Local Yesterday, the Danes were starting to pull back across the Denmark/German Border having inflicted moderate casualties on the GSFG. NORTHAG is falling back in fairly good order, given the terrain but, Hannover & Bremen, have been lost, along with several larger towns to the east. Both cities were hit by devices in the 2Mt range, a considerable area of the North German Plain has now been irradiated and overrun by the GSFG. The Dutch are folding back westwards with the 1st Netherland Corps in ordered retreat. While the German 1st Corps is pulling back in a southwesterly motion in a series of hit and run delaying actions while trying to maintain contact with 3rd Armd Div to our north. 2nd British Corps are moving up from reserve to plug the gap between 1st NL and 1st DE corps. On our northern border forward elements of the 1st Polish Army are trying to pry open the gap between 1st Panzer Brigade and our 7th Armoured Brigade in the Petershagen area. But have been unsuccessful so far. Additionally RAF Bückeburg is in the process of being abandoned and the runways there destroyed. In the Centre, Fulda and vaunted the Gap are no more having been hit by a 1Mt ground burst. But initial reports indicate that US and WG forces of CENTAG are holding their ground and inflicting significant casualties on the invading Soviet Forces. In the SOUTHAG area....well, we, that is 4th Armd Division HQ don't know what's going on down there, Nuclear weapons are playing merry hell with operation level communications. The situation is indeed, dire. On the plus side RAF Germany are earning their pay at the moment. RAF Canberras B(I)8s & B(I)6s out of Bruggen, Geilenkirchen, Laarbruch and Wildenrath are having limited success with interdiction strikes using nuclear and conventional munitions against GSFG HQ & Marching Columns heading westwards. those Mk7s and 28s should help with the flow of Soviet reinforcements. Meanwhile RAF Bomber Command is taking the fight to Premier Beria's motherland hitting key communications infrastructure all across Eastern European. But that means nothing to us lot on the ground. Meterological: Cold front to start off with. Patchy low cloud, with light drizzle. A warm front is passing through the area at some point this morning. Light breeze from the North West. CCCP Tank Regiment Liberate Europe from the Oppressive Capitalist overseers in a Cuban Missile Crisis gone nuclear scenario. It is the 1st of November in 1962. Coordinate a Large scale Soviet attack on the Bartrup area brush aside the vaunted 17th/21st Lancers. You will need: A Super Large team on Blue. (20+ players) A Large Team on Red. (8+ Players) Location: 32nd Motor Rifle Division HQ near COPPENBRÜGGE FRG. Date: 01-11-1962. Time: 0600hrs GMT (0700 hrs local) Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... Tovarishch. The Land War is going well, Premier Beria is pleased with our steady progress so far. Overall the strategic picture is this: In the far north Denmark is being overrun by the 1 Polish Army after being bypassed by the 2nd Guards Tank Army. The 1st Polish has suffered light to moderate casualties while inflicting heavy casualties in return. The 2nd Guards Tank Army is well into the North German Plain, having pushed back the Dutch and German 1st Corps past BREMEN and progessing on CLOPPENBURG. 4th Polish are keeping pace to their south. The 20th Guards is currently negotiating the fallout from the Hannover and Bremen strikes. Swinging around the 3rd Shock army and into the Northern flank of the NATO Salient, so far they have met heavy resistance, but they have made the most headway in the last 24hrs. having found a gap in the NATO lines between what we estimate to the the 1st Dutch Corps in the west and the 1st German corps on the east side. This area is likey to be the centre for the northern front's main push. The 3rd Shock army (Our parent grouping) have been delayed considerably by the 1st BR corps, this appears to be where the main NATO resistance is centred up here in the north. We are pouring units into this area with limited success and small gains but the British 1st Corps are chewing us up, a lot, not as bad a Fulda, but not far off. In the Centre, units around the Fulda Gap are facing fierce resistance even after being hit in the face with a 1Mt ground burst. The American 5th Corps are holding on with teeth and claw despite significant losses. It is doubtful that front will be prosecuted with much vigour in the near future, it is rumored the fighting is worse than Stanlingrad at this point, with no quarter asked or given. Whispers of desertions are circulating the Commissariat, have as a consequence, deployed more advisors to the front in massive numbers. Even cadets are being posted in the rear areas. However the German 3rd Corps is steadily giving ground in a series of coordinated defense in depth, before launching minor counter attacks. They are bleeding the 1st Guards heavily but the Germans are in a worse state considering. If the 1st Guards can push them back to Bonn we will tie up the NATO reserves and we will have a many more strategic options. In the South the American 7th Corps and the German 2nd Corps are fighting the 1st and 4th Czech Armies respectively, and fighting hard but we are making steady progress despite expected losses, and may even be ahead of the warplan's timing. Reports handed in to Army HQ in the last half hour indicate that NATO's inter-unit communications have been hit hard after one of their warheads accidentally, as far as we can tell, detonated over the city of Nuremberg, knocking out a key comms node and several backups. The southern front plans to take advantage of this in an hour's time and hit all across the front in a decisive push to the south west. Hoping to push through NATO lines and moving through the southern German hills and into the Franco/German border area, advancing on Munich, Stuttgart and eventually Saarbrucken. This is where the reinforcements earmarked for Fulda are now poised to reinforce. So overall the Soviet Socialist Republic and Warpact in general have expanded our territory by a significant degree. Back home however, Moscow has changed significantly, the city has been hit multiple times by warheads in the megatonne range. The Politburo and other key cabinets of war have been evacuated to the Tagansky command point and the bunkers in the Urals have taken hits but are still operable. I have been told the Metros took in their quota of nominated civilians before the warheads were picked up on radar, and mass evacuations of the suburbs was underway, but the warheads hit before any of the convoys could leave. It is estimated around 3 Million died, around half a million are now trapped in the tunnels of the Metro. It is a situation repeated across Eastern and parts of Western Europe. Times and Hosting TBC. So I need an idea of who is interested.... and And I need a large multiplayer capable host. Contact myself in the first instance. Please. Hedgehog
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